Friends (13)

  • Ozzy M.

    Ozzy M.

    Letchworth Garden City, GB, General fitness & to be a good example for my family.

  • Mary J.

    Mary J.

    , I have been striving for at least 10,000 steps every single day. I often have quite a few over that, but sometimes have to walk quite a bit at the end of day!

  • Mary M.

    Mary M.

    Lilongwe, MW, my goal is to walk at fast but comfortable pace 45 to 60 minutes five days a week and a longer distance on the sixth day which falls on a weekend.

  • Bryan C.

    Bryan C.

    Mount Pleasant, MI, Get to a healthy weight, continue progression into a local elite racewalker

  • Eric


    Charlotte, NC,

  • Carol A M.

    Carol A M.

    Elko, NV, Increase my activity, strengthen my back, become more healthy, and enoy the great outdoors.

  • John H.

    John H.

    Carcassonne, FR, Read my book about running as an amputee 'Always In Motion' retailing on Amazon.

  • Catherine V.

    Catherine V.

    London, GB, Maybe a half marathon?

  • Angela R.

    Angela R.

    Tucson, AZ,

  • Ganesh K.

    Ganesh K.

    , Be injury free always ! ST: Comrades & Ironman LT: Continue journey with running, Cycling, Yoga, Gym workout and Swimming.

  • Shiv K.

    Shiv K.

    Hyderabad, IN, 1. Run 10k- sub 1 2.100 Pushups ( with Good posture , 2s up/dn ) 3. Pullups : atleast 10 4. 50x50 Rope jumps Short term goal : 8k in 60min

  • Stephen S.

    Stephen S.

    Silver Spring, MD,

  • Venkat R.

    Venkat R.

    Bangalore, IN,