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Triathlete and Coach. I swim like a fish, run like the wind and bike for the hell of it. It is my Love. It is my passion.

Kgirltris last 4 weeks training...

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Last 4 weeks training:

5-8 to 5-13- 7:35:19 hours 36.54 bike miles, 7300 Yards, 6.26 on the run
5-14 to 5-20- 10:08:17 hours 110.47 bike miles 13, 800 yards 12.96 on the run
5-21 to 5-27- 13:07:37 hours 79.04 bike miles 10, 100 yards 5.93 on the run
5-28 to 6-3- 9:43:48 hours 69.67 bike miles, 3100 yards 8.32 on the run

There were a few weeks prior to this for small transition back into the game, but ehh, I'm not listing them.

SO, I do this thing where I drop DM for awhile. It's not for the lack of love or motivation, but more for time. As my close peeps know I have been battling an angry foot and knee problem for over a year, which led me into rehab and into the weight room all winter. I grumbled through most of it until I met some wonderful fitness ladies and staggered along with them for awhile. I think the winter in the weight room did my body good. Physically and emotionally. So good that I am actually starting a run base again.
What I have neglected to do is shout out about it, but this is for good reason. Most of my workouts are shorter in duration, but most days of the week are two a days. I run off the bike every time to build base. Keep it simple, Keep me safe.
As much as I loved the gym and the hella transformation of my body, my first love keeps calling. I love the sport of triathlon. I love all three of these sports and when I first started doing all three it was my therapy. It was my daily sanctuary and as much as I love sharing and seeing others progress, there is something to be said for keeping your peace too. And so I decided to just keep it simple.
Then when I see my brother on here and close friends, it is hella inspiring too. I cannot tell you what a fantastic feeling it is when my family and friends are pulling serious miles on top of, yoga, Cross fit, MTB and climbing. I have good people that surround me, that inspire me and who have sent messages saying *POST*
I got it, I love ya. You inspire the hell out of me and thanks for the love :-)
And now, you are a bit up to date :-)
Oh, and I race this weekend-YAY!

  • Joseph

    SUPER YAY!!!

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  • Abbey S.
    Abbey S.

    All the while dodging high kicks from water aerobic instructors, hillbilly exhaust, and full bottles of water ;) You kick ass!! Good luck in your race this weekend!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Kgirltris

    Thanks :-) :-). And a super yay!

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