Friends (35)

  • Cathy B.

    Cathy B.

    Gainesville, FL, cyclocross, gravel grinders, trail running, etc.

  • Danica L.

    Danica L.

    CO, Ran the Boston Marathon (done!); Grow my blog, RunWorkLiveRepeat,; Help others; Have fun, stay healthy & keep running strong!

  • Dan S.

    Dan S.

    Gainesville, FL, Goals: Run a Marathon by the time I turn 40 (DONE: 3:26:14). Run a BQ marathon (3:15). Run sub-17 minute 5k. Run a sub-3-hour marathon.

  • Angela T.

    Angela T.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL,

  • Alyce M.

    Alyce M.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Marathon, check! 50k, check! What's next? Bring it Calabrese, Liddell & Mininger! Seeking motivation for the next big adventure!

  • Charlie F.

    Charlie F.

    Washington, DC, Looking to mix it up again without breaking a leg. 2014 goals: beat soft 1/2 marathon PR (1:21); sub-2:55 marathon; trail 50k, maybe a few quick 10ks and 5ks.

  • Kelly


    Orlando, FL,

  • Darrin D.

    Darrin D.

    Ocala, FL, Accomplished a my goal of sub 18 the first month of the year. I guess I want to PR my 70.3 time.

  • Jeanne M.

    Jeanne M.

    , To stay healthy for my children.

  • Trevor S.

    Trevor S.

    Ann Arbor, MI,

  • Jake C.

    Jake C.

    Denver, CO,

  • Paul M.

    Paul M.

    Hermosa Beach, CA, Enjoying cycle commuting, and injury-free barefoot & minimal running towards the goal of a marathon.

  • David W.

    David W.

    Gainesville, FL,

  • Shane A.

    Shane A.

    Grand Forks, ND, First a Marathon under 2:30 then Badwater under 24

  • Jim C.

    Jim C.

    Jacksonville, FL, is to get back in shape...back up 184 and 21% body fat.

  • Erica S.

    Erica S.

    Whitehall, PA, get my running mojo back and get back into shape

  • Meredith D.

    Meredith D.

    Gainesville, FL,

  • Susane M J.

    Susane M J.

    Des Moines, IA, Ran Across Canada Sheet Harbour, NS-Vancover, BC:) 07/15/2012- 11/28/2012. Training for IM & Quali. Kona 2013. BQ to run 2014. Run NY 2013 Marathon.

  • Veronica V.

    Veronica V.

    Gainesville, FL, London Marathon - 2014.

  • Robert L.

    Robert L.

    , Boston qualify - enough said!

  • Michael C.

    Michael C.

    Herndon, VA, To just enjoy running and keep from getting injured.

  • Joey L.

    Joey L.

    Utica, NY, Utica Boilermaker (55:00) Tunnel To Tower NYC 5k (+/- 17:00) Warrior Dash (28:00mins) Marine Corp. Marathon (3:00:00) Academy 1.5mile (sub9:00)

  • Tara E.

    Tara E.

    Orlando, FL, To get my half marathon time under 2 hours.

  • Jody H.

    Jody H.

    Sterling, VA, Goal for 2011: A tri and/or 50k. Both of them trail.

  • Katie K.

    Katie K.

    Houston, TX, To run the Houston Half-Marathon in January 2012! :)