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I run for health and happiness. I've run numerous half marathons and one full. I may never run another full, but I sure do love that 13.1 distance!

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  • Lani Y.

    Lani Y.

    Fort Leonard Wood, MO, 2015 Goals - 1250 miles. 5K, 10K, Half (done!) & Full PRs. Get my 300 back on Army PT Test! Another Olympic Tri!

  • Nikki A.

    Nikki A.

    Montgomery, AL,

  • Stephanie


    Natick, MA, live healthy

  • Jess M.

    Jess M.

    Somerville, MA, Give and get training advice and share the passion of running and yoga!

  • Sarah


    Karlsruhe, DE, being healthy and fit.

  • Jsquared


    Alexandria, VA, In 2010 I fell in love with running and haven't stopped since. I've run a ton of races including 2 marathons. ::Sound Mind:Sound Body::

  • Anna E.

    Anna E.

    Nashville, TN, Indianapolis Mini, Portland RnR, Boston Run to Remember, Chicago RnR

  • Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Colorado Springs, CO, I've finished 4 marathons in the last 2 years, now I'm working on losing weight to gain speed and do my first ultra and the Pikes Peak Ascent!

  • Ellen


    Chicago, IL, get a little bit stronger every day.

  • Christian C.

    Christian C.

    Hudsonville, MI, Run Fasss.... and have fun

  • Josh K.

    Josh K.

    Traverse City, MI,

  • Brandess W.

    Brandess W.

    Lansing, MI, Beat Oprah's marathon time once and for all at Bayshore, Run MCM if everything lines up, maintain running as a lifetime priority.

  • Jocelyn B.

    Jocelyn B.

    New York, NY,

  • Danielle H.

    Danielle H.

    Ann Arbor, MI, Returning safely to running post-peroneal tendon tear. If all goes well, would like to do Riverbank 2015 with mTT.

  • Elle S.

    Elle S.

    Australia, AU, deal with doubt, have faith in feet and trust in training

  • Staci W.

    Staci W.

    FL, To run a 1/2 marathon

  • Annalee D.

    Annalee D.

    Grand Rapids, MI, Keep running consistently, avoid injury. 5K PR- 33:25 10K 11/12/11- 1:13:38 Bayshore Half 5/26/12- 2:52

  • Jan S.

    Jan S.

    , sub 25 5k

  • Jennifer


    , to improve as a runner and to improve on my half marathon time!

  • Lyndsey T.

    Lyndsey T.

    Mississauga, ON, Mississauga 10K!

  • Jeanne S.

    Jeanne S.

    Fort Erie, ON, Around the Bay March 2015 More trails

  • Donna R.

    Donna R.

    Morganville, NJ, Strengthen core. Build endurance. Gain speed. I want it all.

  • Leslie H.

    Leslie H.

    Hell, MI, Run 1400 miles in 2015

  • Deanna


    WI, To train for another half marathon and improve my time and endurance. To concentrate on being healthy and retaining healthy habits.

  • Raquel P.

    Raquel P.

    Aberdeen, GB, 2014: 4 marathons, 2 ultras, a PB in any distance, no injuries!