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try out one new activities, get enough sleep and have fun racing.

Wall of Motivation (174)

  1.   You're an Inspiration

    Terrific tri performance and an impressive 10k at the end of it. Nice work, J... read more

  2. Diana

    Congrats Janine!!! on a workout

  3. Diana
      You're an Inspiration

    Omg quarter mile jog to transition? You're amazing!! Great job! on a workout

  4. Diana
      Great Performance

    fabulous run!!! on a workout

  5. Lynn

    Wow that's incredible!!! I can't believe you ran that fast after everything e... read more

  6. Eli S.
      Great Performance

    Incredible Janine! Great job! on a workout

  7.   Great Performance

    Wow, that would be a terrific time for a 5k by itself, let alone at the end o... read more

  8. Lynn
      Nice Job

    Yikes, I haven't been outside yet but just wished my husband good luck as he ... read more

  9. Eli S.
      Great Performance

    You're smokin' Janine! way in Hades I'll ever ride that fast on my ... read more

  10. Eli S.
      Good Luck

    I hope you had a great race today Janine! I thought about you this morning!

  11. Mark M.
      Good Luck

    You are soooo ready for Batavia. Have a great race; come home healthy, and h... read more

  12. Eli S.
      Good Luck

    Yes! Nice! Good luck this weekend, you'll do great with your Tri! Sunday is m... read more

  13. Lynn
      Nice Job

    Great run and perfect weather for it...well now I see it was only 2 hours ago... read more

  14. Eli S.
      Nice Job

    You can say that again Janine! HOT! I'm loving the pace of your ride! Good job! on a workout

  15. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Good job on those miles. Hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend! on a workout

  16. Lynn
      Nice Job

    Glad there was no lightening for you, that would have been scary! Great job g... read more

  17. Luz T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good luck on your triathlon Janine!! on a workout

  18. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Wow!! Awesome workout. Do you have a race scheduled soon? on a workout

  19. Lynn
      Nice Job

    Swimming and running today!! Impressive stuff!! on a workout

  20. Paulina M.
      Nice Job

    That must've been a fun run there...Good job lady. on a workout

  21. Eli S.
      Nice Job

    Good thinking and run Janine! I was too lazy to get up this morning for a run... read more

  22. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Damn girl, that's a serious run after work.... on a workout

  23. Lynn
      Nice Job

    Awesome that you were able to get out on the trails on this gorgeous day!! on a workout

  24.   Nice Job

    Great ride. You're right, even on my short run today, I saw a lot of people o... read more

  25. Paulina M.
      Nice Job

    Well done!! on a workout

  26. Paulina M.
      Get Better

    It looks great to me. You got it done, but make sure you rest up. I hope you ... read more

  27. Eli S.
      Nice Job

    Janine, good job on your short run! on a workout

  28. Luz T.
      You're an Inspiration

    WOW! 12 miles and a super nice pace. LOVE IT! on a workout

  29. Lynn
      Nice Job

    Great pace and miles today!!! Very nice!! on a workout

  30. Lynn
      Nice Job

    That doesn't sound like much fun. Nice job getting your swim in despite the n... read more

  31. Luz T.
      Nice Job

    nice 7 Janine! I want your speed! lol on a workout

  32. Lynn
      Great Performance

    You are rockin' those hills lately!! on a workout

  33. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Wow!! That's a great pace for the almost half there. on a workout

  34. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    It feels great once you're done and the run is out of the way. And you've be... read more

  35. Paulina M.
      Nice Job

    Very nice run girl. on a workout

  36. Eli S.
      Nice Job

    Is that a love it or hate it aspect of running on a beautiful morning? Great... read more

  37.   Congrats

    Awesome, Janine. Congrats. I thought about you this weekend (as I was lying p... read more

  38. Lynn

    Great half today!!! Sounds like you had a good time out there too making frie... read more

  39. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Good job girl. on a workout

  40. Paulina M.
      Get Better

    Go get it checked, or maybe a deep tissue massage before the race . I hope yo... read more

  41. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Now that's a nice pace for a 12 miler on a trail. Good job, Janine. on a workout

  42. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    I'm hitting the trail today, just because you motivated me. It's 80 degrees t... read more

  43. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    I envy you Janine, you're so dedicated. Great run this morning and a nice pac... read more

  44. Paulina M.
      Nice Job

    Good 7 miler there. on a workout

  45. Paulina M.
      Great Performance

    Welcome back, hope you had a nice visit in the UK. Great trail run this morni... read more

  46. Eli S.
      Nice Job

    Go international runner! Nice to see you running Janine! on a workout

  47. Paulina M.
      Nice Job

    I always enjoyed trail runs, did a series of 8 races last year and placed in ... read more

  48. Lynn
      Nice Job

    It was windy!! I started off with a baseball hat on and my ears were frozen..... read more

  49. Paulina M.
      Nice Job

    You've got to love those hills, tough workout but stronger and faster legs..N... read more

  50. Eli S.
      Feel Better

    Colds sux, Janine! Yet, good job sticking with the run today. I hope you fe... read more