Friends (7)

  • Joanna


    United Kingdom, GB, Sub 2hr Half Marathon 1:59:47 - achieved 10/3/13 at MK Festival of running.

  • Jason G.

    Jason G.

    United Kingdom, GB, Get some fitness back in time for the start of spring marathon training and marathon #8.

  • Steven F.

    Steven F.

    Mahogany Creek, AU, Perth Great Bike Ride 98K

  • Mark G.

    Mark G.

    Buckinghamshire, GB, The wheels have well and truly fallen off. Trying to fix it and get back on my feet again.

  • Emily G.

    Emily G.

    Milton Keynes, GB,

  • Jordan G.

    Jordan G.

    Milton Keynes, GB, My goal is to successfully complete a marathon, when I'm ready!

  • Amy C.

    Amy C.