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I didn't really Inline Skate, but sounds hella fun. I did a Sprint tri instead.

Hoosier Man Sprint

It was rough out there today. It’s stunning the emotions one can go through in just a wee short time. I do not know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting what I got today. I was a bundle of nerves.

The swim was horrific. 500 Meters of an anxiety attack. It just Boogles the mind because I have been a swimming fiend lately and I am not a stranger to open water.
I hit the water and BOOM. My body said NO. I couldn’t see- a thing. Apparently, the new spiffy goggles that I bought at the IM store last year in Louisville, were not all that spiffy. Why in the world would I buy goggles without anti-fog and why did I not know this before? Ah, my first sprint this year was a pool swim and that’s all I have done. So, apparently if I can’t see shit, my body freaks. I should of wiped them off, you say? Yes, that would have been rational and an intelligent thing to do, but at the time my body thought it would be more appropriate to do this forward motion swim on my side. I have no idea where the hell this stroke came from and I am sure if I tried my damnedest, I could never repeat it, but it worked. Look…..Look…… Look…. No buoy……No Buoy… No Buoy… Jeebus, that thing can’t be more than 200 yards up there, okay…. Just swim. Okay, head in water. -Solid Green Wall-_SHIT. I have done lake swims in the water where at least I can make out my arms and hands. Nope, no good. It was bright green foggy murk. Okay Look… Look….. Look… NO, buoy. F it, side swim. 12 minutes of that. 12 MINUTES and it never dawned on me to wipe the inside of my goggles out. Sometimes, I am that swift.

Alright, out of the water. They say the first hill is a long beast. Get through that and just nail it. I can make this up. Out on the bike and up the hill I go. I am so far behind I am with the MTB’s at this point and pissed. Pissed is good. I can use pissed. Pissed may just actually pay off. Spin, spin, spin up the hill, take your time and… what is she doing? F! I’m going 6 miles an hour up this hill, getting ready to pass MTB lady, so I am closing in and she decides to get off her bike. GAH! Abrupt stop. UNCLIP! BOOM! Down I went. You can’t be serious? I fall, going slow, uphill. Rode rash. Did I mention I was a bundle of nerves?

I’m going home. Call it a day. It’s the grand finale of this crazy tri week I have had. Hit by an over zealous water aerobics instructor in the water, ate Jerk wad exhaust and someone threw a full water bottle at me during Friday’s run. Ya pissed the tri gods off. Bow down, Go Home.

NO. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to DNF. Just GO. Everyone has horrid races. QUIT BEING A BABY. Pick it up. And I did. Clipped in on the B of a hill and just spun my heart out to almost max. Made it up and I was off. It starts from here, I said. Finish it strong, you are learning from this. And I did. The rest of the bike was stellar. Hit 36.5 going downhill and that’s the fastest I have ever dared to go on my bike. WEEEEEEE!!! Hella Fun. Bike blew by quick.

T2 was 2:09- Doc asked if I was making sandwiches.

The first part of the run was trail. No one said it was all up hill. All of it. And no, there was not an elevation map and thankfully so, because I would of been a big wuss and bitched about it all along. Last two miles were just good and strong. I chatted the whole way. I met people, made jokes, had fun. I really wasn’t striving for max speed. I lost max speed back at the swim. I was just elated to be in the game at this point.

Cross the finish and stop my watch and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a 5 minute PR.
So much drama, so much chaos, so much I thought I did wrong and evidently, somewhere in all my chaos, I did something right.
A very dramatic, but very fun day :-)

  • Ally S.

    Great race report.....well done for getting it done

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Kgirltris

    Thanks Lady!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Jenni O.
    Jenni O.

    Great job! =)

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Kgirltris

    I did flop it- hard, but that's okay. There are more races in my future and now I know what to work on. Feel like swimming in the Ohio with me? Your schedule probably won't allow it, but it would be fun. Next race I swim across it in New Albany and there is no way in haddies I can side swim that. I will be in the Gulf before I know it. Planning on the getting the boat out and doing a weekly open water, a must :-) Anyway, thanks for the congrats and love :-)

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Abbey S.
    Abbey S. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Awesome job, Kris!!!!!!!!! I was literally having anxiety reading about your swim. It sounded so much like my one and only open water experience. YAY you for hanging in, and kicking ass.

    almost 6 years ago

  • Jeff
    Jeff You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Wow what a day. Congratulations on the PR, way to overcome and power through all of those obstacles. Looks like nobody's going to stop you...not even MTB Girl. Great work Kris!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Joseph
    Joseph Congrats

    No shit?! Way to go Kris! I think the crash makes the story, sorry. . . But crashing is hard-core. Sounds like you're in great shape if you feel you flopped your swim and pr'd by 5! Congrats!!

    almost 6 years ago