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  1. When it says "the sensor must be attached to the anteromedial aspect of the distal tibia" you know it's not a normal running sensor!

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    Another two milestone pods (I have 7 now), allowing me to track the extra shoes I'm testing.

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    My lactate threshold is 7:13. Or maybe 8:17? Or maybe measuring LT right is really tricky.

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    This is good advice; take the stairs up as well as down. The problem is I always do. Bad data makes for bad advice?

  5. Two Lactate Threshold tests in the same week was tough, and they made a 6 hour hike in yesterday's heat surprisingly hard.

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    Hoka claim the Clifton 3 has "a new fit with a more accommodating forefoot." It seems identical to the #2 to me ;{

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    I think that's everything for today's testing. How many do you recognize?

  8. Sensoria tell me the problems and erroneous data are due a bad sensor so I've ordered another to test. I didn't want to get a return from the manufacturer in case they "did a Ferrari... read more

  9. Question for runners; what's your Ferritin level? After weeks of trying to boost my iron intake, mine is still only 40 ng/mL.

    • Jenn S.
      Jenn S.

      My is extremely low as well. Even with taking an iron supplement it is still very hard for me to get it up to normal. My levels are due to anemia and i sure can tell when they are off. So as long as I take my supplement diligently i am usually ok, i guess ok for a low normal.

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    • Chris

      Mine is 52 ng/mL. No iron supplements (beyond basic multivitamin). Doc said this was OK, but on low end of acceptable.

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    • Larissa M.
      Larissa M.

      Low. It's normal for endurance athletes. I can tell days it's low versus stable and I take a ferritin slow release tablet on those days.

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    • Ambassador

      Mine is always normal because I have hemochromatosis (iron overload) Lol. If I didn't have regular phlebotomies, mine would always be high.

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    New shoes to test. I'm looking forward to the Clifton 3 & Fasttwitch. I'll see how the PureFlow 5/Instinct 3 do

  11. I added details of Ground Contact Time testing with the Sensoria. (+ RunScribe, MileStone, & Garmin)

  12. 200 miles update on the Hok Claytons, plus details of some new modifications to the edge of the midsole -

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    This is now what you want to see after getting the gear setup and performing a "do or die" treadmill test. I had my Moxy, Garmin HRM, Wahoo HRM, Moov Now, Milestone Pod, and (I thought) B... read more

  14. Western states 100 survey (most popular) shoes Hoka/Altra, Socks Injinji/Drymax, Light Petzl (but popular! best)

  15. A study finds that endurance exercise is good for the rat brain, but not weight training or HIIT. Of course, this may not be the same in humans, but it's interesting none the less. ... read more

    • Willem

      I still heavily believe we need both (or even all three) though .. both endurance and intensive exercise (and strength)

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    I rated the Altra Torin 2.0 as "worth considering". There's a lot to like, but some caveats

    • Baki O.
      Baki O.

      Torin 2.0 is my favorite one. Your review is great: and you are right about midsole - doesn't last long.

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  17. Checking ground contact time measurements using high speed video. It seems the $25 milestone comes out tops. Huh.

  18. I did a Lactate Threshold test this morning and my knee survived. The Gen2 BSX doesn't look much better than the original.

  19. RUN
    alright 5.75 mi 00:53 09:17 pace

    Outside running after LT test

    Cumulative distance for Running: 35.70 mi/7 days, 78.90 mi/14 days, 160.90 mi/28 days, 2,279.80 mi/Year, 1,055.20 mi/YTD, 46,843.90 mi/All
    Heart Rate: Average=136, d... read more

  20. RUN
    alright 1.2 mi 00:09:54 08:15 pace

    Testing Ground Contact Time

    Cumulative distance for Running: 35.70 mi/7 days, 78.90 mi/14 days, 160.90 mi/28 days, 2,279.80 mi/Year, 1,055.20 mi/YTD, 46,843.90 mi/All
    Heart Rate: Average=135, dr... read more