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Become injury-free so that I can train for a BQ qualifying marathon. An Olympic distance tri.

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  1. walk
    alright PP Simulation 4.2 mi

    Boy am I out of shape for this mountain.

  2. RUN
    good SCP 4 mi

    Nice catch-up run with Amy S. and Miles.

  3. RUN
    great Waterfront Tri Run 3.1 mi 00:22 07:08 pace

    Transition went so well, I thought for sure I forgot something. Started going and said a quick prayer not to get blisters from my shoes. Looked down at the Garmin to see if I might have something t... read more

  4. VELO
    good Waterfront Tri Bike 20 km 00:46 16.4mph pace

    So the transition seemed to be going quite smoothly (I thought) but then as I was mounting my bike I realized I forgot my number. SO...I went back to get it. Come to find out, you only need your nu... read more

  5. swim
    good Waterfront Tri Swim 400 m 00:08:17 33:19 pace

    I was SO nervous for this! Pamela P. told me we were doing this so I made it happen. This morning while my teeth were chattering, my tummy was churning, the professional looking tri people started ... read more

  6. RUN
    good S2F 2.1 mi

    All the groups were taken care of so Miles and I just ran and did some walking then came back to the store to wait for the others. Miles wasn't too happy about that plan.

  7. VELO
    West Y 20 mi 01:23 14.5mph pace

    I was too scared to go outside with the leftover rain. I wasn't too encouraged after this bike to face the bike portion in the tri this Sunday. Oh well.

  8. RUN
    good Reunion Rain Run 6.03 mi 00:55 09:03 pace

    Didn't even have time to think as I got ready for my early (for the summer) run with Amy M. Fun to see some of the Dillons fast crew--one day I'll be back. Enjoyed lots of chat and Amy in... read more

  9. swim
    tired West Y 2000 yd

    Met Amy M. at the pool. She hasn't missed a beat. LOVED the kicks because that's when I could chat with her and do our best to catch up!

  10. RUN
    FU Track 3.5 mi

    Wanted to try out the A5 "fast-looking" shoes today to see if they gave me that blister w/o the socks. 4x200 (50-got me in the 2nd group, yay!, 42, 43, 42). Timed mile 6:36. I was aiming ... read more

  11. swim
    great OWS 1000 m 00:32 51:29 pace

    Fun time. Glad to meet up with Lisa C. (and not get lost) and do some strokes with Dale B. Sarah B. Hannah A. Noel A. Would love to do it again!

    • Sarah B.
      Sarah B.

      So awesome to see you. Thank you thank you for all your help!!!

      8 days ago Like

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    • Karlee M.

      @Lisa, no dinner :( Frozen taquitos for me :( @Tom, Open Water Swim @Barry, funny you should ask. Pam is trying to get me to do this Sunday's Waterfront tri. I'd really like to if I can get over the crazy $$$ it is right now!

      8 days ago Like

    • April R.
      April R.

      How fun! Wish I could've joined you guys!

      7 days ago Like

  12. VELO
    alright Normal SCP Route 11.45 mi 00:47 14.5mph pace

    Lots of people at the park today. Most of them didn't care to share the path. Legs felt a bit tired but good after yesterday's "long".

    • Shane

      maybe if you added a bell to your bike it would help with that

      8 days ago Like

    • Karlee M.

      I do have a princess horn but Fernando won't let me put it on. I do yell but I think the horn would be more effective.

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  13. walk
    good Hills w/Miles 1.92 mi 00:31 15:57 pace

    After the bike ride, took Miles out for a walk. I think he was quite confused as to why we weren't running. Went up the hill quite a few times. It's nice to have that thing in my back yar... read more

  14. RUN
    good With Miles 5.13 mi 00:45 08:51 pace

    Separate entry so I can keep track of my shoe miles. Changed to my Hokas and grabbed Miles. Kept up with my walking 1 minute every mile and tried using the Jennifer S. arm swing.

  15. RUN
    great With Jennifer 6 mi 00:55 09:07 pace

    Quite a lovely start to this Sunday morning with Jennifer S. Just not enough chat time! Dropped off Ms. Double and picked up Miles.

  16. Anyone running tomorrow and interested in company?

    • Helaine K.
      Helaine K.

      Thanks for taking pics today! You looked so cute!!

      11 days ago Like1 person

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    • Jennifer S.
      Jennifer S.

      @Karen, I think we decided 7am start from her house. 8:45-9 pace which I want but might need someone to keep me honest. When I get in a group i tend to speed up.

      10 days ago Like

    • Karen C.
      Karen C.

      I will catch you guys another time. I have a tender tendon so keeping pace slower and need to start a bit earlier to make it to mass. Have a good run.

      10 days ago Like

  17. VELO
    good More than last week 23.45 mi 01:36 14.7mph pace

    Started off at the West Y with Jason D. and Fernando. Lots of conversation so didn't need the headphones. Then Fernando and I headed out on our bikes at the park. I was tired and hungry in the... read more

  18. RUN
    good Firsts 5 mi 00:45 09:00 pace

    The thunderstorm lulled me back to sleep then I took Miles out to the park. Tried out a few new things today: no choke collar for Miles, walked the first minute of every mile (thanks Jason D.), wor... read more

    • Lee Ann K.
      Lee Ann K.

      Me too-woke up to the storms so slept in a little more but never made it there tonight! Nice 5.

      12 days ago Like

    • Barry S.
      Barry S.

      Lots of new things going on today, sounds like they all worked, nice work!

      12 days ago Like

    • Indika M.
      Indika M.

      Lots of new things! How'd he so without the choke collar. Have u tries a harness with him?

      12 days ago Like

    • Karlee M.

      @Indika, we tried the harness first. He hates it. He hides and fights putting it on.

      8 days ago Like

  19. swim
    good Hot Tub 1400 yd

    After the bike, headed to the pool. I was tired and taking my time, then Fernando came in early to do a few laps with me. Then we headed to the hot tub. Tough to get everything in this morning but ... read more

  20. VELO
    good West Y Date 7.2 mi 00:30 14.4mph pace

    Hard to get up but felt good once I started going. Watching Call the Midwives helped with that.