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  • 5 miles
  • 00:30 time
  • 499 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    good Public Library, Farmers Marke... 5 mi 00:30 9.9mph pace

    17mph wind from the NE, @85*F and 69% humidity. Yeah, errands. שבת שלום

  2. VELO
    good Local Loop #0.5 16.04 mi 01:21 11.8mph pace

    Loop x2 + Farmers Market in-between. Windy, hot, and moderately humid. Errands 'n exercise. שבת שלום!
    An hour later, to Publix and back. :D

  3. VELO
    Liquor Store 1.81 mi 00:10:31 10.3mph pace

    Windy, hot, and somewhat humid. Wine! In vino veritas! ויין ישמח לבב אנוש!

  4. VELO
    good Farmers Market and Liquor Store 4.27 mi 00:24 10.5mph pace

    15mph wind from the E, @86*F and 66% humidity.

  5. VELO
    good Public Library, Publix, and L... 7.35 mi 00:40 10.9mph pace

    15mph wind from the SE, @85*F and 82% humidity. Errands. מואדים לשמחה ושבת שלום!

  6. VELO
    blah Liquor Store, Publix 6.92 mi 00:37 11.1mph pace

    Windy, warm, humid, and rainy... and I dumped at a left-turn traffic light... one helluva "strawberry" just below my left knee -- no pain (yet), but bloody and red. חג סוכות שמח!

  7. VELO
    good Publix, Public Library, Farme... 9.83 mi 00:54 11.0mph pace

    Light breeze, neither hot nor humid. ערב חג... errands. שנה טובה ומתוקה, כתיבה וחתימה טובה!

  8. VELO
    good Publix, Liquor Store, Public ... 10.6 mi 01:14 8.6mph pace

    12mph wind from the NE, @89*F and 58% humidity. Something wacky with my T/D/S computer. First ride post-Irma... lots of debris in the bike lanes. שבת שלום!

  9. VELO
    good Publix and Farmers Market 5.47 mi 00:32 10.3mph pace

    15mph wind from the ENE, @87*F and 74% humidity. That's it... final errands for Shabbos and Hurricane Irma. שבת שלום!

  10. VELO
    good Publix + Liquor Store 7.01 mi 00:39 10.7mph pace

    Breezy, warm, and humid. More errands. שבת שלום!

  11. VELO
    good Publix, Public Library, Farme... 8.22 mi 00:48 10.3mph pace

    Breezy, warm, and humid. Errands: Staples, perishables, and produce for Shabbat and... IRMA! A bit more to go... tomorrow.

  12. VELO
    good S57-Maleluca-Jog-FH-HH-LW-S57... 10.69 mi 00:55 11.6mph pace

    9mph wind from the ENE, @88*F and 62% humidity. I felt pooped-out this morning, but I can always rest after the ride; still, another good one.

  13. VELO
    good S57-Maleluca-Jog-FH-HH-LW-S57... 10.68 mi 00:52 12.3mph pace

    9mph wind from the ESE, @88*F and 69% humidity. Great ride! Felt strong, with easy breathing... didn't push it, it was just natural.

  14. VELO
    good S57-Maleluca-Jog-FH-HH-LW-S57... 10.67 mi 00:55 11.7mph pace

    10mph wind from the SE, @88*F and 69% humidity. שבת שלום!

  15. VELO
    good Double-OH Loop 10 mi 00:51 11.7mph pace

    12mph wind from the SE, @89*F and 69% humidity. Yeah, I'm workin' my way back to you, babe.

  16. VELO
    good Public Library, Publix, and L... 7.28 mi 00:42 10.5mph pace

    7mph wind from the SE, @89*F and 67% humidity.

  17. VELO
    blah Publix 5.18 mi 00:28 10.9mph pace

    Raining all morning and early afternoon; sun came out, dried-up all the rain. OK, sez I, got dressed in cycling clothes, rode up to Publix, did my shopping, went out to my bike, and Boom! it starte... read more

  18. VELO
    alright Publix 5.2 mi 00:29 10.9mph pace

    Calmer, cooler, moderately humid. Errands. שבת שלום

  19. VELO
    alright Public Library 1.74 mi 00:10:42 9.8mph pace

    Light, inconsequential breeze, @89*F and 62% humidity. Hey, at least I got out.

  20. VELO
    blah Public Library and Farmers Ma... 2.81 mi 00:16 10.4mph pace

    About 40 feet before I got to the farmers market it started to POUR. On the return trip, it became a deluge. My problem? Drivers who don't turn on their headlights. Mission accomplished (but i... read more