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  • 15 miles
  • 02:08 time
  • 1745 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    5.77 mi 00:49 08:29 pace

    Hot, but not too bad. Still have some muscle soreness from my soccer games and practices

  2. RUN
    6.12 mi 00:53 08:38 pace

    Better than yesterday. Still hot.

  3. RUN
    3.06 mi 00:26 08:31 pace

    Boy, you'd think I was starting all over again except after 4 days.

  4. RUN
    3.12 mi 00:27 08:40 pace

    That was painful. I hate running after my first soccer game of the season. I've got muscles stretched I didn't know I had...

  5. RUN
    Happy's 3 mi 00:24 08:06 pace

    Had to play catch up, got there late. Didn't get the same vibe I do when I get there and take off with the frontish group...

  6. RUN
    3.02 mi 00:25 08:20 pace

    This one felt a little sluggish

  7. RUN
    3.07 mi 00:24 07:44 pace

    That's more like it. Better weather, better pace. 8:18, 7:38, 7:19.

  8. RUN
    2 mi 00:21 10:25 pace

    decided to tack on a couple to make up for not finishing the marathon. Walked a bit with one of the Maniacs to make sure he was going to make it. Not really a cool down when you're sweating ... read more

  9. RUN
    Abebe Bikila Memorial maratho... 13.1 mi 01:52 08:30 pace

    I thought I was back in the swamp! 80F, 80% humidity at 7 am...oh, well, you got to know when to fold them. 60% of attempted BQs aborted in the first group. Shoes were squishing by mile 5, never... read more

    • Mindy W.
      Mindy W.

      Nice time for a tough run.

      14 days ago Like

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    • Joel C.

      Amy, only 4 people BQ'ed this year. I started at 7, and at least in my group, 60% dropped to the half. I was looking over the results, and saw that very few that started at 8 and 9 ran the full, so I'm assuming they dropped too...and the worse thing, it was 68F and comfy this morning here in Baton Rouge...go figure. No worries, I'll hit it in the fall when things cool down

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • Mindy W.
      Mindy W.

      WOW! only 4 qualified.. Those people must be super human! 60% dropped to the half!! WOW.... That's is a bunch!!

      13 days ago Like

  10. RUN
    3.01 mi 00:24 07:59 pace

    One warm up, 1 at MP, 1 15 seconds under. Feeling good, fingers crossed

  11. RUN
    Sunday Runday #2 6.43 mi 00:52 08:08 pace

    We were cruising at a good pace, then someone tried to pass us. Needless to say, I was left behind while they blew away after her. So, ended up going faster than I intended.

  12. RUN
    Sunday Runday #1 3.12 mi 00:24 07:32 pace

    Not bad. Faster than I intended.

  13. RUN
    5.4 mi 00:46 08:28 pace

    Run done, now for some college football! Man it's hot

  14. RUN
    6.45 mi 00:54 08:25 pace

    ooh, nothing like GI issues on a run. I guess you have to practice for everything. Thank goodness for BTR Beach.

  15. RUN
    Happy's 3.11 mi 00:23 07:31 pace

    This was supposed to be a coasting run...buddy had to come along and push it. That rain sure helped.

  16. RUN
    5.42 mi 00:45 08:20 pace

    Hopefully run #1 today. 2-a-days seem to suit me well.

  17. RUN
    6.49 mi 00:57 08:45 pace

    Recovery run. Ouch.

  18. RUN
    15.58 mi 02:15 08:41 pace

    Gotta be the most fun I've ever had running 15 miles. Happy's group, we have 5 5-k routes we typically run; we ran all 5 tonight, car bomb shot to start, then one before each 5k. Harde... read more

  19. RUN
    5.9 mi 00:48 08:08 pace

    I like these 2-a-days. Seem to work better for me, at least in the summer. Actually ran this faster than earlier today.

  20. RUN
    4.1 mi 00:34 08:18 pace

    Another just-in-case run. Easy-peasy pace, another HtH day. Hopefully can hit trails later