3826 total / 921 in 2014

This years goals are my biggest yet, first off is to run in my first Ultra in March, then in September to run in a 12/24 hour Endurance Trail race

Wall of Motivation (504)

  1.   Great Performance

    You are amazing James! I was just reading a running magazine dedicated to mo... read more

  2.   Cheers

    Well, you still pushed through that at an awesome pace. When our energy is b... read more

  3.   Nice Job

    Definitely listen to your Physio!! Great run there today'll be ... read more

  4. Kelly L.
      Get Better

    Hard to call you a lazy bugger when you aren't supposed to be running James. ... read more

  5. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    Hey you lazy bugger I miss your wit and charm.

  6.   Cheers

    Welcome back to it James! I'm so sorry you were in pain and unable to be you... read more

  7. Kelly L.
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear about your back issues James. Glad the weather has been great ... read more

  8. Joanne C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Fantastic achievement James, well done and congratulations. For your first ul... read more

  9. Tracy S.
      Great Performance

    Another sterling effort. Well done. on a workout

  10. Kelly L.

    AMAZING James! Sorry I missed this post, I'm not on DM that much anymore. I... read more

  11.   You're Badass

    Great keeping it to a dondar today!! Can't keep this man down for long :) Y... read more

  12. Philip V.

    Wow James. What an achievement! Congrats! on a workout

  13. Tracy S.
      You're an Inspiration

    An outstanding result for your first ultra James. You did amazingly well. Con... read more

  14.   Congrats

    I am SO impressed James!!! Wow!! I raise my glass to you my friend. That is ... read more

  15. Elysia
      Great Performance

    Excellent, James!!! So proud. on a workout

  16.   Feel Better

    I know how it sucks wind to be under the weather during a training period...b... read more

  17.   Feel Better

    I'm so sorry about that James! Stomach flu is the worst!!! It can really ta... read more

  18.   You're Funny

    Great 8 James!! Ugh......NO ipod!!!!! Yikes!!!! on a workout

  19.   Great Performance

    Big congrats! Excellent effort after such a long run so close. on a workout

  20.   Congrats

    Just amazing James!!! That is one hell of a fast run!! Impressive :) on a workout

  21. Laura
      Great Performance

    Nice work after yesterday long run James. Speedy pace there too :)) on a workout

  22.   Great Performance

    Simply fabulous James!!! wow!!!! What a long run!!! I hope you are having a ... read more

  23. Elysia
      Great Performance

    Wow, what a run, James! Well done. I hope you enjoy that foo foo -- you've ea... read more

  24.   Great Performance

    What an amazing trail run!! Very impressive....YOU are the trail master!!! on a workout

  25. Elysia
      Nice Job

    Wow, this sounds like a great time! So much hard work. James, you've earned y... read more

  26.   Great Performance

    That was quite the mix!! Amazing distance in that stuff!!! on a workout

  27.   Nice Job

    OUCH! Brillant run my friend!! Yoga and a foo foo sound like the trick :) on a workout

  28.   Hi-five

    Oh my, your body is demanding a rest from you. Glad you treaded it to some f... read more

  29. Melinda B.
      Feel Better

    Hope you feel better after the gym work. on a workout

  30.   Great Performance

    haha!!! I wish I was resting like that!! What an amazing run - you are a true... read more

  31. Tracy S.
      You're an Inspiration

    I love the energy and enthusiasm in this post. A fabulous run James. Well done. on a workout

  32.   Congrats

    Fabulous James!!! Sounds like your kind of race too!!! What a great festive ... read more

  33. Thomas G.
      Nice Job

    Great race James! on a workout

  34. Laura
      You're an Inspiration

    Haha girls and their screaming!! Nice pace for the conditions James. Now have... read more

  35. Elysia
      Great Performance

    Wow, that's a speedy run, James! Well done, especially in that mud! on a workout

  36.   Great Performance

    Very smart to take tomorrow off!!! That is a fabulous long run you did today ... read more

  37. Joanne C.
      Great Performance

    Well done James, fantastic miles in very yucky weather. on a workout

  38. Tracy S.
      You're an Inspiration

    A huge run in trying conditions. You never fail to impress me. Well done. on a workout

  39.   Great Performance

    I am so impressed with that long long run!!! Amazing in those read more

  40. Kelly L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing endurance run especially in those conditions. Very impressive! on a workout

  41. Gozling
      Get Better

    see... being a goat really is a tough life! Hope the shoes feel a bit better ... read more

  42. Elysia
      Nice Job

    Wow, this run was made for you, James! Sounds like a great time. Well done. G... read more

  43.   Great Performance

    That is the coolest run I've ever heard!! Swinging from the tree like Spider... read more

  44. Gozling
      You're an Inspiration

    you were in your element... I say throw some goat hair on your jacket and be ... read more

  45.   Great Performance

    Hell of a long amazing run!!!! You are a beast!!! (the good kind). Wow! on a workout

  46. Gozling
      Great Performance

    lol bump in the road... What a fantastic run!! Seriously amazing pace for tha... read more

  47. Michael
      Nice Job

    That sounds like a fantastic outing, James! Nice job cranking up the leaderbo... read more

  48. Elysia
      Nice Job

    Wow, that is super fast for being stuck behind a slow runner! I'm impressed. ... read more

  49. Gozling

    What a fantastic start to the year!!! Even if you were held up by the turtle ... read more

  50.   Congrats

    What an awesome trail race!!! I knew you'd have a great one!!! You are amazi... read more