Jessica G. ran: This is an unofficial...

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  • 50 miles
  • 10:57 time
  • 13:08 pace
  • 6830 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 178 max hr
  • 157 avg hr
    • Currently 4/5 Effort.
    effort 4/5
great Potawatomi Trail Run McNaughton Park 50 mi 10:57 13:08 pace

This is an unofficial time, I'll change it later! My garmin died at 8 hours!

So if you don't know about the Potawatomi Trail runs in McNaughton park... here's some info from the website.

"... comparing the high altitude, long climbs of the Western mountains to McNaughton hills is like comparing being eaten by a shark vs. being eaten by a 1000 piranhas ... both are unpleasant ... just in different ways."

and... even though I didn't run the hundo...
"Easier than Barkley.
Cooler than Badwater.
Lower altitude than Leadville.
Warmer than Yukon Artic Ultras."

also 1,600ft of vertical gain per 10 mile lap. ZoMG

What a day!? And what a smooth race for me! Nutrition was spot on! I NEVER got hungry, never dipped down to low energy and never really hit a low part so much that I felt like I had to drop.

The first two laps were smooth sailing. I probably ran a little too much. I latched on to a couple different people and chatted while we ran along. Ran the flats as much as I could, walked the uphills, and boy were those uphills, and ran the downhills until my knees started to hurt.

By the end of the third lap I was starting to really feel it in my knees. I also started to cramp up, but that was solved quickly with salt! Yay! The third lap I ran solo with music which was refreshing.

@Steve K. joined me for the last 20 miles. Had a good time with him laughing and talking. I needed him for it! He was also such a great pacer and awesome crew (and boyfriend)! He knew exactly what I needed and when!

I got a little loopy at the end of the 3rd loop. I couldn't remember when I had eaten last and I got mixed up on the trails a few times. I even asked steve at one point "Where'd the creek crossing go?" He kept me together and reminded me to have a gu or eat every 45 minutes.

I was pretty thankful for all the aid stations, especially the potatoes and pretzels, they really kept me going! I finished strong... Pacers and crew were complimenting me on my "Strong finish" as I ran through the finish line! What an amazing day!

I may have even pulled in a first female finish, but I won't know for sure until they post results. We were too tired to stick around and had a long 2.5 hour drive.