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I am on the 7 year plan to BQ so 2013 is the year! 3:14 (BQ) and HM = 1:30!

Wall of Motivation (154)

  1. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent run and great plan to take it conservatively! Great job! on a workout

  2. Rachelle U.
      Post a workout!

    I DO NOT miss following your training! don't come back!!!

  3. Scott J.

    Fantastic run Kenny. Congratulations on running such a solid race in such tou... read more

  4. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Wow! Fantastic run Kenny. Great intervals and splits. I'm glad you had such a... read more

  5.   Nice Job

    Congrats on the progress Kenny. Dogs and there owners can be a pain. on a workout

  6. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic run Kenny!! Great job out there!! on a workout

  7. Jeanye

    Wowza! Check out that pace! on a workout

  8. Ade O.
      Nice Job

    Very correct Kenny looking at it from a western mind set, but for people livi... read more

  9. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic!! Glad to hear you are recovery well! Nice intervals too. on a workout

  10. Scott J.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic run Kenny. What a great pace and an even greater finish. Big, fast ... read more

  11.   Congrats

    Nice PR! It is always great to walk away feeling good. on a workout

  12. Rich T
      You're an Inspiration

    You've been kicking butt on your marathon training. Great job on the 11-plus. on a workout

  13. Ade O.
      Nice Job

    Hello Kenny, hope the running is going well, you are very correct in what you... read more

  14. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic miles and nice pace on tired legs Kenny!! Enjoy the recovery tomorr... read more

  15. Rich T
      You're an Inspiration

    PR or not, that is an awesome Half. on a workout

  16. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic run today Kenny!! All good signs for November!! on a workout

  17. Scott J.

    Congratulations Kenny!! What a great time!! Really nice pace here!! I'm sure ... read more

  18. Jeanye

    I know you are disappointed a bit but I am super proud of you. Looks like a g... read more

  19. Scott J.
      Good Luck

    Excellent miles and nice strides!! I liked doing those before a race but i ha... read more

  20. Ade O.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  21. William P.
      Great Performance

    Wow. No wonder I never see you running around my neighborhood. You're movin... read more

  22. Rob S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job nailing these doubles Kenny! You got me thinking I might need to go... read more

  23. Fernando
      Nice Job

    6% incline? Jeez, I've only ever dared to get that thing to 5%... on a workout

  24. Rob S.
      Nice Job

    Seriously racking up the mileage Kenny, nice work! on a workout

  25. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Whew!! Tough day Kenny!! Great job getting the workout done on such a day. Yo... read more

  26. Donna R.
      Great Performance

    Awesome workout, Kenny. Way to push through. Those ones really pay off. Nice ... read more

  27. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent recovery miles Kenny. Nice splits too. on a workout

  28. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Great miles today Kenny!! Nice pace too. Maybe you have had a little too much... read more

  29. Donna R.
      Great Performance

    We all have days like these, you turned it around like a champ! Sweet run. on a workout

  30. Scott J.
      Great Performance

    What a great and tough run Kenny!! Great job getting in some big miles at a g... read more

  31. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Great job piling on the miles Kenny!! Excellent pace here too!! on a workout

  32. Rob S.
      You're Funny

    The flip side is if you make a big math error on your turnaround point you ov... read more

  33. Jeanye
      You're an Inspiration

    I LOL'ed at Rich's comment about the leaderboard. That darn thing taunts me s... read more

  34. Rob S.

    5ks are rough with that kind of humidity, I think that's a great time. I'll b... read more

  35. Rob S.
      Good Luck

    Good luck on Saturday Kenny! Do some recoveries next week as well. on a workout

  36. Scott J.
      Great Performance

    What a fantastic run Kenny!! Great job out there!! Super pace for some big mi... read more

  37. Jeanye
      Great Performance

    Woohoo! Super duper job! Congrats my friend!!! on a workout

  38. Rob S.

    The summer weather wreaks havoc on race day. I can't recall a PR I set in Jul... read more

  39. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent run Kenny. It is so easy to become slaves to our gadgets!! Speed, d... read more

  40. Scott J.
      Great Performance

    Great job Kenny. I love your splits for these intervals!! It seems like you h... read more

  41. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent run Kenny. I used to love 1600's. They always seemed "easier" to me... read more

  42. Scott J.

    Excellent job on your marathon Kenny!! I'm sorry you didn't get your PR, but ... read more

  43. Rob S.

    Great job Kenny and a great report! I've had the wheels come off many times a... read more

  44.   Congrats

    Super race, Kenny! I'm sure those temps pushed up quite a bit during the race... read more

  45. Rob S.
      Good Luck

    Good plan Kenny! How you feel in the early miles will let you know how much o... read more

  46. Jeanye
      Good Luck

    Good luck in Buffalo Kenny! Can't wait to read all about it! on a workout

  47. Rob S.
      Feel Better

    Smart pace Kenny! on a workout

  48. Rich T

    That's a crazy marathon story. I wanted to read more. Still, awesome finish f... read more

  49. Matt E.
      Great Performance

    Incredible job!!! on a workout

  50. Rob S.
      Good Luck

    I'm feeling you with the weather mucking with your race day plans. Just go ou... read more