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Jane logged 4537 miles.

Last workout almost 4 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. FIT
    Tae Kwon Do 01:00

    Learning the spin hook kick has been a real challenge. Fun!

  2. FIT
    good 40 mi 02:10 03:15 pace

    Getting back on track after being down with a cold.

  3. FIT
    great 20 mi 01:00 03:00 pace

    Hill simulation, 30 min of zone 4 intervals 180-184bpm...

  4. FIT
    great 10 mi 00:35 03:30 pace

    Spinning right after run....

  5. RUN
    great Canal 4 mi 00:40 10:00 pace

    Brick Session: 4 mile run then 4X200 meter sprints on the track, followed by a 10 mile spin....

  6. FIT
    good Club 30 mi 01:30 03:00 pace

    Aerobic Building Day- Zone 2, tossed in high cadence 90rpm at high zone 2 for 30 minutes (163-169bpm)then mixed it up with everything.

  7. FIT
    30 mi 01:30 03:00 pace

    half the session was devoted to Zone 2 <168bpm, the second half was devoted to intervals at all cadence speeds working in Zone 4 180-186bpm, I was bad and entered Zone 5 a couple of read more

    • Nic D.
      Nic D.

      Yay that's great with the weight loss. Well done. Just out of interest, what do you have your max HR set at?

      almost 4 years ago Like

    • Jane R.
      Jane R.

      Thanks! I had my max heart rate and VO2max done at the Boulder Sports Medicine Center with all the fun equipment and doctors. My max HR is 205...everyones is different, my friends max HR is varies. Thanks for your support!

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    • Nic D.
      Nic D.

      :0). How does your cycle Max HR differ from your running one? Mine is set at 178 but I really struggle to get any thing over 170. Running wise I top out about 171

      almost 4 years ago Like

    • Jane R.
      Jane R.

      Running is harder for me, I'll run anywhere from 158-180bpm, I try to focus more on the session than on HR with running. Doing hill intervals are killer and then I'll slide weight plates across the gym floor on towels thats really aerobic threshold is lower for running right around 178 and it's higher for spinning around 184...

      almost 4 years ago Like1 person

  8. FIT
    good Basement 20 mi 01:00 03:00 pace

    Pyramid set with different tempos..listening to "Chrissie Wellingtons" Spin Session. Zone 2 <168 and Zone 4 (180-184) work....

  9. walk
    good Canal Walk 4 mi 01:15 18:45 pace

    Did a canal walk with a 16 pound rucksack. Cold and cloudy but really pretty. saw some people walking their Alpacas...that was fun.

  10. FIT
    great Martial Arts 01:00

    Tae Kwon Do

  11. FIT
    great Club 25 mi 01:15 03:00 pace

    Zone 2 <165 first half of the ride then I tossed in 70rpm cadence in Zone 3 HR 168-178 (4X4 w 1 min recovery) felt really good today

  12. walk
    good 4 mi 01:15 18:45 pace

    Walked on the canal with a 16 pound rucksack after my martial arts class. Tired. I broke down and had a bowl of granola with almond milk, so hungry with the paleo challenge, will forge ahead tomorr... read more

    • Nic D.
      Nic D.

      My PT has advocated more fat in my diet via olive oil and coconut oil to combat the hunger pains. Let me know how you get on.

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    • Jane R.
      Jane R.

      Thanks Nicky! I use both but am still hungry..ohmmm.....

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  13. FIT
    Basement Spin 20 mi 01:05 03:15 pace

    ME day, real grind, 70rpm at high Z2 HR 165-170...5 minutes on with 1 min recovery for the hour....I'm wiped

    Paleo banana egg pancakes for breakfast and blueberry protein drink after workout.... read more

  14. FIT
    good Martial Arts-Tae Kwon Do 01:00

    Got to work with the amazing black belts today....

  15. FIT
    Threshold Hill Intervals 20 mi 01:00 03:00 pace

    Pyramid Set: threshold hill intervals, Zone 4, 177-184bpm with one minute recovery sets in between intervals at 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 min hill climbs.
    Whew! Heart rate wouldn't catch up to the pai... read more

  16. FIT
    great Basement 20 mi 01:00 03:00 pace

    Zone 2, <170bpm most of time creeped into zone three for a couple of minutes...I'm BAD....headed to do "The Beast" by Beachbody (arms and chest day) I started the Paleo Challenge,... read more