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  • 10 miles
  • 00:56 time
  • 898 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    alright Publix 5.2 mi 00:29 10.9mph pace

    Calmer, cooler, moderately humid. Errands. שבת שלום

  2. VELO
    alright Public Library 1.74 mi 00:10:42 9.8mph pace

    Light, inconsequential breeze, @89*F and 62% humidity. Hey, at least I got out.

  3. VELO
    blah Public Library and Farmers Ma... 2.81 mi 00:16 10.4mph pace

    About 40 feet before I got to the farmers market it started to POUR. On the return trip, it became a deluge. My problem? Drivers who don't turn on their headlights. Mission accomplished (but i... read more

  4. VELO
    blah Publix and Farmers Market 7.73 mi 00:43 10.8mph pace

    After a week-and-a-half in the hospital, I feel (and am) weak; but the groceries ain't gonna buy themselves, so... it's done. שבת שלום

  5. VELO
    good Public Library, Farmers Marke... 4.59 mi 00:28 10.0mph pace

    12mph wind from the SE, @92*F and 61% humidity. Errands... שבת שלום

  6. VELO
    good Publix, Farmers Market (x2), ... 11.93 mi 01:08 10.6mph pace

    Hot, humid, little-if-any wind. Still keeping off the (left) foot. שבת שלום

  7. VELO
    alright Public Library, Farmers Marke... 4.63 mi 00:29 9.7mph pace

    15mph wind from the ESE, @88*F and 65% humidity. שבת שלום

  8. VELO
    good Public Library, Farmers Marke... 4.61 mi 00:27 10.3mph pace

    9mph wind out of the ESE, @87*F and 68% humidity. Light rain... almost more of a heavy mist. שבת שלום!

  9. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.24 mi 01:42 11.9mph pace

    10mph wind from the E, @88*F and 62% humidity. LOTS of traffic!

  10. VELO
    good Cilantro's 14.87 mi 01:13 12.2mph pace

    12mph wind from the ESE, @90*F and 57% humidity. Got up early, ready to go, then rain showers. Waited until it dried-up and the sky looked so-so clear, then left. No problem going out, but for a mi... read more

  11. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.27 mi 01:43 11.8mph pace

    10mph wind from the ESE, @88*F and 60% humidity. I was surprised at the amount of traffic... particularly on this L-O-N-G 4th of July weekend. Nice end to the week's riding.

  12. VELO
    good Cilantro's 14.85 mi 01:13 12.2mph pace

    Wind from the SE @10mph, 88*F, and 58% humidity. שבת שלום!

  13. VELO
    good Publix, Farmers Market, and L... 9.64 mi 00:52 11.1mph pace

    10mph wind from the E, @90*F and 58% humidity.

  14. VELO
    good Cilantro's 14.84 mi 01:11 12.5mph pace

    Light breeze from the E, @84*F and 71% humidity. Twitchy steering! I need to work on the "fit". OTOH, no hand pain (and only a little tingling in fingers).

  15. VELO
    good Public Library 1.75 mi 00:10:41 9.8mph pace

    Same weather as before. Return one, take three.

  16. VELO
    good Bicyclery: HH⇕ 14.31 mi 01:10 12.3mph pace

    8mph wind from the SE, @90*F and 58% humidity. My wallet is $89 "lighter", but with upright bars, new brake/derailleur cables, and cleaned/adjusted brakes.

  17. VELO
    good Cilantro's 14.85 mi 01:13 12.2mph pace

    14mph wind from the SE, @88*F and 60% humidity. NOW the week's riding is done.

  18. VELO
    Intersection of Jog Road and ... 1.72 mi 00:08:00 12.9mph pace

    A scant seven months since the last "massive fastener" blowout; this time, the front tire; again, while going through an intersection where traffic forced me to watch it, instead of the r... read more

  19. VELO
    good Farmers Market (x2) and Liquo... 6.83 mi 00:37 11.2mph pace

    Wind 15mph from the SE, @88*F and 60% humidity. Got up at 5:30 to go out at 7... dressed and ready-to-roll... then BOOM! rain showers. OK... errands are good, too. שבת שלום

  20. VELO
    good Cilantro's 14.92 mi 01:12 12.5mph pace

    Wind 16mph from the SE, @88*F and 62% humidity.