Friends (38)

  • Mary Beth

    Mary Beth

    Detroit, MI, Stop being injured!

  • Tony R.

    Tony R.

    Waterford, MI,

  • Rick L.

    Rick L.

    Pinckney, MI, This space intentionally left blank...

  • Fittoendure


    , Run my 40th marathon/ultra Embrace every step

  • Rob D.

    Rob D.

    Detroit, MI, 2017 - Complete my preparation and Run the Tokyo Marathon with an effort and result that makes me happy and proud. Run a home town race in the fall.

  • Danielle B.

    Danielle B.

    West Bloomfield, MI, Just keep swimming!

  • Jenna H.

    Jenna H.

    Brighton, MI, Lets go for the 50k!

  • Richard V.

    Richard V.

    Oakville, ON, To be a lifelong runner

  • Angie L.

    Angie L.

    Novi, MI, Run Happy!

  • Delaino L J.

    Delaino L J.

    Westland, MI, Stay injury free, build speed and run Boston Marathon 2016

  • Melanie K.

    Melanie K.

    Santa Monica, CA, Run whenever I'm not working. Take Madeleine and have fun.

  • Paula A.

    Paula A.

    Lake Orion, MI,

  • Arin


    Union Lake, MI, Before anything, be injury Free! Grand Rapids 70.3 Half Ironman-June 9th. Swim to the Moon 5k Swim. Dances with Dirt 50K-September 22

  • Hong W.

    Hong W.

    South Lyon, MI, Personal improvement, enjoy every step with a smile :)!

  • John N.

    John N.

    Canton, MI, 2011 - Grandma's Marathon - DONE! Onward...

  • Kai


    San Luis Obispo, CA, To acquire many leather bound books, an apartment that smells of rich mahogany and ultimately become kind of a big deal.

  • Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Troy, MI, 2015: 1. No-Wimps Challenge (1/2 & 50K) 2. Run Woodstock 50K 3. Oil Creek 100K

  • Chad


    Marquette, MI, To compete in my first triathlon

  • Mark M.

    Mark M.

    Detroit, MI, Still chasing the dragon ~ Disney Marathon in January.

  • Steve H.

    Steve H.

    Brighton, MI, First marathon this spring (Trail Weekend in Pinckney) and first Ultra this fall (50k at Woodstock).

  • Marlene E.

    Marlene E.

    Arlington, VA, I want to figure out what' s wrong with me medically and get back to running.

  • Fritz


    White Lake Twp, MI, Left. Right. Repeat.

  • Stephanie


    Madison, WI, Lose that baby weight... and nursing school weight.

  • Bruce W.

    Bruce W.

    West Bloomfield Township, MI, "Every day you are either getting better or getting worse, but you’re sure as hell not staying the same"....there is no plateau…"

  • Barb H.

    Barb H.

    Detroit, MI, To be the fittest grandma!!