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Jennifer logged 83 miles.

Last workout over 9 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. FIT
    alright Abs 00:16

    Was really hard I felt like I was dead when it was over. We did it after our hour work out and I had no energy left.

  2. FIT
    blah Back and Chest 01:00

    I am finally back at it. After being sick for 2 wks it was like starting all over and im feeling it. We decided to go back a week in our program, since I missed 2wks and Steven skipped some, so we ... read more

  3. FIT
    Strecthing 01:00

    Felt good. Had some yoga and was relaxing. One week down.

  4. FIT
    good Yoga 01:30

    Was relaxing but very challenging there was about 3 things I didn't even attempt to do. I could deffinately feel it working.

  5. FIT
    good Back & Legs + Abs 01:16

    We did both workouts this morning because we have the boys tonight :) I think I did better on the abs, maybe? The legs was hard but I could keep up on most things. 5 days down, tomorrow is 1hr. 30m... read more

  6. FIT
    good Kempo 00:59

    Was fun, I liked it, but my legs are killing me. Was a lot of kicks and punches. I had done a previous workout similar to this, off and on, so I kind of got the hang of it quickly.

  7. FIT
    blah Abs 00:16

    I think I did worse this time than my first day. I wanted to get up and do it this morning but Steven wanted to wait and do it after the arm workout, I lost so I was completely out of energy when w... read more

  8. FIT
    good Shoulders & Arms 00:58

    So far my favorite one. Was very hard but was mostly weights so I could use less weight and keep up. Finally one I like.

  9. FIT
    alright Polyometrics 00:58

    Exhausting. So much junping and squating I'm going to feel it tomorrow. I'm just glad Steven is there to keep me going. Done for the day I'm going to rest tonight.

    • Stacy S.
      Stacy S.

      I am so excited for you. I really want to see how you like it to see if I can do it. Good Luck!

      over 9 years ago Like

  10. FIT
    alright Back and Chest 00:52

    It was crazy! I learned I suck at push ups and I am already sore. One day down 89 to go.

    • Vicky S.
      Vicky S.

      I started out doing all of the push-ups on my knees -and worked it to where I was ALMOST all of them regular by the end of phase1-2. NOW, I am back to doing a lot of them on my knees -but am sure that once again -by the end of phase3-4, I'll be able to complete most of them regular.

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  11. FIT
    alright Abs 00:16

    It was hard. 347 moves in 16min. I've never had that hard of a work out in that short of time. But it makes me want to do it again.

  12. walk
    alright Eliptical 2.75 mi 01:00 21:49 pace

    Did not want to get out of bed this morning, went a little slower, but I got it done.

    • Elise N.
      Elise N.

      good for you for gettin up -- i know its so easy just to say to yourself "oh, i'll just do it tomorrow" GOOD FOR YOU and keep up the great work!!

      over 9 years ago Like

    • Stacy S.
      Stacy S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      You are doing great. Glad to see you are sticking with it. I have been feeling pretty lazy lately and if it weren't for everyone seeing no posts from me I would probably skip more often. LOL

      over 9 years ago

  13. FIT
    Wii Fit 00:30

    I did 10 min Yoga, 10 min Strength, and 10min Aerobics. Went good was a little tired this morning but got it done.

  14. walk
    blah Walk / Jog 3 mi 00:34 11:20 pace

    It went bad. I walked 21min jogged 13min. For my first 20min I walked 1min then jogged 2min. My knee was hurting from the start and it took me longer today than when I was walking more than joggin... read more

  15. VELO
    alright Stationary Bike 6 mi 00:30 12.0mph pace

    Went slower today not happy. I also missed my running because my knee is killing me but I'm doing it thurs. no matter what.

  16. walk
    alright Walk / Jog 2 mi 00:32 16:00 pace

    I did the same this morning walking 20min and jogging 10min. But I had to get up early to get it in before work. And it was cold this morning, I'm not a good runner to begin with and the cold ... read more

    • Stacy S.
      Stacy S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! You are doing great just hang in there. You will be surprised how quickly your endurance will lengthen. Great Job!

      over 9 years ago