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Jay logged 349 miles.

Last workout about 8 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    5 mi 00:34 06:51 pace

    Another workout on the Wheaton College indoor track. I'm slowly building my mileage back up and will probably throw in a long run before I leave for Christmas "vacation". I've... read more

  2. RUN

    Went on a jog today to loosen up the legs and check out the knee, didn't push it but it felt good to move around after a month off. Slow and steady here I come, first official day of training... read more

  3. RUN
    blah Oak Brook Half Marathon 13.12 mi 01:52 08:31 pace

    I ran a 1:46 yesterday so I was hoping to come out and run a 1:45 in today's half-marathon. Generally speaking Oak Brook is a harder half and should take you about 3 minutes longer to finish.... read more

    • Stacy K.
      Stacy K.

      Damn, Jay!! For back-to-back half marathons and the hilly route, I think this is a great outcome. I know it is not what you are used to, but I think it is excellent!! Chin up young man. =)

      over 8 years ago Like

  4. RUN
    great Batavia Half-Madness 13.14 mi 01:47 08:06 pace

    I ran this conservatively since I have the rough half-marathon tomorrow. I wanted to test the legs towards the end so I took the last mile split at 6:08. I feel great and I'm ready for tomor... read more

    • Stacy K.
      Stacy K. Good Luck
      Good Luck:

      Great job out there today- and I know you are gonna kill it tomorrow, Jay!!! Even if you don't have a snazzy button like mine. =)

      over 8 years ago

  5. RUN
    6.4 mi

    Nice run, I felt great today, took it easy, I had Versace out for the first 2.52 miles until she had enough so I took her back to the air conditioning and put in a few more miles alone.

    • Sarah G.
      Sarah G.

      Nice run. I only got in 4 today. Hope to do 6 tomorrow or a 25 mile bike ride.

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  6. Shared Photo

    Me meeting a bunch of local runners thanks to Steps partnership with DailyMile!
    Apparently they know my running photo history, the picture was snapped before I was ready to make a face!

  7. RUN
    7.46 mi

    Just updating this weekends workouts for Stace. :)

  8. RUN
    7.45 mi

    DeKalb Cornfest 10K + warmup/cool down.

  9. RUN
    DeKalb Cornfest 6.2 mi

    Today was my long run day, but I'm switching my schedule around a little the next two weeks so I moved Monday's tempo over today. My tempo was suppose to be 8 miles so I did a mile warmu... read more

    • Stacy K.
      Stacy K.

      I'm so glad you're logging some miles again. I like when Jay puts in some miles. =)
      You are such a great long-distance run buddy, I love that you're moving your long day for me! I did 1.5 over my required 5-miler and the foot feels good, so let's kick that pavement's ass.

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    • Sarah G.
      Sarah G.

      I will for sure! Dont know about the others. We all look silly! lol

      over 8 years ago Like

    • Jay B.
      Jay B.

      Remind me about two weeks out....that way I'll be done with Chicago and can decide if I feel like racing any more this year.

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  10. RUN
    4.99 mi

    Today was my first back to back run in awhile. Yesterday I felt horrible, but I'm taking it slow trying to get back into marathon shape. It's weird knowing a month ago I was preparing t... read more

  11. Chicago training resumes tomorrow, woohoo!

  12. RUN
    50.7 mi

    One of my favorite sayings of all time is “When life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie and enjoy your new desert.” I think I have that right! Back in December when I signed up for the Bac... read more

    • Diana M F.
      Diana M F.

      You're my hero! So proud of you, Jay!

      over 8 years ago Like

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    • Wes M
      Wes M

      Nice Job!

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    • Stacy K.
      Stacy K.

      You are such a Rockstar, Jay! I thought about you out there a lot that day and checked the twitter posts a few times (I'm SO not a Twitteratti) and can't believe it's taken me this long to tell you what an inspiration you are!!! Not that I haven't thought it of course. =)
      Don't sweat not meeting your goal this time; you'll be ruling that course in years to come, I guarantee.

      over 8 years ago Like

  13. RUN
    Last pre-20in24 run 01:28

    Talk about blazing hot. Today it was low 90s and humid so I put on a butt-load of clothing and went for a 1 1/2 hour run. Even with my fluid-intake I came back 3.6 pounds lighter. Just me, the roa... read more

  14. RUN
    3.12 mi 00:18 05:41 pace

    After Saturdays split long run (11.5/10 miles) I decided I would take it very slow and easy this week. I want to go into Saturday with fresh legs. I think I'll top double digits tomorrow, pro... read more

  15. RUN

    I did an awkward tempo run for 30 minutes followed by a group run with some friends from "Run Chicago" for 40 minutes. It was extremely brutal considering I didn't take any water wit... read more

  16. RUN
    8.4 mi

    How did it go?Today was suppose to be 9 miles...but being that I skipped Saturday's long run do to severe cramping I decided to make this run a little shorter. I chose 8.4 miles since that&#x... read more

    • Sean B.
      Sean B.

      I will be in Philly the following weekend...I hope your not still laying out by the river...what is your goal mileage for the race

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    • Christine G.
      Christine G.

      i can pick up one or five if you need!

      over 8 years ago Like

    • Sean B.
      Sean B.

      Cool I will add you....Christine I am actually heading to Ocean City for the week, but will be back in Philly on the 1st for two days...staying with my cousin...I am down for a run...I will let you know once I find out what the plans are

      over 8 years ago Like

  17. RUN
    Chicago Training Day 6 8 mi 01:03 07:50 pace

    As much as I would like to give some cool story to go along with today's workout, I'm too hungry to bother. Although I will say I lost my shoe at one point and had to stop to put it back... read more

  18. RUN
    Chicago Training Day 4 7 mi 00:59 08:21 pace

    Some days I don't always end up eating properly at lunch. It's something I need to work on.....for instance today I enjoyed 3 bananas and some pretzels. I was fine through 4 miles today b... read more

    • Shayla D.
      Shayla D.

      Oh man, Jay, I totally know what you mean about eating. I think I had ice cream for a late dinner the other night-meaning I would run out of energy about half-way through my run. Anyway, I think that once I get a little more into my training plan I will be better at eating-like better and more regular meals. Enjoy your Friday off!

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  19. RUN
    Chicago Training Day 3 4.5 mi 00:32 07:05 pace

    Today was quite possibly the worst commute home I have ever experienced. The rain was coming down so hard so fast I was certain I was going to see a Ford Fiesta float by....of course I would hit it... read more