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Jose logged 1155 miles.

Last workout about 7 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. VELO
    great 20 mi 02:00 10.0mph pace

    Perfect weather! Everyone was out on their bikes or running on the trail this afternoon. I ran into a friend walking her dogs, saw an old ditch i used to shred in my BMX days, and am now ready to e... read more

  2. VELO
    great 14.48 mi 01:12 12.0mph pace

    My ride home is fun because I can push it and not worry about getting sweaty, so after I bought a spare tube (I carry a patch kit but like the feeling of comfort knowing it's there!) I headed ... read more

  3. VELO
    great Commute 13.95 mi 01:02 13.4mph pace

    Best cycling commute yet! Shaved a few minutes off my time and yet managed to feel great once I got to work. There is one hill that still pisses me off but I'll get over it!
    Things I saw this... read more

  4. VELO
    great 14 mi 01:18 10.8mph pace

    Independence Day ride! Saw some fun stuff and had my first bail today. I went across the river, then down the trail till about sutterville and back, around the Capitol and then into old sac. It... read more

  5. VELO
    good Commute 13.9 mi 01:08 12.3mph pace

    Fun ride in to work. First ride w/ clouds decorating my morning sky and wind adding a little extra oomph to my pre-office workout! My right leg was giving me some grief even though I spent some ti... read more

  6. VELO
    great 13.96 mi 01:06 12.7mph pace

    Commute home - ok NOW I'm sore! Started off slow because during my mid morning walk I was feeling it - about halfway through felt better and picked it up - a guy on the causeway passed me and ... read more

    • David P.
      David P.

      You know, I was just thinking on my long weekend ride that cyclists are MORE friendly than runners! All the cyclists I saw waved, but very few of the runners I've seen lately even acknowledge my existence. "Hey you! I know you saw me a block away! At least give me a little nod!"

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    • Jose G.
      Jose G.

      the runners have zero excuse not to wave! On the bikes though, if someone is in the drops and really cranking it, it can be tough to disengage and wave. Runners? Just wave that water bottle - your hands are out there anyway! I will continue to do unscientific testing on this, and hopefully shame the running and cycling communities into being more friendly ;)

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    • Ivy

      the farther you are on the trail, the friendlier the people are. the friendliest trail I've ever been on was Emigrant trail in Truckee, everyone one said hello how are you, have a great run etc.. with smiles on their face you know they meant it. Local trails are the best. No Tahoe tourists who don't even know what On Your left means.

      over 7 years ago Like1 person

    • David P.
      David P.

      @Jose, I've noticed (and done it myself) that cyclists in the drops just sort of stick out their fingers a bit so the thumb and palm are still on the bar. It works!

      @Ivy, I discovered a corollary to your theory: the worse the weather, the more likely runners are to wave. I think it's an acknowledgement of "Yeah, we're crazy alright!"

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  7. VELO
    great 13.71 mi 01:02 13.3mph pace

    Feels like I'm getting away with something I'm not supposed to, having too much fun before work begins! Today was my 2nd commute of the week. Started out a bit later, took it slow in the ... read more

    • Teresa

      Sounds like I should ride to work!

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    • Layla

      This is great! And I bet those runners are still talking about the bicyclist who wasn't cussing at them for once! I've been talking for eons about trying to commute to work by bike, and I've even driven a couple routes in an attempt to find non-death-inducing roads. Now you're inspiring me to keep that idea in mind.

      over 7 years ago Like1 person

    • Jose G.
      Jose G.

      Teresa - it's not like running, it's not the same, fun but a more mellow fun. I couldn't run to work that's for sure! I'd be a sopping mess.
      Layla - thank you! I say you do it. You know google has that 'bike route' feature right? It's rough but it does an ok job.

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    • Layla

      Yeah, the catch is that Google doesn't know about construction. Riding on a busy, fast four-lane road that has no shoulders right now = sure death.

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  8. VELO
    great 13.93 mi 01:20 10.5mph pace

    I feel like a Fremen warrior - without a stillsuit! Riding home in 100 degree weather meant I went slower, drank lots, refilled my water bottle 3x and felt like a total bad ass when all was said an... read more

  9. VELO
    great Commute! 13.77 mi 01:02 13.2mph pace

    First day of summer, first cycling commute to work! Everything went smoothly, I took my time and didn't really 'gun it' as I didn't want to arrive a sopping mess at my office. I... read more

  10. Will there be a lottery system for DM pro? Bandits? I love the ad-free interface but don't blame them for making a few dollars for more features. You use it more, you pay a bit. Seems straight... read more

  11. VELO
    13.2 mi 01:08 11.7mph pace

    Roasting hot but oh so much fun! #seenonmybike people on kayaks, guys jumping off bridge into the American river near discovery park, sunburnt people loading up picnic supplies and runners braving ... read more

  12. VELO
    great Downtown Loop 8.79 mi 00:46 11.6mph pace

    Earlier today I was an angry mess, a rarity for me but still...went riding and that anger and frustration dissipated through my pores and evaporated into the afternoon air.
    I am still in the honeym... read more

    • Daniel
      Daniel You're Funny
      You're Funny:

      there's a black cat caught in a high tree top...

      over 7 years ago

  13. VELO
    great 12.57 mi 01:02 12.1mph pace

    Fun ride into south west sac, saw a dead skunk, mowers for sale, a boat for sale, and a vile driver at a stoplight who blatantly littered by flinging his cup down onto the roadway w/o a care. Where... read more

  14. VELO
    great 11 mi 01:06 10.0mph pace

    Fun ride downtown, took my time and had a blast! I saw a bike stunt team downtown riding ramps. The people behind those "world is ending on may21st" gave me their business card. Saw peopl... read more

  15. VELO
    great Causeway 15 mi 01:06 13.6mph pace

    Rode halfway to work and then back home after a day of eating and hanging with hippies at the Davis Whole Earth Festival! Felt the wind on the causeway and thought "ok this will feel great on ... read more

    • Christina H.
      Christina H.

      You dont look like a poser, I'm sure. All the dudes with the "kits" on look like posers! It makes me ask "are you REALLY sponsored by Oakley?" Way to work the ride!

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    • Jose G.
      Jose G.

      Thanks Christina! at least runners know I'm a runner on a bike ;)

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  16. VELO
    great 13 mi 01:05 12.0mph pace

    So much fun! Longest ride yet! Ventured to the river long enough to feel as though I left civilization, saw guys fishing, a guy dirt jumping on his motorcycle, farms, the deep water channel and a s... read more

  17. VELO
    good 8.28 mi 00:49 10.1mph pace

    Beautiful post Easter ride to the new river walk promenade and back. A much needed endorphin shot after a day of ingesting tons of food! Full blog post with photos of juggalo graffiti soon!

  18. VELO
    good 4.13 mi 00:23 10.8mph pace

    First ride in my new bike! Well it's a 2010 but it's new to me :) I know - I'm positive I looked like a dork but I just wanted to spend some time on it and get a feel for what eventu... read more

    • Jim P.
      Jim P.

      Excellent first spin! Does she have a name yet?

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

    • Jose G.
      Jose G.

      ha ha ha! Thank you for posting this, I almost posted "this is going to sound weird but I'm contemplating naming this bike, it just feels right but I haven't decided on a name for her yet"
      I totally don't feel weird now!
      Nerd bonus - my top three names are sci-fi related - (since the all white looks futuristic)

      almost 8 years ago Like

  19. FIT
    good Mowed front lawn 00:46

    Mowed my lawn and even though I have a cold/spring allergies felt great to be outside! Started out a bit too fast and had to adjust my pace after a few minutes. Around the turnaround point I stoppe... read more