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1:25 Half, > 18:30 5k, >5:15 Mile PR @ Boston '14(Done!!!) Stay Healthy and Inspire Others

Wall of Motivation (466)

  1. Gozling
      Good Luck

    Yikes!!! hop you are good to go and take it easy tomorrow!! on a workout

  2. Steve M.

    National class, that is huge! Congrat bro! on a workout

  3. Bri C.
      Great Performance

    A great finish to the season! Waiting to see the overall results, did Ghebray... read more

  4. Daniela

    Huge congrats, John!! What an amazing race!! on a workout

  5. Tom C.

    Amazing job John! That's a smoking fast time. Great accomplishment! Congra... read more

  6. Sabu C.

    Great 5K, John! Smoking fast pace. on a workout

  7. Derick A.

    Great job on the PR, John! You should run without the Garmin more often. on a workout

  8. Alexander R.
      Great Performance

    congratulations on the PR! on a workout

  9. Thenikedaddy
      Good Luck

    Good Luck!! on a workout

  10. Gozling
      Nice Job

    You have a huge schedule coming up!!! Nice job today!!! on a workout

  11.   Great Performance

    HOLY SHIT !!!! You are a bag of awesome ........ on a workout

  12. Brad T.
      Great Performance

    Way to go, John. Take care of yourself and keep moving forward. on a workout

  13. Gozling

    :) on a workout

  14. Wayne

    Congrats John! The splits are very consistent on that course. That race has... read more

  15. Steve M.

    Stellar esp considering how you felt going in to it! You push yourself so ha... read more

  16. Gozling
      Good Luck

    You're going to do great!! on a workout

  17. Thenikedaddy
      You're an Inspiration

    Great progression Sir! on a workout

  18. Gozling
      Get Better

    Hope ice and foamie work it out!!! Owww! on a workout

  19. Angel M.
      Great Performance


  20. Gozling
      Great Performance

    Great long miles! I hope your friend qualifies!!!! Hope you do great yourself!! on a workout

  21. Thenikedaddy
      Great Performance

    Gr8 splits for tired legs sir! on a workout

  22. Caloy B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great running, John! on a workout

  23. Thenikedaddy
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice work & thanks for sharing John, I'll be using them from next week!! on a workout

  24.   Congrats

    That's so awesome John. Now the question is...are you up for some greater dis... read more

  25. Sabu C.

    Awesome race, John! Really fast pace. on a workout

  26. Craig C.

    O U T S T A N D I N G John! Congratulations! 8-)# on a workout

  27. Steve M.

    outstanding on a workout

  28. Daniela
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow, that is so impressive!! Huge congrats on your PR and the AG win!! Enjoy... read more

  29. Thenikedaddy

    Congrats on that! on a workout

  30. Steve T.

    Shiny new PRs are the best!! on a workout

  31. Wayne

    John....congratulations on the PR! Very solid and consistent splits! on a workout

  32. Kariann L.
      Great Performance

    awesome time! on a workout

  33. Thenikedaddy

    Impressive performance John! Well Done!! on a workout

  34.   Congrats

    Great performance John! Awesome race. A pace like that is something I can onl... read more

  35. Daniela
      Great Performance

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic race, John!! Huge congrats on your top 5 result,... read more

  36. Tammy E.
      Great Performance

    AMAZING!!! on a workout

  37. Steve M.
      Nice Job

    Sounds brutal! on a workout

  38. Thenikedaddy

    Nice result John! Congrats! on a workout

  39. Thenikedaddy
      Good Luck

    Sweet stride work John, Good luck for 2mo as well! on a workout

  40. Steve M.
      Nice Job

    what a great cut down workout John on a workout

  41. Tom C.
      Nice Job

    Wow! Killer workout John! It's amazing how often we can exceed our own expe... read more

  42. Sabu C.
      Great Performance

    A nice speed session, John! on a workout

  43.   You're an Inspiration

    The structured speed work is hard without someone(s) the speed wo... read more

  44. Thenikedaddy
      You're an Inspiration

    Another gr8 inspirational run John! on a workout

  45. Angel M.
      Nice Job

    John with a huge Speed Work and terrific pace. Excellent job dude! on a workout

  46. Thenikedaddy

    Everything Daniela said John! on a workout

  47. Daniela

    Still a fantastic performance at a killer pace, John!! Huge congrats! on a workout

  48. Thenikedaddy
      Great Performance

    Powerful running John! on a workout

  49. Ashok D.
      Great Performance

    Awesome repeats John, way to go :) on a workout

  50. Thenikedaddy
      Great Performance

    Nice 5 miles John! on a workout