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  • 13 miles
  • 02:15 time
  • 10:12 pace
  • 1303 calories
  • 567 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 4/5 Effort.
    effort 4/5
great Victoria Half Marathon 21.21 km 02:15 10:12 pace

Well I think I done pretty good - an unexpected PR and very sore post-race legs. :)

I felt like crap all week - stomach bug for a couple days, followed by fatigue, head and body aches. Right up until race day I didn't know if I was even actually going to race. However, by Saturday morning, I was feeling a bit closer to my "normal" self and was hopeful that I'd be able to at least finish the race even if I didn't have my regular energy. Sunday morning, Erik and I were up around 6am, got ready and then walked a block to the race start. Air temp was about 10C with a warm sunny day in the forecast. (Note to self - The Harbour Towers Hotel has an excellent govt rate (for teachers etc) and is uber close to the race start. Plus they must have run out of regular rooms because they bumped us up to a ginormous king suite with a full-ish kitchen and huge sitting area.) Anyway, back to the race.

I had a good sleep and was feeling pretty decent race morning, had a banana and half a yogurt cup for breakie and got dressed. I took a couple of acetaminophen and had my gel flask with 3 gels and my HH bottle with Nuun and water and I was ready to go.

The course is very pretty - rolling hills with some longer stretches of flat that runs along the ocean. There were about 5500 people registered in the half marathon which started at 7:30am. Erik headed off to join the under 2 hour section of the starting line, while I placed myself just behind the 2:15 area, knowing that I'd probably drop back to 2:20-2:30 as time went on. It took a few minutes to get to the start line once the gun sounded and then we were off. It was about 10-12C and clear and I was wearing my tank top with a long sleeved tech shirt and my tri shorts. I was a bit chilly at first so I had a throwaway t shirt that I wore on top for the first 2 km.

For the first 15km my pace ranged from 6:05-6:35/km depending on the terrain. I ran every single step - not stopping to walk even once. I knew once I started walking, the walk breaks would get closer and closer together and I'd be done so I figured it was better just to slow down when I needed to, but not actually walk. Since I carried my own water and fuel, I had no need to stop anyway. I saw Erik around the 12km mark, as he was coming back from the turnaround and he looked to be strong and right on pace for a sub-2 finish.

I got up the hill to the turnaround and then back down to the flats. I was feeling good and was running a nice steady pace with no pain. I didn't have my HR strap so just monitored my perceived rate of exertion.

At about the 15km mark, I did a bit of mental math (always a challenge at that point of a race) and I figured out that I could come in pretty close to 2:15 if I tried to run 6 min km's for the last 5km. I was feeling good and the end was in sight so I went for it and kicked up the pace a notch.

My last 5 splits were: 6:19, 6:10, 5:36, 5:46, and a very tired 6:06. At some point I REALLY wanted to take a walk break but I could see that I was soooooo close to a PR so I didn't let myself stop. Ultimately, I crossed the finish line in 2:14:31 which was a minute slower than my half in flat Kelowna but a full 10 minutes faster than the last time I ran the hillier Victoria race so I was SUPER happy! And as always, I was happy to be able to negative split the race - my 2nd half was a little over 2 minutes faster than my first half. Yippee!!!!!

After the race, we went back to the hotel for a long hot shower. Then we met up with Carlos C. (who paced his blind friend, Graham in the 8k) and @Mike Kennedy AKA SurferRacer on twitter (who raced an amazing 1:36 half marathon) for beer and a breakfast sandwich at patio cafe. I was so thirsty, I downed my beer in short order and made the mistake of having a rare second. Man, the beer and the endorphins muddled my brain for the rest of the afternoon - too funny... I'm pretty sure at one point, I was down on the ground trying to catch goldfish with Mike's daughter...)

I then proceeded to drag Erik off on a shopping trip and picked up a new Garmin HR strap, a pair of Saucony Peregrine trail shoes (thanks to Rebecca K.'s advice), and a new pair of Newtons (on sale!), not to mention a couple of nice, collapsible travel wine glasses from MEC (saweet!).

Back to the hotel for some R&R - we were both exhausted and fell into bed before 9pm.

Great race, lovely weather, good company, beautiful city - I'll be back!!!

  • Sarah C.
    Sarah C.

    Fantastic race!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Carlos C.
    Carlos C.

    Nice report, you guys are really getting good at the running game!
    Believe me it only gets better...

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Steve P.
    Steve P.

    awesome job!!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Ashby S.
    Ashby S.

    Great race Barb!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Norman R.
    Norman R.

    The first WWFoR finisher!!!! What a great race report and congrats on your PR! Great Race Barb, Thanx for sharing & looking forward to your next "big" race report!!!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Jason S.
    Jason S. Congrats


    almost 6 years ago

  • Dustin Q.
    Dustin Q. Congrats

    Nice job on that finish!!

    I'll consider the last week just a really great taper!!

    Congratulations!!! :D YAY!!!

    almost 6 years ago