8513 total / 961 in 2015

3/7 Humdinger 7.1 mi trail, 3/28 Mile Run Trail Race 13.1 mi, 5/2 River Towns Half, 6/19 Ragnar Trail WV Ultra

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  • 13 miles
  • 03:20 time
  • 1126 calories
  • 5 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    great 00:35

    Some nice stretching/strength work with Andrea Marcum to start the day. Good practice before the long ride home tonight.

  2. walk
    great 2.7 mi 00:42 15:38 pace

    After dinner walk turned into a jog to beat the storm back to the hotel. Got a little wet but I just beat the heavy downpour.

  3. swim
    great 00:40

    Been sleeping pretty well lately compared to the last couple months. But after falling asleep early last night I woke up at 4 and the brain was ready to be awake. So I went down to the pool early t... read more

  4. VELO
    great 6.8 mi 00:30 13.6mph pace

    Short little spin to start the three-day week.

  5. FIT
    great 00:30

    Little bit of stretching out time with Ashleigh Sergeant.

  6. VELO
    great Residence Inn 10.25 mi 00:45 13.7mph pace

    Everyone was still sleeping so I snuck down to the hotel gym this morning for a little spin out of the legs. Charlie horses in my calf last night. Must have been rebelling from the day off yesterda... read more

  7. swim
    great 00:30

    Did some sleep walking down to the pool hopeful that I would wake up once I got in. I did.

  8. walk
    great 1 mi 00:22 21:47 pace

    Too beautiful a day not to at least get outside for some fresh air even if it was just for some loops of the parking lot. 73* and low humidity.

  9. VELO
    good Residence Inn 5.98 mi 00:30 12.0mph pace

    Easy spin on sore legs to start the day.

  10. walk
    great Stadium Loop 1.65 mi 00:35 21:12 pace

    After dinner walk while waiting for my parents to arrive with the girls. Let the insanity begin, lol.

  11. swim
    great 00:20

    Just some easy laps in the hotel pool. The legs greatly appreciate it.

  12. walk
    good Wunch 2.25 mi 00:40 17:52 pace

    Just walking out the kinks from this weekends epic muddy adventure at Ragnar Trails Appalachian WV. Hope to post some details tonight.

  13. walk
    good Deckers Creek 1 mi 00:17 17:29 pace

    A walk with the hubby before dinner checking out the dog park for when Magda finally makes it to Morgantown :)

    • Sara

      There's also a dog park in the Suncrest area.

      8 days ago Like

  14. RUN
    great Ragnar Trail Appalachian WV 29.65 mi 07:44 15:39 pace

    Lots of rain starting with a wicked storm Thursday night around 10 pm made this one even more of an adventure than last year. Luckily we didn't get anymore thunder/lightening that delayed the ... read more

  15. RUN
    great Collins Ferry 2 mi 00:19 09:24 pace

    Just an easy out and back shake out. Rain for the first half and muggy as all get out on the way back. Probably good preparation for the rain I'll most likely face at Ragnar minus the mud, lol.

    • Petite

      Nice acclimation miles today, Jill!

      14 days ago Like

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    • Ann H.
      Ann H.

      wait, is ragnar this weekend? i remember this from last year! same one? rain to muggy is so hard, but so good for conditioning. yay!

      14 days ago Like1 person

    • Jill F.
      Jill F.

      Yep, Ann, Friday and Saturday. Same one except I'm on an ultra team this year instead of regular. Twice the fun! Or something like that...

      14 days ago Like1 person

  16. RUN
    good 3 mi 00:31 10:27 pace

    Just 3 on the schedule for taper this week. Ran over to the stadium and up the steps to the law school. That got the heart pumping good. Meandered through the streets for a bit then had to get the... read more

  17. RUN
    great 4 mi 00:40 10:07 pace

    Some nice drippy miles to start the week. Rained overnight and thought might get a shower while I was out but no luck. Slept like a rock last night and it was hard to wake up. Was starting to fee... read more

  18. swim
    great 00:20

    Wanted to do something after the long drive back to WV. Decided to finally check out the Residence Inn pool. Just 20 minutes of some easy, relaxing laps. Perfect! If only tomorrow weren't Mo... read more

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      Perfect after a long drive. I think tomorrow is Monday here as well. Boo!

      17 days ago Like

  19. RUN
    great Church Road 10 mi 01:40 09:59 pace

    I took a slow slog up the hill so I could have fun racing back down it.