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  1. RUN
    great Morning Legs 2 km 00:15:00 12:04 pace

    Slow jog to wake the muscles and rouse the lungs.

  2. RUN
    great Tossing Out Punchlines 5 km 00:22 07:04 pace

    Second race of the morning, the snow started falling heavy and the mud was deep and cold. Ran hard just to stay warm and grabbed a sub 23 finish.

  3. RUN
    great Fueling The Machine 5 km 00:21 06:45 pace

    My abstaining from gluten, processed foods and sugar in the new year continues to have an impact on my running, with a new PB this morning at the Wythenshawe 5k race, shaving thirty seconds off yes... read more

  4. RUN
    good I Wanna Be An Air Force Ranger 5 km 00:22 07:04 pace

    Torrential rains made for a water-logged race course but I plunged in and chased down a strong time.

    • Kathy H.
      Kathy H. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Way to stay the course!

      about 24 hours ago

    • Sam R.
      Sam R.

      Whoa!!! Look at that time!!!! You are running so well now! Congratulations! :-)

      about 18 hours ago Like1 person

    • Thirstyboots

      Sam R. The only change I've made is cutting gluten, processed food and sugar, and only since New Year's day. Wish I could take credit but I think it's the diet!

      about 11 hours ago Like

    • Sam R.
      Sam R.

      Well, whatever it is, keep doing it, but I think you can't deny maybe just a smidge of some natural talent. :-)

      about 6 hours ago Like

  5. Ok. What the hell is going on with this website!? No leaderboard and a frozen total on my profile and challenges for more than a week now. Every January this place stops functioning. Are they TRYIN... read more

  6. RUN
    good Shake It Out 1 km 00:06:00 09:39 pace

    After-race cool down trot.

  7. RUN
    alright It's Only A Ride 5 km 00:30 09:39 pace

    Chuggin' around the park to keep the muscles tuned for the next two days. I'm hoping to repeat the three sub-23 hat-trick of last weekend.

    • Sam R.
      Sam R.

      Oh, man, am I sorry I missed that! I was traveling las weekend, but will be keeping a close eye for this weekend's repeat! How are the legs feeling?

      2 days ago Like1 person

    • Thirstyboots

      Hey. They're feeling good since I've been running less. I liked getting high mileage in but recently I've found that the less I run, the faster I go when I do. Who knew? haha

      2 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    blah Burden 13 km 01:23 10:16 pace

    Shoulders heavy with worries and decisions. Took a long run to ease my mind but to no avail.

  9. RUN
    good Standby For Take-Off 2 km 00:13:00 10:27 pace

    Gentle pre-race laps to wake the muscles and prime the lungs.

  10. RUN
    good Shout At The Devil 5 km 00:22 07:04 pace

    Second race of the morning on a more technical course with multiple sharp corners and muddy patches. Still, I focused on maintaining my form which always helps my speed. Crossed the line with my th... read more

  11. RUN
    great Thunderbolt And Lightfoot 5 km 00:22 07:04 pace

    First 5k race of the morning, as usual. Fortunately a couple of my usual 'competitors' were also running, so I dug deep and flew my feet over that course and today the victory went my way.

    • Kathy H.
      Kathy H. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Congratulations! A good run!

      7 days ago

  12. RUN
    great Heart Like A Wheel 5 km 00:22 07:04 pace

    After a light running week my body had been quietly recovering and was like a racehorse kept too long in the stables. I shot out at the start and maintained my form to the end, nabbing one of my st... read more

  13. RUN
    good Blink 5 km 00:27 08:41 pace

    Another short run just to get myself on the scoreboard.

  14. RUN
    good These Shoes Are Made For Runnin' 5 km 00:29 09:20 pace

    First time out in my new zero-drop minimalist merrell shoes, my first new pair in over two years. My old shoes were literally in intensive care with torn fabric, split soles and a death rattle on e... read more

  15. RUN
    great Max Dugan Returns 5 km 00:23 07:24 pace

    After the breakdown of my strength and energy this morning, I went home, stretched and regrouped. I also did something I seldom do: I took a painkiller. And after 20 minutes my legs felt fine and I... read more

    • Kathy H.
      Kathy H. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Good comeback! But make sure you get some rest! Maybe use a roller to massage your legs?

      12 days ago

    • Thirstyboots

      I don't own a roller, so have to rely on stretching on a mat

      12 days ago Like

  16. RUN
    blah Hell Freezes Over 5 km 00:28 09:00 pace

    Brass monkeys had a bad time of it today with temperatures below freezing. However, the ice on the paths didn't interfere with my pace, it was simply a total lack of power and acceleration. My... read more

  17. RUN
    good The Defiant One 11 km 01:15 10:58 pace

    Strong winds and rapidly cooling temperatures, but I kept on pluggin'.

  18. RUN
    good Back To The Basics 5 km 00:23 07:24 pace

    Parkrun race at Platt Fields with a large turnout. I was lucky to see four of my usual competitors show up, which made push that bit harder. I took down all four! Afterwards, some of them started w... read more

  19. RUN
    good Intellectual Tortoise 16 km 01:38 09:51 pace

    Finally got some mojo back in my legs and I took full advantage of it. The plan was to run 8k but I had more things to ponder and turn over in my mind and so I kept on going.

  20. RUN
    tired Blowing On The Chain Gang 5 km 00:29 09:20 pace

    Remnants of the storm that hit the UK were still evident in strong gale-like winds and heavy rain storms. I ran in a small window of calm, but regret not going further.