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  • 11 miles
  • 01:00 time
  • 954 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    good Post Office, Library, plus... 11.3 mi 01:00 11.3mph pace

    13mph wind from the WNW, @65*F (55*F when I left) and 38% humidity. In-town riding sucks, as does standing on a line at the Post Office, with only one clerk at the counter.

  2. VELO
    good LW-Phurst-10th-PRIV 5.3 mi 00:24 13.2mph pace

    23mph winds from the WNW, @55*F and 77% humidity. Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday, so I decided to "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun", and repeated my mid-morning ride... and I... read more

  3. VELO
    good LW-Phurst-10th-PRIV 5.2 mi 00:25 12.5mph pace

    20mph winds from the NW, @52*F and 75% humidity. Windy, with an "inyoface" chill factor, and little, stinging raindrops every so often... too often, given the rest; so... I did a short, l... read more

  4. VELO
    good Here and There, Locally 7 mi 00:38 11.1mph pace

    23mph winds from the N, @65*F and 55% humidity. Bah! I wanted some baked goods for Shabbos, but I'd already been up to Publix, so I decided to try closer to home: Dunkin' Donuts -- full o... read more

  5. VELO
    good Publix 4.8 mi 00:25 11.5mph pace

    Wind 18mph from the N, @60*F and 61% humidity. Shopping for שבעס... so, שבת שלום לכוווולם!

  6. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 21.8 mi 01:48 12.1mph pace

    22mph wind from the SSE, @79*F and 66% humidity. Hmmm... seems like I did this ride yesterday -- deja-vu, or just a coincidence? The truth is out there.

  7. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 22.6 mi 01:51 12.2mph pace

    20mph wind from the SSE, @80*F and 61% humidity. Oy... the wind! Even with a tailwind on the outbound leg, I took it easy -- I knew it'd be difficult coming back -- but the gusts! up to almost... read more

  8. VELO
    alright Wellington: LW-SShore-BigBlue⇕ 26 mi 02:12 11.8mph pace

    Had a flat tire (rear) 1.7 miles out; used a CO2 cartridge to fill it and ride home (needed a 2nd cartridge en-route); replaced the inner tube, then went back out. Miles in the saddle... time on th... read more

  9. VELO
    good Wellington: LW-SShore-FH⇕ 25 mi 01:54 13.2mph pace

    Wind 9mph from the E, @75*F and 82% humidity. So, let's see if I can't keep up with this new/old 25-mile route, eh?

  10. VELO
    great LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.6 mi 01:30 13.7mph pace

    NO WIND!! 71*F and 62% humidity. A great ride, to end a week otherwise marred by two rainy days. Call me Scarlett: "Tomorrow... is another day."

  11. VELO
    great LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.9 mi 01:37 12.9mph pace

    15mph wind from the NW, @63*F and 67% humidity. Nice ride... stopped at a bakery on the way back and bought a chocolate babka, for my birthday (today) and שבעס (tonight/tomorrow). Will you still ne... read more

  12. VELO
    good Publix 5.2 mi 00:27 11.6mph pace

    After two days of solid rain, it's once again ערב שבעס... and errands. This was an easy one: just a few items at the supermarket, then home. Now that my chicken-vegetable soup is simmering, it... read more

  13. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.9 mi 01:38 12.8mph pace

    Winds 16mph from the SSE, @77*F and 55% humidity. What's there to say? It was a nice ride, with a stop at "Cilantro's" (Mile 14) for coffee and a croissant.

  14. VELO
    great LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.6 mi 01:35 13.0mph pace

    Great ride! Light wind (5mph) out of the NNE, @71*F and 47% humidity. A wonderful way to begin the week... כן ירבו!

  15. VELO
    great LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.6 mi 01:35 13.0mph pace

    10mph wind from the WNW, @51*F and 47% humidity (was 42*F when I left). 38:21 for most of the outbound leg, but 38:17 and :15 on the return. My legs and torso were fine, but my fingers -- even with... read more

  16. VELO
    blah Publix 5.4 mi 00:28 11.6mph pace

    RAIN!! It began, lightly, just as soon as I left... and continued until I got there. When I came out, it was still raining... harder. I arrived back home, drenched... and then I remembered that I f... read more

  17. VELO
    good Library and Publix 6 mi 00:28 12.9mph pace

    There... my שבעס errands are done; tomorrow will be another training ride (although, heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast).

  18. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.7 mi 01:35 13.1mph pace

    15mph wind from the ESE, @73*F and 39% humidity (was already 67*F, when I left). Man, I *flew* on the outbound leg -- all the way to the end of Lake Worth Road (8.9 miles) in 0h36m, and 0h44m to th... read more

  19. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.6 mi 01:37 12.7mph pace

    Wind 9mph out of the N, @70*F and 46% humidity (was 63*F, when I left). Just the glove liners today, along with the wool base layer. Beautiful day, nice ride.

  20. VELO
    good LW-SShore-GVShores⇕ 20.7 mi 01:38 12.7mph pace

    15mph wind from the NNW, @61*F and 36% humidity (was 51*F, when I left). Same glove liners as yesterday, with a pair of knitted wool mittens over them... and my fingers were cold, at times. Good ride!