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Karyn logged 343 miles.

Last workout almost 6 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    good Thompson Fitness Center 3 mi 00:28 09:24 pace

    Tried something new on the TM.... set the program to "interval"... man, there's no slacking with that! hahaha. Goes from zero incline to three, in no time. uggg, workout!!! Felt go... read more

  2. RUN
    great Hyslop Indoor Track 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace

    blah, running inside isn't as much fun. But none of us had the right gear to go outside. Imagine it's the right temp for this time of year, but we were spoiled last week with nicer temp... read more

  3. swim
    great Hyslop Pool 1.82 yd 01:00 58021:58 pace

    Swam 3000 yards yesterday, and felt amazing!! Geez I hope to be consistently back in the water soon.

  4. RUN
    great Rural roads 5 mi 00:45 09:03 pace

    Christmas Eve run - OUTSIDE - 40 degrees, in NORTH DAKOTA? That's right, it was so nice out!

  5. swim
    great BACK IN THE WATER!!! 2300 yd 01:00 45:54 pace

    YIPPEE!!! I'm back in the pool! I hadn't gotten up this early to swim in over 6 months! I actually haven't swam at ALL in those 6 months (did two half marathons running instead th... read more

  6. RUN
    great FAST short run 3.05 mi 00:24 07:47 pace

    OMG.... that was the fasted short run I've ever done!!! Wowzer was I tired! That's what I get when I run with one of our students.... I kept having to remind him that I could be his MOT... read more

  7. Today's #dailymission
    What's your Garmin's pet name? Mine is "the watch".... and when I'm with my noon group, and say, "Dang, I forgot my watch" they CHEER... read more

  8. RUN
    great Hippen Route 4.28 mi 00:40 09:20 pace

    I've been running, really I have. hahaha. I did a half marathon at the beginning of Oct, and it went AMAZING!! I just haven't been on here to tell you guys about my running, but I reall... read more

    • Jim L.
      Jim L.

      Congratulations on your half marathon! That's something you can be proud of!

      about 7 years ago Like

    • Karyn H.
      Karyn H.

      Thanks, I guess I never said how my time went.... in May, my first ever half was 2:47 (ick)... but this time, in Oct... my second half marathon - I set my sights on shooting for 2:20 (I know that's slow to some of you, but for me it was a decent goal). I would have settled for 2:30, just to make sure I was not going to be too let down if I didn't make my goal. I got finished in 2:12!!

      about 7 years ago Like2 people

    • Vanesa

      Wow check you out! Awesome time on your second half marathon. Thats some major improvement. Keep up the good work.

      about 7 years ago Like

    • Barbara K.
      Barbara K.

      Congrats!!!!! Keep it up!!

      about 7 years ago Like

  9. My training has been going well... haven't posted my runs in a long time, but I've been averaging between 18-22 miles per week, training for the upcoming Fargo Mini Marathon, which is thi... read more

    • Diane V.
      Diane V.

      I doubt if you'll balloon up to 500 pounds! I'm glad to see the training's going well (much more important than posting!) Good luck on Saturday!

      about 7 years ago Like

    • Barbara K.
      Barbara K.

      NICE MILES!!!!!! Good luck in the marathoN!!!!

      about 7 years ago Like

    • David U.
      David U.

      Nice training!

      about 7 years ago Like

    • Jim L.
      Jim L.

      Good luck in Fargo! Your training will have you ready!

      about 7 years ago Like

  10. RUN
    good Villard to Glenwood, MN 10.25 mi 01:50 10:43 pace

    Felt good!! Especially considering how hard it was to stay motivated to do the run. I didn't have to do it alone this time (son and niece biked and rollerbladed alongside), but it was a fami... read more

    • Diane V.
      Diane V.

      Definite satisfaction in that (in our family/friend circle, if you're not drinking, everyone thinks you're pregnant!) Congrats on an awesome 10+ miles today!! Glad your son and niece joined you - it makes it a little easier.

      over 7 years ago Like1 person

    • Barbara K.
      Barbara K.


      over 7 years ago Like

  11. RUN
    alright Ziegler Route 3.16 mi 00:31 09:39 pace

    Got a cramp in my side... that NEVER happens. sigh

  12. #dailymission Do you get bored when you run/ride/swim? If so, what do you do to pass the time? sometimes I do, bu that's why I run around my own community sometimes... I'm the Mayor, so... read more

    • Jim L.
      Jim L.

      Gotta have my music playing on my i-pod shuffle!

      over 7 years ago Like

  13. RUN
    great Rural Thompson 3.5 mi 00:32 09:05 pace

    I felt so great tonight!! And I finished JUST as the aerial mosquito spray plane was flying over~ perfect timing!!

  14. Today's #dailymission
    Do you have a fitness related tattoo? I do, but don't have a pic of it handy ..... I got a fish on my lower back, after swimming in the Master's Nationals Meet... read more

    • Rita M.
      Rita M.

      Nah, a "tramp stamp" would be the obligatory butterfly/heart/flower there. Oh, how I wish there was a Master's program in my town.....

      over 7 years ago Like

  15. RUN
    good Overpass and back 3 mi 00:29 09:30 pace

    Just a real little quickie over lunch.... had to do a quick run, and then ended up including the car dealership into it, as I had to pick my car up from being checked out. Funny, the looks you get... read more

  16. RUN
    good 10 mi 01:46 10:35 pace

    Well, obviously the pace was slower, but when you consider that's actually a couple water walks in there (I hate wearing the water belt... feel like I have a load on the back end, hahaha), I&#... read more

    • Diane V.
      Diane V.

      Great 10 miles, Karyn. I mean, 20 ;-). I hear you on the water belt - my backside's heavy enough - I don't need more weight back there!

      over 7 years ago Like

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    • Rita M.
      Rita M. You're Funny
      You're Funny:

      10 miles of no talking? That IS impressive! ;) hee hee! I'd be thrilled with 10 miles, regardless of the pace. So fun to see your miles adding up lately. :)

      over 7 years ago

    • Jess P.
      Jess P. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Yay Karyn! Good for you! You are such an inspiration, AND I registered for the Thompson Trot today! Can't wait!

      over 7 years ago

  17. RUN
    Hub Route 4 mi 00:40 10:02 pace

    Ran downtown from our work, and back... felt great!! Even after doing a run less than 15 hours earlier. Now into the weekend!

  18. RUN
    great Thompson quickie 3 mi 00:28 09:28 pace

    Amazing and great quick little night run!

  19. RUN
    good Grandall Route (North GF) 3 mi 00:29 09:48 pace

    Felt amazing, much better than day before! Strong and fun. Starting to contemplate another half in a couple weeks????? Can I do it? hmmmmm