1202 total / 356 in 2015

Get healthier. Another halfathon. A triathalon. A marathon. Participate in my first bike event/race.

Friends (86)

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Gavin


    Scotland, UK, It's all about keeps - to keep meeting interesting DM folk, to keep going, to keep having fun and to keep my joints in a state that allows me to do so!

  • Anne S.

    Anne S.

    San Diego, CA, Finish out the year by ramping up the cross-training and just enjoying the cooler temps.

  • Judy


    Irwin, PA, Mom of 4 great kids with a wonderful husband who runs with me on weekends. Goal: To run happy and for as long as my legs will let me. PGH full marathon May

  • Sandy C.

    Sandy C.

    Tioga, ND, Be the best athlete I can.

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Philip O.

    Philip O.

    Hackensack, NJ, to ace the No-Plan

  • Julie


    West Linn, OR, 2015 goals complete! 2016 Goals (subject to change and a lottery!)- Tilamook Burn 50K 5/1, NUT 50K 6/11, Mt. Hood 50 7/9, Mt. Lakes 100, 9/24

  • Mike E.

    Mike E.

    Corolla, NC, I'm from Chicago, live in Toledo & the OBX. I've done some 5ks, 14 half marathons and two marathons. My sister challenged me to do 3 halfs in 2016, & I'm on it!

  • Nicole C.

    Nicole C.

    Roswell, NM, Hope to complete a half marathon in 2013 - Done!!!!!! (09/02/13)

  • Heather


    Muncie, IN,

  • Miles T.

    Miles T.

    Newport, GB, Stay fit and healthy. Enjoy training hard. Sub 16 min 5k before 2016 hopefully. More marathons in a few years time.

  • Marcia P.

    Marcia P.

    Dartmouth, MA, To heal my damaged heart with exercise and to keep on moving...

  • Shaindel B.

    Shaindel B.

    Pendleton, OR, Sub-28 5K, sub-60 10K.

  • Tammy M.

    Tammy M.

    Largo, FL, To be a better person by letting my Bible mark me instead of me just marking my Bible.

  • Ralph C.

    Ralph C.

    Baton Rouge, LA, Age 60 and running since Nov, 2010. PR’s – 5k 22:07, 10k 48:30, HM 1:47:50. 2015 Goals: < 22:00 5k, < 1:47 HM, < 3:50 Marathon

  • Suzanne P.

    Suzanne P.

    Holland, MI, Losing weight, but hoping to reach Marathon distance one of these days.

  • Seth F.

    Seth F.

    Papillion, NE, 2013 - sub 21:00 5k. - sub 45:00 10k - sub 1:50 half-marathon

  • Courtney M.

    Courtney M.

    Jupiter, FL, sub-4:00 marathon

  • Cassie C.

    Cassie C.

    Dayton, OH, Focus on being thankful in all circumstances with God's help.

  • Ashley H.

    Ashley H.

    Chicago, IL, Slow? I prefer velocity challenged. Either way, I'm embracing my inner turtle while training for my next half marathon and my first half ironman.

  • Brian W.

    Brian W.

    Rocklin, CA,

  • Jan P.

    Jan P.

    Pardubice, CZ, marathon

  • Hailey B.

    Hailey B.

    Sitka, AK, Triathlon in May, Half Marathon in June, Marathon in August

  • Hollywood


    Brownsburg, IN,