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New year and new goals, first in line is to go back and run The Highland Fling, unfinished business with this one and The Devil O The Highlands Foot Race

Wall of Motivation (286)

  1. Kelly L.
      Nice Job

    Great pace at that incline. Sorry to hear about the man flu. Take it easy c... read more

  2.   Congrats

    Wow!! Nice job on the Run for Tracy Challenge.....Fun "running" with you :)

  3.   Great Performance

    Gorgeous hike James! Must have been beautiful....:) Hiking like that is tou... read more

  4. Philip V.

    Awesome 10k James. Sounds like an awesome first official race. on a workout

  5. Wanda

    Holy cow! What an awesome time, and a great 10k! Congrats! on a workout

  6.   Congrats

    CONGRATULATIONS JAMES!!! Fantastic 10 Km....look at that time man! You "kil... read more

  7. Michael

    Killer time for your first official 10k, James! That trail running really pa... read more

  8. Thomas G.
      Great Performance

    That's a great 10k James! on a workout

  9.   Good Luck

    Excellent work out.....A huge "good luck" on the 10 will blow some... read more

  10. Kelly L.
      Good Luck

    Nice job on the class and swim. Good luck in the 10K tomorrow! on a workout

  11.   Nice Job

    Great run James, despite the "road rage" lol. Music is a must for that :) Y... read more

  12.   Nice Job

    Fantastic work James! Good point about the "mixing up". Hope we can help mo... read more

  13. Philip V.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great run James! on a workout

  14.   Congrats

    Holy cow James, you were awesome! I agree that you'll prefer the longer dist... read more

  15. Wanda
      Great Performance

    James, that's an awesome 5k time! I do tend to see you more as a distance ru... read more

  16. Sarah
      Nice Job

    Awesome day of workouts James! run and then the pool sounds great! I like th... read more

  17. Johanna
      Nice Job

    wow! 90 mins? Awesome job. on a workout

  18.   Congrats

    Congratulations!!! Pentathelet!!! Wear it with pride :) on a workout

  19.   Nice Job

    Wow to not feel it and then pull off that kind of James! Imp... read more

  20. Sarah
      Great Performance

    Great Run! Great way to wrap up the vacation! on a workout

  21.   Great Performance

    That is amazing James! The holiday has had a great are ready ... read more

  22. Erik K.
      Nice Job

    My distance this morning was close to what you did, but it just doesn't seem ... read more

  23.   Great Performance

    That is a fabulous run!!! Distance and pace as is your style. Fun that you ... read more

  24. Erik K.
      You're an Inspiration

    I look forward to a day I can go that far all the time instead of as a long r... read more

  25. Kelly L.
      Great Performance

    Awesome pace for this run James! Nice work on the PBs! Not sure what wellie... read more

  26. Thomas G.
      Great Performance

    Wow, that's an impressive run there James! on a workout

  27. Rolando R.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  28. Thomas G.
      Great Performance

    Very imperssive run James! on a workout

  29. Erik K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Crazy fast trail run! on a workout

  30. Sarah
      You're Funny

    Nice 10k on a true hamster wheel at that! Nice pace and nice swim. Like how y... read more

  31. Kelly L.
      Great Performance

    Amazing distance and then a swim? You rock! on a workout

  32.   You're an Inspiration

    Holy cow James, that is an adventure! That is more than a half-marathon....G... read more

  33.   Great Performance

    So great to hear that! That was quite the work out you did. Hope the day co... read more

  34.   Nice Job

    Ah, a sunny 11 degrees sounds lovely! Hmm, what are the temperature fluctuati... read more

  35.   Nice Job

    That is fantastic...and in cold and Congratulations to you and N... read more

  36.   Nice Job

    That's a nice pace! Is that on a trail? on a workout