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Jo logged 474 miles.

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  1. RUN
    tired 1.48 km 00:11:35 12:35 pace

    Completely ran out of steam :/ I'm watching my caloric intake closely, maybe a little too closely, as I was shaking and tripping over my feet after only one k. Headed home to do some pushups i... read more

  2. RUN
    good 4.51 km 00:34 12:05 pace

    Never gonna get anywhere if I'm not prepared to push it :)

  3. RUN
    good 5.02 km 00:45 14:21 pace

    Ran 4, walked 1. I plan to shoot for 5k most days this week.

    • Adina L.
      Adina L.

      Nice way to start the week! Good luck with your runs :)

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  4. walk
    good 6.21 km 01:06 17:02 pace

    Just a nice long walk. Old Asics Kinseis have officially been demoted to gardening shoes-they're absolutely buggered and spent kilometres 3-6 slowly working a hot spot under my left foot.

    • Allison E.
      Allison E.

      Good job getting a long walk in!

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    • Bonnie

      I love taking nice long walks. Good for relaxation, especially after a hard week of working out.

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  5. RUN
    great 3.96 km 00:34 13:59 pace

    Short and sweet with lots of walk breaks. Hip still felt nqr, but nowhere near as bad. I had fun today, slow jogging and little bursts of faster stuff.
    They're building a perimeter path at th... read more

    • Sharon E.
      Sharon E.

      Sounds perfect...I did laps around the park the other day while my daughter was enclosed! lol

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  6. walk
    injured 3.16 km 00:36 18:33 pace

    Had to abort my run :( Right hip is weirdly sore, twingy in the joint with a nerve pain shooting all the way down my calf. It didn't improve at all as I warmed up and still hurts now. Plan of ... read more

    • Darren C.
      Darren C. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Oh no! Hope it gets better soon.

      over 6 years ago

  7. walk
    alright 4.75 km 00:51 17:26 pace

    Just a nice long walk. Glad I wasn't running in that wind!

    • Darren C.
      Darren C.

      Great Jo. Always good to slow down and walk sometimes!

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    • Jo M.
      Jo M.

      It makes my legs happy, especially as im still rebuilding my bionic leggies :)

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  8. RUN
    great 4.06 km 00:34 13:24 pace

    Really had to sweet-talk myself out of bed for this one! I'm usually pretty tired by Friday and today was no exception. Decided if I was going to be super slow I may as well push for an extra ... read more

    • Darren C.
      Darren C.

      I know how the early morning inertia feels! Great the you got out there. Nice run!

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    • Sharon E.
      Sharon E.

      Getting out the door can be the hardest part... Glad you found the motivation!

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  9. RUN
    great 3.07 km 00:25 13:12 pace

    Great little run! Could still feel Monday in my legs and it felt great. Legs were slightly heavy and slow but felt unstoppable. Decided I'm happy with one more short run this week, then I'... read more

  10. walk
    alright 1.82 km 00:20 17:23 pace

    Walking home post run, nauseous but happy. This seemed to take forever!

  11. RUN
    good 3.18 km 00:25 12:43 pace

    First one of the year! Started out strong and pretty fresh, but of course got tired pretty fast. Finished up at 3ks to walk home on my jelly legs. At least I didn't vomit!

  12. walk
    blah 3.13 km 00:35 17:55 pace

    So tired today! It's warm and windy. Had one of those niggly, slept-on-it-wrong sore spots in my right hip. Still, every day I get out the door is a good day :)

  13. walk
    good 3.32 km 00:35 16:58 pace

    Added some little sections of slow jogging today-felt pretty good :) Monday I'll start slowly rebuilding a base on which to stack a year of happy running, whee!

  14. walk
    tired 5.13 km 00:58 18:12 pace

    A little slower today, but that's ok. Warm, windy and bugs everywhere! Soles of my feet are burning slightly, I think less exercise and shorter distance let my feet soften too much :/

  15. walk
    good Back on track 4 km 00:42 16:52 pace

    Starting over yet again! I'm going to spend this week power walking to gain some strength before starting to run again. Here's to breaking the cycle of the last few months of injury/illne... read more

  16. walk
    injured 2.9 km 00:34 18:55 pace

    Another low mileage week, this time it's my big toe and I'm bamboozled. Didn't knock it, squish it, kick it, but it's slightly swollen and very painful. Difficult to walk on, le... read more

    • Darren C.
      Darren C.

      Oh no! Hope you're feeling better soon Jo.

      over 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Jo M.
      Jo M.

      Thanks Darren! It turns out it's gout (because I am apparently secretly an elderly man, lol) so with a bit of dietary change it should be manageable. Very nasty painful thing!

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  17. RUN
    alright 5.35 km 00:44 13:06 pace

    Bit of a hard slog today, but good nonetheless. Have to keep reminding myself that just being out there is progress. Extended a couple of run sections which felt nice :)

  18. RUN
    alright 5.09 km 00:42 13:13 pace

    This was a weird run-easy and hard, grudging and joyful. It really is like I'm starting all over, and that's hard to take. All I know is I have to keep going, trick myself out the door an... read more

    • Sharon E.
      Sharon E. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Don't lose faith Jo it will get a little easier each time you go out...try and remember how much better you feel after you've are a runner don't forget that!

      over 6 years ago

  19. Shared Photo

    I'll never be fast, but I'm still lapping everyone on the couch :)