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  • 23 miles
  • 04:36 time
  • 4056 calories
  • 5 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good 7.33 km 00:55 12:05 pace

    A city in the clouds this morning. More effort on the uphills and easy on the down. Had fun.

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  2. RUN
    good 7.07 km 00:54 12:22 pace

    Lumbering along. A bit tired but still trucking on.

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 46.68 km/7 days, 96.44 km/14 days, 187.11 km/28 days, 198.77 km/Year, 198.77 km/YTD
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  3. RUN
    good 7.31 km 00:56 12:23 pace

    Taking it easy.

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 46.66 km/7 days, 97.63 km/14 days, 180.04 km/28 days, 191.71 km/Year, 191.71 km/YTD
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  4. RUN
    good 7.88 km 00:57 11:32 pace

    Had a bit more time up my sleeve today so trundled a little further. Guess my cardio is slowly coming back just need to be careful so my body doesn't break. All good so far.

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  5. RUN
    tired 7.07 km 00:54 12:16 pace

    Not enough sleep made for a bit of a dead run. Will pass out tonight and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

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  6. RUN
    good 8.29 km 00:59 11:26 pace

    A fresh southerly wind was my company today besides the black cockatoos stripping the pine trees.

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  7. RUN
    good 8.08 km 01:00 11:52 pace

    Slept in and ran under the full sun. A bit hot but no problems.

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 51.32 km/7 days, 104.86 km/14 days, 155.62 km/28 days, 167.29 km/Year, 167.29 km/YTD
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  8. RUN
    good 8.05 km 01:00 12:02 pace

    Beautiful day outside. Easy running weather. Took it easy and enjoyed the countryside.

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  9. RUN
    good 7.04 km 00:54 12:22 pace

    Cool again with the wind kicking back in. Took it slower today to give myself a bit of a rest. Felt good.

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 49.76 km/7 days, 104.85 km/14 days, 140.43 km/2... read more

  10. RUN
    good 8.19 km 00:59 11:34 pace

    Cool today but without the wind made for good running weather. Went a bit further as I had a bit of time up my sleeve.

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 50.61 km/7 days, 104.37 km/14 days... read more

  11. RUN
    good 7.13 km 00:52 11:41 pace

    Windy and a little bit wet. Branches down but the cockatoo's where having a feeding frenzy on the ground.

    Cumulative distance for Running: 50.63 km/7 days, 102.48 km/14 days, 123.62 km/28... read more

  12. RUN
    great 6.62 km 00:53 12:50 pace

    Choose your own adventure. No idea where I was going just following trails to see where they went. Ended up in a pine plantation near the highway. Lot's of kangaroos some with joeys some young... read more

  13. RUN
    good 7.05 km

    4am looks much like 5am but with less sleep I probably missed some of the subtle details. Off on a jet plane to Melbourne for a work conference so that will be interesting.

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  14. RUN
    good 7.02 km 00:54 12:16 pace

    A easy run became the fastest run of the week with no extra effort on my behalf. So I guess it's still a easy run?

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  15. RUN
    good 7.07 km

    Took it easier today and enjoyed the stillness.

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  16. RUN
    good 8.14 km

    Got a bit carried away on this run. Not a bad thing but will try not to make a habit of it.

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  17. RUN
    good 7.59 km

    Missed the lunar eclipse last night due to clouds and the need to go to bed but was treated to the full moon this morning. Cool morning again which is great. Perhap it's not fully summer yet.
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  18. RUN
    good 7.65 km

    A bit of a detour due to the council going toe to toe against the landscape and using chemical weapons as their last line of defense. Just missed the rain so lucky me.

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  19. RUN
    good 7.19 km

    Windy most of the night, thinking it was the cool change but awoke to heavy clouds and hot winds. Bad day for a shirt!

    Cumulative distance for My Activities: 52.02 km/7 days, 66.12 km/14 days,... read more

    • Barefoot R.
      Barefoot R.

      i was barechested for my four segments today.
      good workout!

      18 days ago Like

    • Kent V.
      Kent V.

      Should of done the same in hindsight! Thanks Barefoot.

      18 days ago Like

    • Symon

      Great run - yes strangely warm and windy this morning

      17 days ago Like

    • Kent V.
      Kent V.

      Morning showers forecast for tomorrow.That should be fun.

      17 days ago Like

  20. FIT
    good 7.64 km

    Less people out today and a little bit cooler.Felt good, nice to get some sleep.

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