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Conquer Grandfather Mountain Marathon! Finish before the cutoff time so I can receive my medal in the Highland Games! Complete MCM in under 5 hours

Wall of Motivation (148)

  1. John
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Nora
      Post a workout!

    Finding and hugging you was the best part of this MCM. As much as I can't sta... read more

  3. Jenny W.
      Nice Job

    It's always nice to conquer that 20 miler! Great run! on a workout

  4. Shelley B.
      You're an Inspiration

    AWESOME!!! on a workout

  5. Victoria F.
      You Rock

    Wow, what an experience! This is a fantastic race, great job! on a workout

  6. Andrea
      Nice Job

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... read more

  7.   Nice Job

    You were doing Turkish Get Ups with a 20 lb bell? Cheezopizza, that is tough!... read more

  8.   Cheers

    Happy Anniversary!! Nice tready miles, hope your neck is back to 100% soon! on a workout

  9.   Nice Job

    You nailed it! Pre-stormy weather always makes me want to run faster to beat ... read more

  10.   Nice Job

    "Insane leg workout" is the perfect title! Great work! Hoping the tempo run g... read more

  11. Danielle C.
      Nice Job

    You will SO bring it to MCM! on a workout

  12. Victoria F.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run Jessica! That is great you didn't walk at all on this one! on a workout

  13.   Nice Job

    Nice job getting out the door, glad the run helped! Hope you can find a train... read more

  14. Shelley B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sometimes the mind manipulates us AWAY from the things that can heal it and c... read more

  15. Victoria F.
      Nice Job

    Yay for fantastic weather! Perfect weather doesn't happen often! Skipping is ... read more

  16. Connie C.
      Nice Job

    What's the such?? on a workout

  17.   Feel Better

    Nice job getting it done, hope you feel better soon!! on a workout

  18. Brian
      Nice Job

    Great Saturday run! on a workout

  19. James K.

    Outstanding! Just think next year.. New age group!! ;-) on a workout

  20.   Nice Job

    Glad the ankle's coming around! on a workout

  21. Keith K.
      You're Funny

    Potholepalooza! on a workout

  22. Renee J.
      Nice Job

    Nice!! on a workout

  23. Martin O.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep up the good work!

  24.   Nice Job

    Nice work comrade! on a workout

  25. Brandi
      Great Performance

    Great race Jessica!! Way to go! on a workout

  26. Victoria F.
      Great Performance

    Even with all that congestion, it sounds like you really did a great job! on a workout

  27. Andrea
      Nice Job

    Great rock n rolling, girl. I hate those runners who block the roadway. Err... read more

  28. John
      Nice Job

    I have go along with how to do exercises duh. That is really hard core on a workout

  29. Connie C.
      Good Luck

    Go get that BLING!! You rock now and will RnR this weekend!! Rock On, Jess!... read more

  30. Andrea
      You're an Inspiration

    I LOVE THIS! Awesome PR, girl! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! on a workout

  31. Heather H.
      Great Performance

    Congrats on the PR! on a workout

  32. Nora

    CONGRATS, lady! Sounds like a great race! on a workout

  33. Jenny W.

    Congrats! Way to go, Jessica! on a workout

  34. Duane N.
      Nice Job

    Congrats on the PR! on a workout

  35. Victoria F.
      You Rock

    Fantastic race!! Congratulations on your PR! on a workout

  36. Keith K.
      You're Funny

    Great idea! on a workout

  37. Tim M.
      Nice Job

    The highlight of the race was the QUIETEST "ROLL TIDE" I have ever heard! Can... read more

  38. Keith K.
      Great Performance

    WTG, Jess! Great job! on a workout

  39. Michelle

    Nice job! on a workout

  40. Duane N.
      Great Performance

    WOOT!!! on a workout

  41. Heather H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats! Awesome performance! on a workout

  42. Anna W.

    Way to tough it out and finish! How old is your baby? on a workout

  43. Andrea
      You're an Inspiration

    Really really great m'dear! So happy for you! I can't wait to see what you ... read more

  44. Victoria F.
      Good Luck

    Great job! Good luck at your half! I hope it is lots of fun! on a workout

  45. Pavlos
      Nice Job

    Happy new year! on a workout

  46. Victoria F.

    Wonderful practice! This is such a great thing to do! on a workout

  47. Amanda M.
      Nice Job

    Thats so great :) I bet you feel so good. on a workout

  48. Tim M.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  49. Keith K.
      Feel Better

    This too shall pass. I promise. on a workout

  50. Michael B.
      Nice Job

    Way to stretch that long run out! on a workout