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  • Tim M.

    Tim M.

    Chicago, IL, I suppose it's just to get better at things. Desplaines Trail marathon coming. I want to swim better freestyle, but maybe that's impossible. Half IM anyway?

  • Jeff H.

    Jeff H.

    Chicago, IL, A sub-something half at Indy Monumental.

  • Yasmin C.

    Yasmin C.

    Chicago, IL, Get out of my polar vortex slump

  • Vanessa B.

    Vanessa B.

    , To fit in my wedding dress. To run the NYC marathon. To start working out again.

  • Joanne M.

    Joanne M.

    Chicago, IL, 5k in under 29 minutes. Half marathon in under 2:20. Oly Tri in under 3:30. Complete my first half Ironman. Become a better cyclist. Have fun.

  • Amy H.

    Amy H.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Brook E.

    Brook E.

    Chicago, IL, 1,000 Miles in 2014 Complete First Triathlon Under 5 Hour Marathon

  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Christine M.

    Christine M.

    Chicago, IL, I'd like to loose about 18 lbs. of lard that I'm carrying around and convert into muscle! I'm going to try this running thing again b/c it worked well in '07!

  • Mike N.

    Mike N.

    Evanston, IL,

  • Fleet Feet C.

    Fleet Feet C.

    Chicago, IL, We are a group of athletes who share your passion for endurance sports. In order to inspire people to be fit we are sharing our training and events here!

  • Chrissy


    Los Angeles, CA,

  • Gen L.

    Gen L.

    Chicago, IL, New Goal? Cut my half marathon time down to a sub-2:15 in Vegas this December. :)

  • Heidi R.

    Heidi R.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Amy S.

    Amy S.

    , Lose 15 lbs. and remotivate myself for workouts.

  • Kyna