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Get these legs healed up, get back to running, and then think once again about triathlons...

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  • 9 miles
  • 02:15 time
  • 637 calories
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  1. walk
    good quick shuffle 2.66 km 00:20 12:06 pace

    Just had 20 mins to spare this AM so I cranked up the speed after the warmup and did this, mostly barefoot. No time ...gtg... have a good one!

  2. VELO
    good slow, slow, slow 1.94 km 00:10:00 7.2mph pace

    Stretching the bad leg on the exercycle whilst reading the boring book. Good night!

  3. FIT
    good the usual, day 57 00:11:00

    Just the usual, hoops and planks and pushups (after my physio exercises.) Time for the easy bike spin and then bed! Leg was very sore for one of the exercises, but responded well to massage.

  4. walk
    good Rest Day Zap 3.2 km 00:28 14:14 pace

    This was maybe a bit too fast for a rest day workout but I kept it below the pain threshold and was totally focussed on form. My good leg looks great, has good muscle definition and you can see eve... read more

  5. VELO
    good the leg stretcher 1.8 km 00:10:00 6.7mph pace

    Just the slow leg stretch on the exercycle. The book I'm reading is making me wish I could read certain other languages...

    • Sam J.
      Sam J.

      Rosetta Stone! Nice stretcher.

      1 day ago Like1 person

    • Alexandra W.
      Alexandra W.

      I'm currently collecting & reading all the Simenon Maigret series in french. He claimed to use a very limited vocabulary, but actually took a pride in putting in eg obscure nautical vocabulary. As I mostly read at mealtimes, this means one hand for the book, another for the dictionary, and a third for eating. And all those new words go in one eye and out the other. However, I tell myself I am learning and staving off Alzheimers. Reading french certainly enriches my appreciation of english.

      about 3 hours ago Like

  6. FIT
    good day 56 00:11:00

    Followed the physio with 3x180x2 hoops (I dropped the dratted things several times then got PO'd and spun them with total maniac energy) and 130-65-65-130 planks and then some pushups. Feels g... read more

  7. walk
    good the normal stroll 5 km 00:44 14:14 pace

    Rushed for time this morning but took the time on the treadmill to get this done. Leg wasn't too bad, though it took a while to warm up and wouldn't let me go very fast. I think I'm ... read more

    • Menno G.

      Good news! Hope the recovery continues

      2 days ago Like1 person

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    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Thanks, Robert, I'm actually aiming to get back up to 10 miles/16km a day 3 - 4 times a week, which was my favourite distance before the injury. I don't plan to go over that any more (well, maybe the occasional half, if things look good, but not likely!) So I have some distance to gain yet, but it's improving anyway! :)

      2 days ago Like

    • Robert G.
      Robert G.

      Wow Pierre, I know you can do it. Just give it time.

      2 days ago Like1 person

  8. VELO
    good the easy knee stretcher 1.7 km 00:10:00 6.3mph pace

    I went extra super slowly on this spin, to keep the knee healing. Seems to be helping. Good night!

  9. FIT
    good hot hundreds 00:10:00

    Physio was followed by the usual hoops and hot hundreds. Still to do the easy spin. Good night!

  10. walk
    good Zapped again 1.75 km 00:16 14:53 pace

    After yesterday's activities my leg was very sore yesterday. However I woke up feeling "fine" (not much pain), though stiff and with a weird click in the joint. After some easy stret... read more

  11. FIT
    good Last night's hot hundreds 00:10:00

    Usual Physio was followed by 3x100x2 hoops and 120-60-60-120 planks. Then off to bed. Last night.

  12. walk
    good the miscellanous walks 2.5 km

    Walking to and from the race twice including almost a km of running to catch up to two friends who were obliviously heading the wrong way.

  13. RUN
    Santa Run Burlington 5 km 00:34 10:52 pace

    Jogged the whole way. Leg was bad at first then was a bit better. Then afterwards I had to run 1k to catch up to some friends who were attending. I saw Larry but never saw RIchard. Time is approx, ... read more

    • Patty S.
      Patty S.

      I want to see a picture of you in the Santa suit! nice pace!

      4 days ago Like

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    • Sarah M.
      Sarah M.

      Oh I wish I had known! I would have come and cheered you on!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Thanks everyone! Sarah, wish I'd mentioned it but was pretty sure no-one would be interested so I didn't say anything. My bad, obviously. Photos are on my friend's phone and he hasn't sent them yet...

      3 days ago Like

  14. FIT
    good hot hundreds and hoops 00:11:00

    Decided to skip the spin tonight just to be sure the leg would get a bit of rest today. Physio and then hoops and planks. Hope you're all having a good morning (when you see this!)

  15. FIT
    good minimum fitness 00:12:00

    It's a rest day so all I did was some upper body weights. Hope to do floor exercises later, was too busy.

  16. walk
    good zapped 1.6 km 00:14:20 14:25 pace

    Just zapping the zero on my rest day. Have an outdoor 5k tomorrow. Have a great Friday! The snowstorm is over!

  17. VELO
    good very v-e-r-y slow 1.9 km 00:10:00 7.1mph pace

    Very, very slow leg stretcher on the spin bike. Hopefully this will have the good effect and not the bad one. We'll see tomorrow. Good night!

  18. FIT
    good again and again 00:12:00

    Followed my usual physio workout with the usual 3x140x2 hoops and 130-66-66-130 planks. This combination always leaves me feeling very healthy afterward! Good night!

  19. walk
    good manic snow-shuffle 2.8 km

    #5amrunclub Turns out that I biked too hard last night so my leg was killing me today. But was that going to stop me from going out in the nice fresh snow? No it wasn't. So off I went in a sor... read more

    • Menno G.

      You keep amazing me Pierre. Fighting what and at what cost? You hurt nobody else but yourself, otherwise it might be called almost agressive. The post is nice to read though - true fighters prose. But man, taking care of oneself is a human capacity too. Take care of that leg, it's part of you!

      6 days ago Like1 person

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    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Rest day tomorrow, Menno! Agreed, Mike! Patty, you can't imagine. :)

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Todd S.
      Todd S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Great snow run.

      6 days ago

  20. VELO
    good boring but slow 2.5 km 00:10:00 9.3mph pace

    Just a boring and slow leg-flexer on the exercycle. There was a funny line in the book, but the author got things back under control after that.