6399 total / 365 in 2015

Around the Bay 30K - 29Mar15 Mississauga Marathon - 03May15

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  • 21 miles
  • 03:30 time
  • 2622 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good ATG - Saturday LSD 20.02 km 02:19 11:08 pace

    Last long run of this training block. Tested my new insoles, they're identical to my beloved NB405's. Stoked to finally have a replacement. Now, let the tapering begin!!!

  2. RUN
    good ATG - 30 Minutes Easy 5.04 km 00:30 09:38 pace

    Doing my last long (-ish) run tomorrow so moved Saturday's workout to today. Weather was a beautiful 19C.

  3. RUN
    alright ATG - 2 X 2Km (with 3 min Rest) 4.01 km 00:18 07:05 pace

    Cool, damp, and just windy enough to make this one miserable. On the plus side, it didn't rain.

  4. RUN
    good ATG - Acceleration 5K 5.01 km 00:24 07:40 pace

    So I think I did this correctly by increasing cadence to accelerate.

  5. RUN
    good ATG - Sunday LSD 33.01 km 03:41 10:46 pace

    Last long run on the nicest day of the year so far. Made it past the distance where I blew up at ATB and finished the last 6km strong.

  6. RUN
    good ATG - 30 Minutes Easy 4.18 km 00:33 12:40 pace

    Visit to Kains Woods to see how the trails were faring.

  7. RUN
    good ATG - 5K Tempo 5.01 km 00:29 09:27 pace

    Finally a nice night to run. The sky was so excited it wept.

  8. RUN
    alright ATG - LSD 15K 15.01 km 01:40 10:41 pace

    Nothing like a lovely spring run in the snow with slushy puddles to play in.

  9. RUN
    good ATG - 30 Minutes Very Easy 5.01 km 00:30 09:45 pace

    First time with the running shoes on since ATB. Calf felt fine, really notice a couple of form flaws so focused an running taller and letting my foot drop naturally.

  10. RUN
    blah Around the Bay 29.9 km 03:07 10:02 pace

    Race rule number one: turn off your autopause. (Even if your race is a planned training run) Elapsed time is 3:15 which is more accurate.

    Major calf cramp right at the 25km sign but things were... read more

  11. RUN
    good ATG - 15 Minutes Very Easy 2.64 km 00:15 09:26 pace

    That's it, nothing more but carbs until tomorrow's catered training run at @bayracerun

  12. RUN
    good ATG - 3 X 500m at 10K Pace 1.79 km 00:09:37 08:38 pace

    I guess I better run a 10K one of these to know what a 10K pace is supposed to feel like. I was consciously backing off the pace and still ran a very decent 5K pace for the last two intervals.

    htt... read more

  13. RUN
    good ATG - 3 X 1Km at 10K Pace 5.01 km 00:24 07:48 pace

    Almost a pleasant evening. Still not shorts and t-shirt weather for this guy. Was able to hit my 10K PB pace for 3K which was nice.

  14. RUN
    ATG - Sunday LSD 14.34 km 01:40 11:10 pace

    Helped Julianne with the last 12K of her 40km training run in windy and very chilly conditions.

  15. RUN
    good ATG- 30 Minutes Easy 5.29 km 00:30 09:07 pace

    Windy and a bit puddle-y in spots but it was below freezing (temporarily) Best easy run in quite awhile.

  16. RUN
    good ATG - 12 X 30/30 3.81 km 00:22 09:26 pace

    Ten minute warm-up followed by twelve by 30/30 at tempo pace.

  17. RUN
    good 5 km 00:27 08:36 pace

    Weather forecast was somewhat undecided this morning so I packed gym clothes. Weather seemed better after work but I stuck with the original plan and worked the acceleration 6mph to 8mph in my new... read more

  18. RUN
    alright ATG - Sunday LSD 20.02 km 02:16 10:54 pace

    Cold and windy (big surprise). Running partner didn't have a good day so cut the run short to get her back to the car early. Probably not a bad thing I was getting cold having to stop and sta... read more

  19. RUN
    good ATG - 12Km Marathon Pace 12.01 km 01:00 08:03 pace

    Solid run at a decent pace with the temperate hovering just above freezing.

  20. RUN
    good ATG - Easy 30 Minutes 4.72 km 00:30 10:14 pace

    First evening run after the time change was great, minus the goose poop and melting snow. Oh yeah, it was damp and I don't do damp well.