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Get these legs healed up, get back to running, and then think once again about triathlons...

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  1. FIT
    good hot one hundreds and hoops 00:10:00

    Hot 100s day 2 (100 sec front and 50 sec each side and reverse planks) plus 3x100x2 hula hoops plus of course my physio exercises. Good night!

  2. walk
    good a rest day stroll 2 km 00:19 15:40 pace

    "Easy" day, 1km shod and 1km barefoot on the treadmill. I felt like doing more but the goal is to alternate easy and harder days. C. came to me as I was banging out the km and asked me to... read more

  3. FIT
    good hot 100s and hoops 00:10:00

    I did these for about 150 days last year but stopped because they're, frankly, quite boring, but also because I broke some ribs falling on ice. I sprained some ribs again last month but they&#... read more

  4. walk
    good back on the mill 2.6 km 00:26 16:05 pace

    Back on the treadmill. 1.4K shod and 1.2K barefoot, including a 100m cooldown. This dratted leg is still sore and swollen... very tiresome. But it's working a little better. Have a good day! W... read more

    • John K.
      John K.

      Looks like the distance is increasing though, giving more stress on the leg. "Sore and swollen" means that the leg is activated. As long as you also get enough rest, and it is "just" sore, this sounds like progress :)

      2 days ago Like1 person

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    • Robert G.
      Robert G.

      Aggh…not so sure if the swollen part is a good thing. Sounds like with your extended walk on Sunday and yesterdays 1.75km, your leg needs a bit of a rest ☹

      1 day ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      The swelling goes down after about 12 hours, Robert! Actually, I'm trying to alternate easy days with harder days, so it can heal on the easy days. Was actually planning to bike on the alternate days but it kept on raining and pouring outside, and cold! :)

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  5. walk
    good more on the mill 1.75 km 00:17 15:51 pace

    Leg was bad yesterday (I used my cane at STWM) and today so I kept it short. 750m shod and 1km barefoot. I'm going to have to use my good shoes on the treadmill, as the ones I'm using are... read more

  6. walk
    alright STWM walking around 5 km

    Walking like mad to the subway, then from the subway to the race course, then down the course and back up again, then back to the subway and back home. Then up on a ladder for a couple of hours. Wh... read more

    • Edwin K.
      Edwin K.

      Great job.

      3 days ago Like1 person

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    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Thanks, guys! I actually seem to have moved my leg to another plateau after doing all that walking around ... so it's even possible that I might be on the course some time in the future! Who knows! Richard Graves, whom I mentioned seeing, was someone I would always see at 10K races, and I was really surprised to see him doing the half! He's 84 and still improving!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Richard V.
      Richard V.

      Great job getting out Pierre! Keep getting the little workouts and it will build

      2 days ago Like1 person

  7. So I used Windows Moviemaker for the first time and did a little rudimentary editing on Edwin's video, ... I was frustrated at the clunky interface and the limit... read more

  8. walk
    good a little more again 2.5 km 00:24 15:34 pace

    1800m shod, 700m barefoot. I find walking barefoot not as good as running barefoot, because if I run I land on my forefoot but walking I heel or midfoot strike, but I'll take what I can get. ... read more

  9. walk
    good recovery stroll 1.25 km 00:12:21 15:54 pace

    Leg was a lot better than yesterday but not ALL better and the bad muscle was still being bad, so I did an easy 600m shod and 650m barefoot on the treadmill, then some extra strength workouts etc. ... read more

  10. FIT
    good weights and floor 00:20

    Just some weights and floor exercises today. Really running late these days, it's all the leg exercises taking up so much time. But it's helping, overall, aside from the guilt as I come i... read more

  11. walk
    good TM again, after the pain 2.2 km 00:21 15:21 pace

    Leg was really sore going into this so I was planning to do just 1k, however it started feeling better and before I knew it, I was at 1.6km. So I stopped and took my shoes off planning 400m barefoo... read more

    • Robert G.
      Robert G.

      Good work, but don’t forget about recovery time. Your leg will thank you!

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Yes, Robert, I had considered doing weights instead, today, but just somehow ended up on the mill etc... will try again tomorrow!

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  12. walk
    good A little more again! 2.25 km 00:21 14:49 pace

    Barefoot 400m, light jog 100m, the rest fast walking. Seriously, I think something is wrong with that foot, it may be the root of my problems. Need to ponder the mechanics of this. Meanwhile, have ... read more

  13. walk
    good a bit of barefoot 2 km 00:19 15:32 pace

    The time doesn't include the 1 minute I stopped the treadmill to put on my shoes after a couple hundred metres of barefoot walking. I think part of the problem with my leg is something wrong w... read more

    • Robert G.
      Robert G.

      Its good to change things up to see what works. Great work Pierre.

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Thanks, Robert! This leg "seems" (at the moment) to be benefitting quite well from all the stuff I'm doing... knock on wood.

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    • Robert G.
      Robert G.

      That’s very good new but please stay within limits. You don’t want to set yours self back in the great progress you’re making.

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Been doing so, thanks for the reminders, Robert! I do need the reminders.

      8 days ago Like

  14. walk
    good On the mill 1.8 km 00:18 15:53 pace

    I didn't jog this time as this was a recovery walk on the treadmill. While I walked, I was thinking about the situation with my leg. It had stabilized for over a month in a bad state where it ... read more

  15. walk
    good the post prandial stroll 1 km

    After the Thanksgiving dinner, a little stroll around the area. Leg was sore but I was able to walk almost normally. Happy Thanksgiving, Canucks!

  16. walk
    good recovery trudge 0.6 km 00:06:00 16:05 pace

    Leg was pretty bad today for reasons I don't know, but C. suspects the jogging is pushing it a bit too far. Busy day ahead so I just did half a km. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Robert G.
      Robert G.

      Looks like you’re consistent in your daily routine of 1km waking – that’s great. But please don’t tell me you’re thinking of jogging at this point!!! Take it easy and keep doing what works for you without causing any further aggravation.

      10 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Robert, I've been mixing in slow jogs of about a minute in my walking routines... it's helping but I had to back off a little bit because one of the muscles, which was punctured for the operation, is still extremely sore... I'm trying to be careful but also push things a tiny bit each day.

      10 days ago Like

  17. walk
    good morning TM 1.5 km 00:14:14 15:16 pace

    Leg was bad today, but I went on the TM anyhow and managed this small increment of distance. Limping around again, drat it, thought things were improving. Got outside for part of this beautiful sun... read more

  18. walk
    good a little more 1.6 km 00:15 15:18 pace

    Walked 800M on TM, jogged 100M, walked 450M and jogged 250M. Then the physio exercises with some extras I developed that really made a big difference. Leg is a little bit better than last week. How... read more

    • Alexandra W.
      Alexandra W.

      Interesting to note: no cycling. All sounds good. I haven't got the hang of time either.

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      I'll be on the bicycle sooner or later but at the moment, it doesn't appeal! About time... I used to be really efficient with it but for some reason this leg surgery has somehow become The Thing That Ate My Days.

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  19. walk
    good a little farther again 1.5 km 00:14:21 15:23 pace

    Now that I don't need to worry about the doctor for a while I have started ramping up a little. I jogged for one minute and walked for the rest of this morning's treadmill session. The kn... read more

  20. walk
    good a bit more 1.25 km 00:11:55 15:20 pace

    seeing the doctor today (Wed) and so I tried not to wreck my leg before going.

    • Alexandra W.
      Alexandra W.

      Ah yes, always desirable to impress the doctor, even if it means cheating a little.

      15 days ago Like1 person

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    • Alexandra W.
      Alexandra W.

      Sounds promising. When I was having knee trouble professionals were always recommending cycling, but I found walking much more comfortable. Cycling against resistance was specially bad. Worth trying gently though.

      15 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      My surgeon is primarily a cyclist, who has done bike racing and the like as well as running marathons, and so of course I consider his advice to be a little biased! I did a fair bit of online research before going to the operation, and had read that cycling was not very good for osteoarthritis, though easy jogging was fine. I told him this, and he looked skeptical.

      15 days ago Like