Jenny J ran: Dearbabyjesus make th...

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  • 12 miles
  • 01:44 time
  • 08:41 pace
  • 901 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 4/5 Effort.
    effort 4/5
alright RI-DICULOUS 12.01 mi 01:44 08:41 pace

Dearbabyjesus make this humidity go away. 73* and 95% this morning. It wasn't so much that my legs couldn't handle it but I COULDN'T BREATHE! There was a fog that make the air so thick.

Plan was to warm up a mile then a fast mile, followed by a slow until you die...I mean, hit 12 miles. Recovery miles were slow but still felt like an effort:
9:17, 8:17, 9:22, 8:00, 9:26, 7:46, 9:44, 7:48, 9:36, 7:51, 9:25, 7:48. First 3 and last 3 were hilly and I know the route so well, it was a mental battle.

Oh, but I did glow in the dark! Hot pink shorts, my Saucony Citron #GetSome A4's an sparkly headband. :-D

  • Annie S.
    Annie S.

    sometimes I think you run just for the outfits.... awesome job, Jenny. Wish I could run 12 without being able to breathe like that!!

    over 5 years ago Like1 person

  • Luke S.

    Sweeeeeeeeeeet action :) Love this surge-type training..of course.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Steve H.
    Steve H.

    The ole Caleb on/off workout, I had it last week. Great job in the miserable humidity. Kick ass outfit it sounds like too

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Lisa M.
    Lisa M.

    oh yuuuck :( Jenny, youre a rock star!!

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  • Brian A.
    Brian A.

    Wow, nice run this morning! Alternating miles sounds tough - especially 12 of them. lol @ glowing in the dark You definitely know how to brighten a morning. :)

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Kai

    Cool workout! I've never done that. I'll have to give it a go soon. Think I'll pass on the hot pink shorts though.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Kris M.
    Kris M.

    Great run this morning! It was horrible out there, I felt it too. I've gone the route of...I don't think I want to be seen this early in the AM so I'm not wearing anything bright. lol I haven't figured out if that's a good thing or bad thing. Cars don't see me, but neither do would-be-rapists.

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  • Dave P.
    Dave P.

    Great job, Jenny! :) I always look forward to your posts both for amazing work you do and the entertaining way you share it with the rest of us. And, having run with you, I know that you have a great balance between taking things seriously from a training standpoint and also having fun at the same time.

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  • Joe M.

    If you can't enjoy the weather, at least you can rock the clothes and shoes out there to make you feel better Jenny. Really tough workout in the conditions - way to nail some really fast "On" miles. Great job.

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  • Barbara W.
    Barbara W.

    Love the outfit choice and great 12 miler in the sucky humidity.

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  • Carol B.

    you are just a mileage machine! Great work, Sparkle!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Steve P.
    Steve P.

    awesome run and pace in the humidity!!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Joe C.
    Joe C.

    That must have been some kind of effort today with those splits up and down. Way to push through the soup!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Chris

    Sounds like a great workout. Great job in spite of the weather!

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  • Kim S.
    Kim S.

    Amen and amen. Nice work this morning!

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  • Thomas N.

    The humidity is something I am a scared of this Sunday fo' sho

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Michelle

    Humidity BE GONE!!! You did great JJ!!! Really great!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Elizabeth

    Sounds like a nice outfit!! Nice job with run (despite humidity) ! a trendy running gear

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Erin

    This humidity is absolutely brutal!!! Great 12, looks like a cool workout.

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Cliff M.
    Cliff M.

    Hey baby Jesus said the weather is going to cool off this weekend!!! Yayyyy

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Matt

    Great on/off miles Jenny. Speedy on ones in craptastic weather! But I'm sure the outfit made it that much better :)

    over 5 years ago Like

  • Stephanie G.
    Stephanie G. Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    Looks like you won the mental battle (with stylish grace, of course)!

    over 5 years ago