Friends (75)

  • Kate


    Toronto, ON,

  • Corinna L.

    Corinna L.

    Vancouver, BC,

  • Kelownagurl T.

    Kelownagurl T.

    Kelowna, BC, Exercise every day.

  • Alan G

    Alan G

    Victoria, BC,

  • Rayna



  • Matt W.

    Matt W.

    Vancouver, BC, To get consistent with my exercise, and maybe do away with some pudge.

  • Yuri A.

    Yuri A.

    Vancouver, BC,

  • Loreen C.

    Loreen C.

    Nanaimo, BC, PR at the Victoria Marathon on October 9, 2016! Note to self - 1st DM post was May 29, 2011.

  • Lara E.

    Lara E.

    Victoria, BC, To run a half-marathon, to become a good swimmer, to be more fearless on my bike.

  • Ann B.

    Ann B.

    Severna Park, MD, Who knew you could be so happy about getting older? My BQ Time is now 3:55. This is the year I qualify for Boston.

  • Jessie



  • Tori K.

    Tori K.

    Vancouver, BC, 2016 goal: recovery fully from ACL reconstruction and meniscus tear repair; be able to run 5k and complete a sprint triathlon.

  • Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Toronto, ON, Myself! For fun, health and stress reduction and working towards a half marathon

  • Penny N Eric H.

    Penny N Eric H.

    Edmonds, WA, To be healthy and fit. To walk-jog pain-free. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To stay inspired, to be more active.

  • Jon S.

    Jon S.

    Victoria, BC, Get one ride in this body. Use it or lose it!

  • Ginny


    Toronto, ON, Sadly no goal at this time. That can't be good.

  • Nicole M.

    Nicole M.

    Toronto, ON, Get healthy and back in the running game so I can run some more races! Continue to improve as an athlete overall. Have fun with my running peeps!

  • Joe


    Victoria, BC, No injuries !

  • Connie D.

    Connie D.

    Dulles, VA, recover from injury. worry about goals later!

  • Brian


    Cincinnati, OH, 50K Trail Run

  • Jennifer R.

    Jennifer R.

    Lodi, NJ, New York City Marathon - 2015 - DONE! VICTORY See profile picture ;)

  • Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    Cambridge, MA, Finish my second marathon in 2014 and run a 1/2 marathon for charity.

  • Suzi S.

    Suzi S.

    Syracuse, NY, Weight loss/gain/loss success story. Recovering alcoholic. Marathoner. Overall badass.

  • Karin F.

    Karin F.

    North Vancouver, BC, Continuously improve in all the distances I choose to compete in from 100m to 10km. I am a speed addict chasing PBs season after season.

  • Lauren


    , Run without injury!