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Karen logged 2924 miles.

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  1. My Olympic-distance tri was yesterday (Sunday).
    It went absolutely great--I shaved a full 16 minutes off my time on the same course (back in May)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My times were faster in every rac... read more

  2. RUN
    great 30-minute run 2.62 mi 00:30 11:27 pace

    Last stage of today's swim/bike/run workout
    Did the usual 10 intervals of run 2:00/walk 1:00
    Paces dropped nicely the further into the workout I got. 9:02 pace on the last one, which is pret... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Very good end to your Tri workout, Karen! And the fact that your speed got better the more you ran shows your conditioning.

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

    • Troy A.
      Troy A.

      Impressive! Nice work!

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

    • Karen J.
      Karen J.

      Thank you, Bob and Troy! I had to take about 10 days off from running because of some sesamoiditis in my left foot--but it feels like it's resolved now. It felt so great to run!!

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

  3. FIT
    great Spin class 00:51

    Stage 2 of swim/bike/run workout.
    Felt great.

  4. swim
    great 1500m breaststroke 1500 m 00:36 38:37 pace

    Stage 1 of my swim/bike/run workout.
    This was 1500m nonstop.
    Very, very good.

  5. FIT
    good Abs, arms, lower body 00:48

    Left knee got a little banged up on one of the dive platforms this weekend and it's been a little whingy since last night, so I wanted to give it a day of no running/no biking/no swimming to f... read more

  6. swim
    good OW dive plus OW swim 1300 m

    (9/21, Sunday) This was my first dive after getting certified. Tri Guy and I basically did the length of the lake and back (which is 800m as a straight-line swim). Spent time feeding fish and playi... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Wow, you had a great day! Good workout and great diving! I'm chicken to go down like that.

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

  7. FIT
    good Abs and arms 00:40

    Too wet to bike to Lowry. Stayed home and played with the weights.
    I'm going to have 2 days in the water this weekend, anyway--no need to overdo anything right now. At least the sesamoiditis I... read more

  8. VELO
    good Commute to/from Lowry 3.66 mi 00:21 10.5mph pace

    Headwinded on the way there, flying on the way back. That's the way to go, y'all.

  9. FIT
    good Swim-bike brick part 2: Spin ... 00:53

    Had a snack after my swim, and felt better once I got on the Spin bike. A little logy at first, but finally was able to ramp up the effort to a high level by the end of class.

  10. swim
    alright Swim-bike brick part 1: Lowry... 1000 m 00:25 40:14 pace

    After being in my scuba certification course all weekend, I was pretty gassed today. Trained anyway, just took it slow.
    I spent the weekend feeling pretty bad about myself (I am not naturally good ... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      No matter how slow, 1000m is a good swim, Karen!

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

    • Karen J.
      Karen J.

      Thanks, Bob! Would have done more if I'd had more time. Doing 1000m continuous (like today) is something I treat like a LSD run. Never want to do these at race-pace.

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

  11. swim
    good 2 pools, 1 workout 1250 m

    The smart-mouthed little attendants at the front desk claimed the Natatorium was closed for swim team practice when it **wasn't** (liars! gah!), so I ended up doing the first 750 meters in the... read more

  12. FIT
    great Spin class 00:54

    I can't believe I fought doing a Spin class for so long (years). I love this mess. Getting pretty good at it, far as being good at riding a bike that can't go anywhere with music... read more

  13. VELO
    good Commute to Lowry and back 3.66 mi 00:21 10.5mph pace

    Before and after the ol' swim-Spin brick.

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      So good for you, compared to driving.

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

    • Karen J.
      Karen J.

      And so much cheaper than having a car, too (I don't have a vehicle). All that money I'm not using for car payments, auto insurance and maintenance will be turned into 3 different trips this fall!!

      over 1 year ago Like2 people

  14. RUN
    good Run/walk intervals on the levee 4.06 mi 00:54 13:18 pace

    The boyfriend came down to TXC to drop off some PADI stuff for me (I'm starting my scuba certification this weekend), and we went over and ran at the levee. What a beautiful evening! I love ru... read more

  15. VELO
    good Round trip to Lowry and back 3.58 mi 00:21 10.1mph pace

    Just like it always is. One change--mosquitos ate me alive as I was both racking and unracking my bike (racks are in thick, lush grass, and in the last 2 days, we've had an absolute explosion ... read more

  16. FIT
    good Spin class (Bike part of swim... 00:54

    This was good. I can feel my fitness increasing. Despite making similar effort to last week, HR stayed lower overall until the very end. Should pay dividends on the bike leg of the tri.

  17. swim
    good Swim leg of swim-bike brick 1250 m 00:29 37:51 pace

    Added 250 meters on, as I did fine last week with bricks whose swim distance was 1000m.

    Instead of swimming 500s, which is what I usually do, I did these as 250s, with 60-90 seconds rest between.
    ... read more

  18. RUN
    good Sweltering intervals 3.77 mi 00:50 13:15 pace

    The heat index was 112. Seriously. No wonder it was hard to breathe.

    This is the same race-pace workout I've been doing all summer (however I usually try to *not* do it when it's this ... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Way to get out there and run in that awful heat, Karen. You did very well!

      over 1 year ago Like1 person

  19. VELO
    good Commute to and from Lowry 3.5 mi 00:20 10.5mph pace

    Same as it ever is. Except that the heat index was 105 for the out leg at 4:20. Damn, but I hate SE TX this time of year. I do love that evening tailwind coming back, though.