Jenny J ran: Know what happens whe...

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  • 18 miles
  • 02:37 time
  • 08:43 pace
  • 1360 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 3/5 Effort.
    effort 3/5
good PDR 18.01 mi 02:37 08:43 pace

Know what happens when you start a long run at 4am? You're done by 7...Very little sleep mixed with too much wine and 3:15am came SO QUICKLY. Texted Amy Z. to see if we were indeed doing this and her reply was, "HELL YEAH!" Ok, how can I say no to that?!

She had to be back by 6:45, so we ran almost an hour before meeting up with Brian A., Jeff F., Tanya W., Kris M., and Jeanne S.. Did a loop around Forest Park, then we all kind of did our own out and back thing to make up the mileage. Amy had to scoot home and finish up on the TM, while I ended up finding Jeff & Brian again. Brian needed 18, so he ran me home, then back into the park.

Plan called for steady 15, then last 3 push the pace without checking the Garmin. Struggled for the first 6-ish miles while I was warming up but then took a Gu Roctane which seemed to give me the boost I needed. We kept the pace really conversational and it was only on the last mile I had to shut it to breathe. :-D
9:34, 9:12, 9:03, 8:56, 9:02, 9:25, 9:18, 8:57, 8:37, 8:37, 8:47, 8:39, 8:31, 8:52, 8:14, 8:01, 7:49, 7:27

And that's it. From Saturday the 8th to Saturday the 15th, I put in 106 miles. Tomorrow? I.R.E.S.T.

  • Maddy

    Dude. 3:15...on wine and no sleep? You are amazing.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Jeff F.
    Jeff F.

    Great run with everyone this morning! Glad I was only starting at 5:00 AM... Great job getting an hour run in before our start!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Jimmy H.
    Jimmy H.

    Killer run! Nice job!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Amy

    You're the bestest!! Way to finish super strong.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Lisa M.
    Lisa M.

    woow, a long run fueled by wine!! :) lots of credit to you for getting out of bed and getting those miles in, and at quite a pace too I might add!!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Shirl M.
    Shirl M.

    Fantastic miles this week Jenny , you are top of my leader board this week, so far.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Kristen F.

    hehe you think like me! i start running around 4 am a few times a week. if we lived closer, we'd be 4am buddies!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Michael K.
    Michael K.

    Thats the way to do it Jenny!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Laura S.
    Laura S.

    I cannot believe you get up that early! Awesome splits--you earned your rest!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Luke S.

    Wow, you did it! And here you were, being all skurred. You knocked it out buddy...super proud!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Altrarunnergirl

    Great job girl!!! What an awesome pace!!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Megan W.
    Megan W.

    woah, 4 am with under a 9 pace..great job!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Jose S.

    WOW, 106. Well done, Jenny, I'm in awe.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Brian C.
    Brian C.

    I had to get a Gu in me today before the blood started flowing too...nice long one JJ!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Br3nda

    Can completely relate to "little sleep" & too much wine! Good job in toughing it out this morning!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Brian A.
    Brian A.

    Amazing finish to a crazy week JJ! I had no idea when we started that you and Amy already had an hour in. I really enjoyed cutting loose on those last few with ya! Great job!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Andy F.
    Andy F.

    Awesome super early run!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Melanie K.
    Melanie K.

    You.are.amazing. That is all. :)

    over 5 years ago Like

  • David S.
    David S.

    106 miles, wow!!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Caleb M.

    Huge string of days. AND, what a finish today! You've fully earned a day of NOTHING tomorrow.

    over 5 years ago Like1 person

  • Keith H.
    Keith H.

    Great long run, Jenny!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Jonathan H.
    Jonathan H.

    Wow...what a big day to cap off a huge week!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • James K.
    James K.

    What a great long run! Strong finish!!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Kris M.
    Kris M.

    Great run Saturday! I didn't realize you guys ran before the rest of us got there. haha! Way to get in the miles

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Kimberly C.
    Kimberly C.

    great splits!!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • James
    James You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Wow! Amazing job!

    over 5 years ago

  • Sarah W.
    Sarah W. Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    you rock.

    over 5 years ago

  • Jared E.
    Jared E. Congrats

    Great run to cap those miles!

    over 5 years ago