Friends (56)

  • Sel M.

    Sel M.

    Istanbul, TR, Run the Eurasia 15K Race under 60' This is the run which is from Asia to Europe unique on earth.

  • Kate S.

    Kate S.

    Columbia, MO, Run my third half-marathon in 2014. Also, set an official 5k PR (break 24 minutes).

  • Stephanie C.

    Stephanie C.

    Jacksonville, FL, Stop making excuses, and get off my ass! Walker with the dreams to be a runner.

  • Bethany B.

    Bethany B.

    Washington, DC, Weight Loss, 5k's 10k's and the Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 miler!

  • J K.

    J K.


  • Heather P.

    Heather P.

    New York, NY, Lose 15 pounds by March 1, 2014. Also, run more consistently again so I can get back into shape.

  • Emily


    Camarillo, CA, Work on my improving my speed!

  • Jean S.

    Jean S.

    Shelby Twp, MI, My goal is to get running regularly again and lose the MASSIVE amount of weight I've put on. Taking this day by day and need encouragement!

  • Marc S.

    Marc S.

    Epping, NH, This year in 2011 I will run my first Marathon in Niagara, ONT. I have lost 85 pounds since Feb. 21 2010. Twitter: @MynameisMarc

  • Annie F.

    Annie F.

    Reno, NV,

  • Anna S.

    Anna S.

    Tulsa, OK, Sub-5 marathon. 2:25 or lower half.

  • Stephanie G.

    Stephanie G.

    Springfield, MA, Working towards my first full Marathon at Disney 2012! Along the way triathlons and Halfs when I can!

  • Becky J.

    Becky J.

    Springfield, IL, Half Marathon

  • Caitlin


    Lynchburg, VA, To run a half and full marathon

  • Carol


    Boston, MA, Just Walk

  • Mik H.

    Mik H.

    Sheffield, GB, Keeping the grim reaper from snapping at my heels" Dont fear the reaper "

  • Royanna H.

    Royanna H.

    Rockville, MD,

  • Megan E.

    Megan E.

    Columbia, SC, Kiawah Half Marathon- December 8th & races leading up to it!

  • Diana


    Albany, NY, a 5K

  • Aimee Z.

    Aimee Z.

    Epping, NH, To get in shape and model a healthy lifestyle for my daughter. Now that I have completed goals of 5k, 10k, half and full marathons...thinking of pursuing ULTRAS

  • Rebekah Z.

    Rebekah Z.

    Houston, TX,

  • Amanda W.

    Amanda W.

    Troy, NY, Lost over 100lbs. Ran my 1st Marathon. What can I do next?!

  • Adrianne S.

    Adrianne S.

    Washington, DC, Run. Any amount of time, any distance. Just get out there.

  • Jody H.

    Jody H.

    Sterling, VA, Goal for 2011: A tri and/or 50k. Both of them trail.

  • Kris C.

    Kris C.

    Brick, NJ,