Friends (160)

  • Piet B.

    Piet B.

    Chantilly, VA, Stop being a sucky runner.

  • Adina L.

    Adina L.

    Sydney, AU, <1> Fortnightly Parkruns <2> 3x weekly gym sessions <3> 35kg squat x5 <4> 50kg deadlift x5 <5> 20sec handstand (no wall) ---- All by end July 2015

  • 51feetunder


    Hamilton, ON, Road2Hope Half Marathon

  • Reed L.

    Reed L.

    Madison, WI, Try to beat or at least match closely my half time from early last year. I've got 3 months till Nov 2nd....Get me in shape, Hal!!

  • Lou R.

    Lou R.

    Peterborough, ON, To build up my feet and body so that I can run barefoot on any terrain I encounter for as long and as far as I need to go without injury.

  • Chad W.

    Chad W.

    Clarksville, TN, Live life to the fullest! John 10:10

  • Elle S.

    Elle S.

    Australia, AU, deal with doubt, have faith in feet and trust in training

  • Suzanne D.

    Suzanne D.

    Sydney Nsw, AU, Just to get running again!

  • Daniel W.

    Daniel W.

    Sydney Nsw, AU,

  • Stefan


    Nairobi, KE,

  • Alan T.

    Alan T.

    Mississauga, ON, Just run.

  • Peter L.

    Peter L.

    Concord, NH, To run in lots of shoes. Lots of shoes.

  • Mike T.

    Mike T.

    Grapevine, TX, Run til I die.

  • Tony G.

    Tony G.

    Victoria, BC, Barefoot all the way

  • John D.

    John D.

    Sydney, AU, Marathon Swim: 20 km Rottnest Channel - Feb 2016

  • John A.

    John A.

    St Paul, MN, 1. At least six races in 2013 including two marathons. 2. Join a Ragnar relay team. 3. Ultramarathon!

  • Gary B.

    Gary B.

    United Kingdom, Had a mechanical aortic valve installed in Feb 2013. Run minimal or barefoot.

  • Adrian W.

    Adrian W.

    Sydney Nsw, AU, To run, swim, cycle myself into oblivion :)

  • Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, Just some dumb sandal wearing beach bum running across the country one marathon at a time. More info here:

  • Carli S.

    Carli S.

    Portland, OR, After 3 hip surgeries, my main goal is to run pain-free, without putting pressure on distance/PR goals... I've learned the importance of running for my soul.

  • Shannon O.

    Shannon O.

    Gainesville, FL, To be in the best physical and mental state I can be.

  • Christos C.

    Christos C.

    London, GB, to run 20km in 1 hour

  • Cecilia A.

    Cecilia A.

    Melbourne, AU, Sub-25 Westerfolds parkrun, sub-24 flat 5km, sub-50 10km.

  • Robyn L.

    Robyn L.

    La Crosse, WI, Have fun!!!! Finish a marathon!!!(finished oct 2012). Finish 5k in sub 25!!!! Finish a tri!!!!!!

  • Dean O.

    Dean O.

    Chandler, AZ, Getting back to being a 20min 5k'er