Wall of Motivation (179)

  1.   You're an Inspiration

    YOU GO GIRL!! :D on a workout

  2. George S.

    Fantastic! on a workout

  3.   Cheers

    Happy birthday! on a workout

  4.   Nice Job

    Happy Birthday! Nice run! on a workout

  5. George S.
      Nice Job

    Good run! on a workout

  6. Linda K.
      Nice Job

    NOTHING little about 5 miles!! on a workout

  7. Gozling

    You did FANTASTIC!!!! on a workout

  8. Meg Y.
      Nice Job

    awesome job pushing yourself! on a workout

  9. Michelle
      Nice Job

    Nice job! on a workout

  10. George S.
      Nice Job

    Terrific long run! on a workout

  11. Linda K.
      Great Performance

    NICE!! Those splits are CRAZY! I slow to a crawl and you speed up like a jack... read more

  12. George S.

    Congratulations on the Tri! on a workout

  13. Linda K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice! on a workout

  14. George S.
      Nice Job

    Nice tempo! on a workout

  15. Linda K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome Jen! on a workout

  16. Linda K.
      Nice Job

    On your BIRTHDAY! NICE! on a workout

  17. Dede S.
      Nice Job

    Great job!!! Beautiful day too! on a workout

  18. George S.
      Nice Job

    Climbing is what it’s all about! Terrific effort! on a workout

  19. Gozling
      Nice Job

    Wicked workout!!!!!!! on a workout

  20. Linda K.
      Nice Job

    Nice Jen!! I discovered I love the rain as well! Much easier to stay cool!! on a workout

  21. George S.
      Nice Job

    Terrific training! on a workout

  22. Gozling
      Great Performance

    WOO HOOO YOU FINISHED and did fantastic!!!! on a workout

  23. Gozling

    Fantastic job getting your first tri done!! Great swim work!!! on a workout

  24. Mel T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Your first triathlon! Amazing job, I hope you feel so proud of yourself. When... read more

  25. George S.
      Nice Job

    Have a great time! on a workout

  26. Allison D R.
      Nice Job

    It is GRUESOME outside today! The only things this weather is acceptable for ... read more

  27. Kristin M.
      Nice Job

    I have a couple pairs of tie-dye capris from Walmart that I absolutely love. ... read more

  28. Linda K.
      Nice Job

    I want the ENTIRE catalog!!! Why must all the cute little dresses cost SO muc... read more

  29. Linda K.
      Great Performance

    So THAT'S what a brick is?!? on a workout

  30. George S.
      Nice Job

    Good ride out on the bike! on a workout

  31. George S.
      Nice Job

    Nice transition! on a workout

  32. Ultrarunnergirl
      You're an Inspiration

    Love those morning runs. Don't you feel so accomplished when you get it done ... read more

  33. Bobby V.
      Nice Job

    yea i hear ya i get at myself for running slow and im feeling the same, but t... read more

  34. Linda K.
      Nice Job

    4 miles is GREAT! Don't look at how fast you went but how FAR you did! I ran ... read more

  35.   Nice Job

    that's always what happens - you never regret a run - EVER on a workout

  36.   Great Performance

    Awesome!! on a workout

  37. Kc S.
      Nice Job

    solid work on a workout

  38. Kc S.
      Nice Job

    Rockstar Roe... on a workout

  39. Kc S.
      Nice Job

    GO ROE on a workout

  40. Kc S.
      Nice Job

    sweet job Jen nothing feels better than fighting thru that crappy feeling and... read more

  41. Curly
      Nice Job

    I had to click the ellipses because I thought your mom was running with you a... read more

  42. George S.

    Great run Jennifer! on a workout

  43. Jill W.

    13.1 miles is no small feat! on a workout

  44. Brenda B.

    Sweet work Jennifer! on a workout

  45. Gozling
      Great Performance

    Hey... You did FANTASTIC!!!! No worries on the time- you stayed healthy and d... read more

  46. George S.
      Nice Job

    Nice miles! on a workout

  47. Gozling
      Good Luck

    woo hooooo have a blast!!!! on a workout

  48.   Good Luck

    Good job and good luck at Ragnar! on a workout

  49. Gozling

    Fantastic run!!! Cant wait to hear the final!!! on a workout

  50. Jill W.
      Great Performance

    very good! on a workout