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try out one new activities, get enough sleep and have fun racing.

Wall of Motivation (110)

  1. Eli S.
      Great Performance

    SWEET Janine! I'm so proud of your time and dedication! Great job! on a workout

  2. Ashleigh B.

    awesome job today! You did so incredibly well in all 3 sports! on a workout

  3. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    You swam in that today! I am really impressed. on a workout

  4. Eli S.
      Nice Job

    Very nice Janine! Love it! on a workout

  5. Bjoern K.
      Nice Job

    Great run! First 4 miles down for the "Run across America" challenge on daily... read more

  6. Mark S.
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear about that. on a workout

  7. Rich L.
      Great Performance

    Great run, great pace, great execution! on a workout

  8. Bill S.
      Get Better

    I fell too!! My 4th fall of the year. Hope you're doing well. Feel better. on a workout

  9. Rich L.
      Nice Job

    Very slippery out there first thing this morning. Nice recovery! on a workout

  10. Rich L.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! Winter can have another week or 2 as long as it stays this beautiful! on a workout