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To be more consistent, run healthy, and try a few new things.

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  • Bob F.

    Bob F.

    Northridge, CA,

  • Gail D F.

    Gail D F.

    Sioux Falls, SD, I am training to do my first physique natural body building competition on July 26, 2014.....YIKES!

  • Patricia R.

    Patricia R.

    Weymouth, MA, Stay healthy for Boston 2014!! More consistent cross training too.

  • Darin P.

    Darin P.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Use running to find the perfect balance in my life. In a world of technology I only need my running shoes to be happy. Run a marathon in 5 hours.

  • Tony M.
  • Brianna S.
  • Angie L.

    Angie L.

    Novi, MI, To Run Happy

  • Jenny B.

    Jenny B.

    Menomonee Falls, WI, Healthy, happy, balanced life Mixed with a bunch of adrenaline highs and accomplishments. Serve as role models for my 3 boys as they follow in our footsteps

  • Mustafa A.

    Mustafa A.

    Istanbul, TR, 5 ve 10 km

  • Jeff


    Mankato, MN,

  • Elizabeth V.

    Elizabeth V.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 1:45 half marathon, sub 4:00 marathon! Mainly, just to feel like an athlete again :)

  • Jessica J.

    Jessica J.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Living actively

  • Eric H.

    Eric H.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 1) ??? Feels like I should do something big 2) Run a 10k in my age.

  • Christa S.

    Christa S.

    Harrisburg, SD, Sub 3:47 marathon

  • Sheldon W.

    Sheldon W.

    Terrace, BC, Stay Healthy. Run a sub 50:00:00 10k and a goal time of ~1:55:00 for a Half marathon.

  • Christopher


    Sioux Falls, SD, TC Marathon

  • Chris G.

    Chris G.

    Asheville, NC, Barkley Fall Classic, Big Backyard Ultra

  • Marc C.

    Marc C.

    Sarasota, FL, To enjoy running the US Beach Running Championships Clearwater 50K, Marine Corps Marathon. To run, walk, bike 24,901 miles (Earth's circumference) by 2020.

  • Chad B.

    Chad B.

    Harrisburg, SD, 2014 goals... PR's in the 5k, 1/2 marathon, Newton Hills Trail race, and TC 10. Run my first 50k and 50 mile ultra marathon!

  • Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Sacramento, CA, All time running goal: go from marathoner to BQ'er sub 3:00:00 26.2 sub 1:25:00 13.1 2013 Goals: 1) Run 5 marathons, 2) PR in the marathon, 3) run 365 days

  • Sean C.

    Sean C.

    West Bridgewater, MA, Just going to recover from marathon and try to keep running here and there.

  • Ed T.

    Ed T.

    Sioux Falls, SD, to run Boston to the best of my finish three 100 milers ( Black Hills, Javelina and Superior) improve my downhill skills

  • Katie E.

    Katie E.

    , I am running my first half marathon in May! My goal is completion without stopping .

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • Mike


    Sioux Falls, SD, Achieve a new marathon PR.