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  • 13 miles
  • 01:31 time
  • 06:54 pace
  • 1680 calories
  • 419 ft climb
  • 173 max hr
  • 162 avg hr
    • Currently /5 Effort.
    effort /5
good HM Work Race 21.1 km 01:31 06:54 pace

This race was part of the yearly sport event from our ministry. The event takes place in the middle of the country (so people from all locations can take part) and comprises a multitude of sports, including running (5k, 10k, HM). I'd signed up for the HM. There were about 50 people in total for the running event, which started next to the soccer fields where dozens of teams were playing. The winds here are pretty nasty today, but at least it looked like we wouldn't have rain along the way.I think there were about 14 or so taking part in the HM, with 50-60 for the overall running event. We did a warm-up together, before a mass start at 12. Kind of hard to peg your HM pace when you're starting along with 5k and 10k runners. After about 1km, there were three guys ahead of me, slowly pulling away, and I had created a gap between me and the guy behind me. I was pretty sure there were two 10k-ers ahead of me, and one HM-er. So this would put me in second place (at this point it's good to tell you there's only two prizes per distance in this event ;)). And sure enough, after battling straight into the wind for a couple of kms I saw the first guy coming back along the other side of the water. He was wearing a 3XX bib, so was the second, and the third wore a 2XX bib. The 0XX people were 5k-ers, the 2XX HM-ers, and the 3XX 10k-ers (don't ask me about the logic of numbering there). So I thought I was cruising along in second place. We looped around some more, before closing on the start/finish/turn-around for HM point. Closing in on this, I expected to find the two 3XX people at the finish, and running into the 2XX guy somewhere before the finish (with him on the second loop). Imagine my surprise to run into the 3XX guy who had been all the way in front. He was on a second loop as well! I ended the first loop in 44:39, and set out for the second, now finding myself in third place. There was no way I was going to catch the guy in second, so I decided to just cruise along, and not let nr 4 catch me. In the second loop it seemed the wind was blowing even harder, but that may have been some fatigue creeping in: my prep for this race hasn't been exactly like it should be for a proper race (stress, too little sleep, and a glass of wine here and there :P). Ended the second loop in 45:54 (so a 1:15 positive split) for a finish time of 1:30:33 (Garmin clocked), which is my second fastest HM ever (PB at 1:26) and in third place :) The winner came in in 1:24, and turned out to have indeed switched from the 10k to the HM just before the race. The guy in second place came in in 1:26, the guy behind me in 1:34. Now having only two prizes there and me coming in third had one major advantage: I didn't have to stick around for the ceremony, but could sneak away and get home in time to pick up B from her first ever school-trip.

Overall assessment: pretty tough race with the wind, so I'm happy with what I was able to get out of it :) Just heard my direct colleagues came in third as well with volleyball (and actually got a prize to show for it :P)


  • MadeUpName

    Well there's a good bit of Friday afternoon entertainment.

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Natasha H.
    Natasha H.

    Wow, wouldn't much fancy running a half in this weather, and congrats for placing, even if they didn't give you a prize! Hope B enjoyed her day out.

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Cyndie

    Way to go. You are amazing. Have a nice time with little B. I'm sure she is excited to tell you all about her first school trip.

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Jirnsum

    Thanks people. I must admit I crashed for a long nap after dinner :P

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Jeff J.
    Jeff J.

    Great race J!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Karlo K.
    Karlo K.

    super race!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Chris

    Solid performance, as always.

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Quadra94

    Excellent pace, congratulations Jirnsum

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Henning
    Henning Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    why don't we have a ministry for half-marathoning in germany? quite a small race, with 14 people. i got my first award in one of those ;) excellent time, esp. considering the wind and the lack of co-runners. congrats!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Stefan
    Stefan Congrats

    Brilliant run; excellent time too for what was essentially a solo tempo in hard weather. Shows your fitness is in a great place before NYC training. Congrats on 3rd!!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Mrsmun
    Mrsmun Congrats

    Fabulous race in not the best conditions, well done!!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Tigra 2.
    Tigra 2. Congrats

    Pfffffffff!!!!!!!!! That's a breathtaking adventure. It takes my breath away just reading about it.
    Real rockstar stuff. You rock the free world J..
    Congrats on a superamazing 3rd place & 2nd best HM time.
    Just brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Ger V.
    Ger V. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Nice race J. participation is the game of the race...winning would have been fine too. and you did just great despite the conditions... great one J..

    almost 6 years ago

  • Alfred H.
    Alfred H. Congrats

    Wow, Jirnsum! That's a very impressive performance! Congrats on an awesome half marathon!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Karen R.
    Karen R. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Well done!!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Monica D.
    Monica D. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Wow, tough conditions, you did awesome, Jirnsum!!! Congratulations!!!

    almost 6 years ago