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  1. RUN
    good KAF: Army Ten Miler Shadow Run 10 mi 01:20 07:57 pace

    legs and body felt sore and tired. had a mission in the morning so my legs were tired from wearing kit (plus play bball a couple nights ago and neck was sore from wrestling)

    started at 1700, sunn... read more

    • Eric L.
      Eric L.

      nice work! you been keeping active! bball and wrestling, just like our early pre-circuit days!

      about 3 years ago Like

    • Nathan


      almost 3 years ago Like

  2. RUN
    good treadmill: 30-60s 3.5 mi 00:31 08:45 pace

    .5M warm up (5min)
    12x30-60s (30s sprint, 60s jog)
    4x 30s (@7:30, 10:00)
    4x @7:10, 10:00
    4x @6:50, 10:00
    cool down @8:00-10:00

    felt decent, last quality workout before 10miler on sunday... but the... read more

  3. RUN
    good KAF: PT RTE to flight line ba... 3.78 mi

    nice to run outside, got to stretch my legs a bit, did a few 20-stride striders along the way

    my legs and feet have been tired for some reason... hopefully they'll be a bit peppier for the 1... read more

  4. RUN
    good treadmill 2 mi 00:19 09:20 pace

    easyish, ran about 7:30-8:00 pace for the middle mile with easy .5M on the ends.
    1% til 1.5M, .5% for next .25M, and 0% for last quarter

  5. RUN
    tired treadmill: easyish 3 mi 00:29 09:36 pace

    dunno why my body feels so sore and tired/tight... i didn't work out yesterday, though i did play two hours of bball two days ago... and tuesday we did this crazy workout with our CO... so ma... read more

  6. RUN
    good Treadmill: thirds progressionish 4 mi 00:33 08:16 pace

    28sep: 4M, 33:08, 1% inc to 3.5M, .5% for .25M then 0%
    1M @ 10:00-9:00
    1M @ 8:50-8:10
    1.5M @ 8:00-6:40
    .5M @ 7:30-8:00

    The nice thing about treadmill is that it's so boring so you want to run... read more

  7. RUN
    good Treadmill: speed intervals 3 mi 00:25 08:20 pace

    27sep: 3M, 25:02
    1M at 10:00-9:00 pace
    1.5M, intervals with 100m jog (10:00)
    400m @ 7:30
    300m @ 6:57
    200m @ 6:30
    2x100m @ 6:00
    300m @ 7:30
    200m @ 7:00
    100m @ 6:30
    .5M cooldown from 8:00-9:00

  8. RUN
    tired treadmill half marathon 13.1 mi 01:51 08:27 pace

    Warm Up: .93M in 9 min, then I needed to pee so I got off and ran to the portajohn haha

    7.22M, 61min (8:26 pace); treadmill stopped at 1hr, so I paused for about 1 min (time taken into account in ... read more

  9. RUN
    good 1.5 mi 00:13:08 08:45 pace

    100 pu and su timed, 50 pull/chin ups timed, and 1:00 pu (47)

    easy run from 10:00-8:00 pace. started at 1% incline, and each .5M went down .5%. felt kind of hard after the workout, probab... read more

  10. RUN
    alright treadmill: easy 5 mi 00:46 09:12 pace

    4M in 34:02, 1% inc., from 10:00 pace warm up down to 7:00 pace fast finish
    1M cool down, 10:00-16:00, 0-5% incline, slowed down as incline went up.

    legs felt tired today for some reason.

  11. RUN
    good recovery 2 mi 2 mi 00:20 10:00 pace

    bball for about 20 min, then timed 100 pu/su
    2 mile run starting at 13:00, down to 8:30 for a bit and back up for a 10:00 avg pace

  12. RUN
    good speed: 10x200m, w/ 200m jog 3.5 mi 00:33 09:29 pace

    .5M warm up at 12:00
    10x200m, w/200m jog
    (started at 6:30 and slowly moved down to about 6:15-6:20 for most of the reps, last rep was 400m at 6:00)
    .5M cool down at 10:00-12:00

    I think I could... read more

  13. RUN
    good treadmill: easy 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace

    ran after doing 100 pu and 100 su for time. my hip flexors and core definitely felt tired, so the run didn't feel as easy as it should have haha.

    started at like a 12min pace, slowly sped up ... read more

  14. RUN
    good 8 mi steady state 8 mi 01:03 07:55 pace

    1st 5M - 39:37, 1% incline
    1.5M at 0.5% incline
    last 1.5M at 0% incline

    felt hard near the end. got a side cramp the last mile and the treadmill tried to start a cooldown at 1 hour so i kept havin... read more

  15. RUN
    alright Treadmill: 2 mi

    Warm up run 1.5ish (probably closer to 1.75M) on treadmill at 9:00-8:00 pace, then jogged (at a quickish pace) to company area because my CO called me... then jogged back and ran again

  16. RUN
    good Kandahar 5km route 3.18 mi

    nice out! legs were tired

  17. RUN
    good easy run 3 mi 00:25 08:20 pace

    slow start from 10:00 down to 7:35 pace (for a very short bit) in the middle and back up at the end. hard not to run your easy runs "too fast" :x

    it felt a bit tough because i did it aft... read more