Wall of Motivation (25)

  1. Kory W.
      Nice Job

    How fortuitous that you should mention Trans Siberian Orchestra, as The Hamme... read more

  2. Kory W.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job, Jeff! on a workout

  3. Kory W.
      Great Performance

    Way to go, Jeff! Congratulations! on a workout

  4. Melissa R J.
      Feel Better

    Nice running Jeff!! Hope you feel better. Take care of yourselves! on a workout

  5. Melissa R J.
      Nice Job

    Nice!! on a workout

  6. Kory W.

    Woohoo! Awesome job, Jeff! Congratulations! on a workout

  7. James D.
      Nice Job

    I was waiting for you to mention Rush! Nice miles! on a workout

  8. Nichole N.

    Great job, Jeff!! on a workout

  9. Nichole N.
      Nice Job

    Ha, I had to read that last part twice. You crushed a 5K in a bra. You rock... read more

  10. Nichole N.
      Nice Job

    Nice run there, Jeff! Looks like the humidity didn't hold you back too much! :) on a workout

  11. Nichole N.
      Nice Job

    Great run!! on a workout

  12. Melissa R J.
      Nice Job

    Love it Jeff! Very nice run :)) on a workout

  13. Nichole N.

    Congratulations, Jeff! Fantastic run for a fantastic cause! on a workout

  14. Myron K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job buddy! on a workout

  15. Jennifer
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job!! & I am happy to hear that you doing ok! on a workout

  16. Melissa R J.
      Nice Job

    Gotta love those days when the Mind & Body make you "work" for it! You hung ... read more

  17.   Hi-five

    You did it! Congrats! Hope you had fun :-) on a workout

  18. Nichole N.
      Great Performance

    Wow, great job, Jeff! Awesome 5K time! on a workout

  19. Zack S.
      Nice Job

    Great pace, Jeff! Lookin' great! on a workout

  20. Scott C.
      Nice Job

    Great job on the virtual half marathon. Excellent pace, too. I can't wait to ... read more

  21. Nichole N.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace for a hilly run! on a workout

  22.   Congrats

    Glad you had a nice race with your niece today! on a workout

  23. Jennifer
      Nice Job

    Great run Jeff! on a workout

  24. Lynn W.

    Eggggcellent :) on a workout

  25.   Hi-five

    Awesome job Jeff!!! on a workout