Friends (40)

  • Ilona M.

    Ilona M.

    Caledonia, IL, Run, jog, walk, hike, cycle, swim, stretch, lift or crawl 30 mins/day. Hide and seek ♥s. Be kind. Forgive. Thank!! Pray. Be. Laugh. Go. Be. One/Won.

  • Ann M.

    Ann M.

    Murphy, TX, To stay fit and healthy for me and for my family; and to keep running when I can :)

  • Andy R.

    Andy R.

    Farmersville, TX, To run 100 miles at Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run in 2018.

  • Pavlos


    Athens, GR, The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® 2016

  • John A.

    John A.

    Nea Makri, GR, Anopea atrapos 16k trail run, this week at Thermopyles.

  • Stacy R.

    Stacy R.

    Brown Deer, WI, Be Fit, Healthy, and motivate others!

  • Dale


    WA, Stay fit and maintain sanity so I can pick up the mileage after completing school.

  • Eddie D.

    Eddie D.

    Los Angeles, CA, 1:27 Half Marathon; Sub 3 Marathon

  • Jim P.

    Jim P.

    MN, to run

  • Jim


    US, Run a 5k - ✓ , Run a 10k - ✓ , Run a Half Marathon - ✓ , Run a Marathon - ✓ , Run an Ultra Marathon - ✓, Repeat!

  • Sharla W.

    Sharla W.

    Seattle, WA, actually record my running/remember to cross train

  • Mel- Tall Mom

    Mel- Tall Mom

    Bonney Lake, WA, Enjoy the JOURNEY because life is TOO SHORT! Spend miles getting to know my friends and myself.

  • Brittany F.

    Brittany F.

    Plano, TX, Personal Goal: Vive como si fuera el último día. Running Goal: 50 States Club, ultramarathon, 2,015 miles in 2015!

  • Tom M.

    Tom M.

    Austin, TX, Feb 15: Austin Marathon

  • Sam F.

    Sam F.

    West Chester, PA, Using my running to fight autism is my hobby. It started w 61 marathons in 2010 and will never end.

  • Sara S.

    Sara S.

    US, To complete my first Olympic distance triathlon in September!

  • Karen H.

    Karen H.

    Atlanta, GA, Run a Marathon in 2015. Run a 9 Minute Mile in 2015. Run One Race a Month in 2015.

  • Diana K.

    Diana K.

    Bethesda, MD, Get stronger. Run a faster half marathon. Run a full marathon. Do an Olympic tri & DU. Run a 50K. Bike 50 miles. Have fun! :D

  • Stuart M.

    Stuart M.

    Dallas, TX, 50K

  • Tonya K.

    Tonya K.

    Akron, OH, Goals for 2013: Run 13 half marathons, plus one full, and biking the Hancock Horizontal Hundred.

  • Melissa W.

    Melissa W.

    OH, My first 1/2 marathon :) (check!, now running another) Run more races this year...keep moving!!! Learn more about my body, preventing injury and running!

  • David M.

    David M.

    Fort Worth, TX, better health and fitness

  • Tony C.

    Tony C.

    , To run a minimum of 1 1/2 marathon a month starting in October 2011 thru April 2012, I also hope to have at least 1 sub 1:40 half left in these legs.

  • Vee F.

    Vee F.

    Newtown, PA, Complete a total of 18 half-marathons in 2013 to make it a total of 50 in 4 years. Run NYCM by 2015 and continue teaching Zumba® & Spin & Bootcamp.

  • Leanne G.

    Leanne G.

    Grand Prairie, TX, Cowtown Marathon Feb 27, 2011 (done).