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  1. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:36 41:34 pace

    Felt pretty slugish so it was more thrashing through the water than gliding but that's ok, at least I managed to swim.

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 4.2 km/7 days, 7 km/14 days, 15.78 km... read more

  2. RUN
    good 5.63 km 00:31 08:59 pace

    Just cruising through the hood. Nice sunset with a pink sky and a close to full moon up above.

    Cumulative distance for Running: 11.03 km/7 days, 11.03 km/14 days, 79.04 km/28 days, 2108.93 km/... read more

  3. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:34 39:25 pace

    Nice and warm outside so going for a swim after a run felt pretty awesome. Swam well and moved well through the water.

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 4.2 km/7 days, 7 km/14 days, 15.58 km/28 d... read more

  4. RUN
    good 5.4 km 00:31 09:19 pace

    Yay for actually getting out the door and running. Kept it nice and short just to see how the body held up and it seemed to feel ok. Will see how I pull up tomorrow and just might go and do it agai... read more

  5. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:35 40:20 pace

    Didn't do much last week so it was a lazy swim but glad it happened.

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 2.8 km/7 days, 8.4 km/14 days, 15.38 km/28 days, 47.78 km/Year, 47.78 km/YTD
    Cumulative... read more

  6. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:34 39:05 pace

    Feeling really lazy so it was more of a win just getting out the door than doing the actual laps. Felt good to move.

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 4.2 km/7 days, 10.38 km/14 days, 17.77 km/28... read more

    • Symon

      Can't imagine myself swimming for 1.4km - nice work :)

      13 days ago Like

    • Kent V.
      Kent V.

      Easier than going for a run for me at the moment.

      13 days ago Like

  7. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:35 40:20 pace

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 5.6 km/7 days, 10.18 km/14 days, 19.98 km/28 days, 44.98 km/Year, 44.98 km/YTD
    Cumulative time for Swimming: 2:20/7 days, 4:14/14 days, 8:28/28 days, 20:08/Year, 2... read more

  8. swim
    alright 1.4 km 00:35 40:26 pace

    A bit tired and blah but I made it through the laps.

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 5.4 km/7 days, 8.78 km/14 days, 19.77 km/28 days, 43.58 km/Year, 43.58 km/YTD
    Cumulative time for Swimming: ... read more

  9. RUN
    good 10.99 km 01:03 09:17 pace

    Just rambling along huffing and puffing. Haven't run in 3 days and feel as unfit as ever but go figure I managed to run a PR for this route so perhaps that is the real reason I was huffing and... read more

  10. FIT
    good 1.4 km 00:35 40:01 pace

    Was a bit tired but happy I made the effort to get wet. Was fine once I got going and in and out of focus from work to my breathing, kick etc.

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 1.4 km/7 days... read more

  11. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:35 39:47 pace

    Much better swim and really tried to focus on kicking from my hips instead of floundering around. Got to the end of my laps with plenty of energy to do more but alas I ran out of time. Gives me hop... read more

  12. swim
    good 1.4 km 00:35 39:51 pace

    A easy swim after spending all day in front of the pc. Nice to strech out in the water.

    Cumulative distance for Swimming: 5.98 km/7 days, 8.38 km/14 days, 18.82 km/28 days, 40.78 km/Year, 40.78 k... read more

  13. swim
    good 1.2 km 00:30 39:51 pace

    I managed to keep my focus and got through all of my laps even though it was a bit tough but it got easier towards the end. Should of done another 200m! Perhaps tomorrow.

    Cumulative distance for ... read more

  14. RUN
    good 12.02 km 01:12 09:35 pace

    This felt pretty hard and really had me huffing and puffing at the beginning and wasn't quite sure how I was going to get up those hills but I managed it and even added the steepest hill twice... read more

  15. swim
    tired 975 m

    A rubbish swim where I didn't want to be there. Couldn't even be bothered to swim one more lap to make 1km. Oh well, whatever.

  16. RUN
    good 11.14 km 01:07 09:37 pace

    Not a very focused swim so I though I would go for a run and clear my head. Went barefoot again but it was a bit cold so I couldn't feel my feet and ended up with a bit of skin missing on one ... read more

  17. RUN
    good 11.12 km 01:06 09:35 pace

    I had a good swim so I figured I would defrost in the sun with a nice barefoot jaunt in the countryside.

    Cumulative distance for Running: 45.18 km/7 days, 63.61 km/14 days, 154.98 km/28 days, ... read more

  18. swim
    good 1200 m

    A much better swim and managed to do all my laps without stopping.

  19. swim
    blah 1200 m

    Really sore having not swim for nearly a week. Couldn't manage to put too many laps together.

  20. RUN
    good 11.2 km 01:05 09:19 pace

    Last run in Cairns if I don't get my act together tomorrow morning. A couple of runners out tonight and all saying hello. Such a country town after all. Guts were pretty rough this morning but... read more

    • Symon

      Nice run in tropical Cairns - going to be a shock when you get back 1 degree here in Western Sydney this morning probably a lot colder in Bowral

      29 days ago Like

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    • Symon

      Not going to lie - a bit nervous but plenty of time to train

      28 days ago Like

    • Kent V.
      Kent V.

      Fear and panic is what comes to mind plus I don't really want to spend the time training.

      28 days ago Like1 person