Friends (50)

  • Heather L.

    Heather L.

    , Finish first marathon 10.21.12 GOAL MET!!!

  • Terry


    Fort Collins, CO, Promote running advocacy. Strive to run my best at every race.

  • Jackie


    Santo Domingo, DO, Sub 50 10K - DONE 12/6/2014 Sub 2:05 Half-Marathon- DONE 9/22/2013 - 1:55.28. Booyah! Complete my 2nd marathon

  • Suzanne P.

    Suzanne P.

    Holland, MI, Losing weight, but hoping to reach Marathon distance one of these days.

  • Bari F.

    Bari F.

    Grand Rapids, MI, In 2016 I just want to run healthy and maybe throw in some fun races with friends. First up - the Donna Breast Cancer (half) Marathon in Jacksonville, FL.

  • Bill R.

    Bill R.

    West Bloomfield, MI, Began '08/9 & DM '11. Goal #1: injury free (failed in '13). Did #2 half (Bayshore), but ended '13 w/~200 miles less. '14 goal is to = '13 mi. '16 to restart

  • Jamie


    Rochester, NY,

  • Henry H.

    Henry H.

    Lafayette, IN, Qualify for Boston

  • Kimberly


    Fort Wayne, IN, 2x marathoner, 14x half marathoner. ACE CPT and group fitness instructor. Expecting baby No. 2 in April 2015.

  • M K.

    M K.

    Indianapolis, IN,

  • Lisa


    Fort Collins, CO, Recently moved to Ft. Collins, CO and am exploring great places to run and people to run with. Running Colorado Fall Classic Marathon and a 50K?

  • Rachel W.

    Rachel W.

    Medford, WI,

  • Jenni O.

    Jenni O.

    IN, 1. Finish 50 mile ultra 2. run 80 miles at North Coast 24 HR

  • Thena A.

    Thena A.

    Traverse City, MI, Completed first 26.2 Jan '08 (PF Chang's Rock & Roll AZ) Completed first 10k in May '11 (Bayshore) Completed first half Oct '13 (Freep)

  • Run Fast Mama

    Run Fast Mama

    Detroit, MI, Be the best runner that I can be and hopefully inspire others to love the sport as much as I do too!

  • Victoria
  • Lori D.

    Lori D.

    Detroit, MI, To break a 10 minute mile.

  • Anthony V.

    Anthony V.

    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI,

  • John B.

    John B.

    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, To keep running and have fun doing it. A 13.1 under 2:00 (achieved!).

  • Nora C.

    Nora C.

    St Paul, MN, To improve my fitness and make running a regular part of my life again. To lose weight, feel good and have fun!

  • Maria


    Cadillac, MI, Bayshore Half marathon May 25

  • Scott L.

    Scott L.

    Hamilton Township, NJ, Atlantic City Marathon, Weight goal 175

  • Christy J.
  • Jog Freak

    Jog Freak

    Los Angeles, CA, Staying active. Not taking life too seriously. Using the words "wog" and "waddle" in everyday conversation. Laughing a lot. Smiling even more. (

  • Jill C.

    Jill C.

    Cincinnati, OH, Run a half, full, 50k and my first 50 miler and hold a 7 minute plank.