Wall of Motivation (178)

  1. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace this morning! on a workout

  2. Oren A.
      Nice Job

    Good to see you are on the road again! on a workout

  3. Mike N.
      Great Performance

    Lots of wind here in KS, too. It was 15 when I left and 13 when I got back wi... read more

  4. Mike N.
      Great Performance

    Very nice! on a workout

  5. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Love cool foggy mornings! Stay safe! on a workout

  6. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    Great job! on a workout

  7. Oren A.
      Great Performance

    That's awesome! on a workout

  8. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Must have been easier this direction. You were faster! ;) on a workout

  9. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Never complain about cool weather! Nice run! on a workout

  10. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Nice run in the moonlight! Love it when the moon is bright! on a workout

  11. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    That is a run indeed! Nice one! on a workout

  12. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    I still haven't run outside in anything better than 47F...and I'm okay with t... read more

  13. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    It's always nice when it's not windy! Great run! on a workout

  14.   Nice Job

    Wow on a workout

  15. Mike D.
      Nice Job

    I never tried blowing snot rockets but running never fails to clear my nose! on a workout

  16. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    Yoga is hard. on a workout

  17. Eric T.

    Awesome stuff Jared wished I could have come down and ran with you guys on a workout

  18. Thad S.
      Great Performance

    Well done! on a workout

  19. Michael H.
      You're Funny

    nice 8s on a workout

  20. Norene P.
      Great Performance

    Way to go, Jared. Great pace! on a workout

  21. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    You are an awesome Idiot. Good thinking on changing the shirt. on a workout

  22. Michael H.
      Great Performance

    Looks pretty strong to me! on a workout

  23. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    Run naked, run free!!! on a workout

  24. Tom B.
      Post a workout!

    HOws the knee man? hope you are doing ok

  25. Charley H.
      Nice Job

    NIce run and great mileage! on a workout

  26. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    nice work. on a workout

  27. Thad S.
      Nice Job

    Well done sir. on a workout

  28. Thad S.
      Nice Job

    Wow dood, ur killing it! on a workout

  29. Tom B.
      Nice Job

    What are you...a postman? nothing stops you my man...nice job! on a workout

  30. David M.
      Nice Job

    Nice job. I looked out the window. That's as far as I got..... on a workout

  31. Thad S.
      Nice Job

    Love those types of runs. Great job! on a workout

  32. Mike D.
      You Rock

    Way to go, speedy Jared! on a workout

  33. Michael H.
      Great Performance

    Nice pace! on a workout

  34. Dan B.
      Nice Job

    Heavy mean more better workout, right? on a workout

  35. Dan B.
      Nice Job

    8's and aces that's the way to roll Jared. Nice job! on a workout

  36. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    looks like 8s in <1hr are your favorite. nice pace! on a workout

  37. Jenny Y.
      Nice Job

    Holy smokes! on a workout

  38. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    nice pace, nice miles! on a workout

  39. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    nice cool weather hot pace run Jared! on a workout

  40. Tom B.
      Nice Job

    IR freaking C...nice job Jared...you guys bombed that run today...awesome on a workout

  41. Dan B.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  42. Christine T.
      Great Performance

    great quick run! merry christmas! on a workout

  43. Jenny Y.
      Nice Job

    You rock! I think u may be a natural. on a workout

  44. Christine T.
      Great Performance

    wow! way to run!! on a workout

  45. Charley H.
      Great Performance

    WOW! Super fast. Nice run Jared! on a workout

  46. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    Way to go, Jared! on a workout

  47. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    Great job, Jared! on a workout

  48. Tom B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Holy cow....awesome performance Jared...have been a little offline the last c... read more

  49. Jenny Y.
      You're an Inspiration

    It was so great getting to meet you today. You made running a marathon look e... read more

  50. Charley H.
      Great Performance

    Congrats Jared! Man you just keep getting faster and faster. Keep it up. I... read more