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796 total / 5 in 2017

To live a healthy, balanced and active life ! 2016-1 Climb trip per month/ chase 12a. Hike the AT all the way through the Smokies. FINISH Pikes Peak. #GOHARD!!

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  1. FIT
    great basement basics 00:30

    total body basics

  2. FIT
    good push 00:30

    good workout. 3 X 12
    incline press
    decline pushup
    tri pushdown
    side plank
    add forearm squeeze and abdominal vaccum

  3. FIT
    blah pull 00:30

    pull m&f. did not enjoy.
    sub deads for ham curl
    3s 12ish reps

  4. FIT
    great push m&f 00:35

    Push workout. 4 sets of 6 reps. medium heavy weight
    Goblet squat
    Bench press
    DB shoulder press
    Plank w alternating leg raisees
    stretches and protein smoothie
    Creatine, L-carnitine

  5. FIT
    great basement grind 00:30

    Heavy ass weight, upper body.
    15 m e-lip w/u + weightball
    3 rounds, 8-5-3 rep range. balls deep
    finished with another 15 on the e-lip, back pain exercises, solid stretch session and lastly, a prote... read more

  6. FIT
    great Rock the bells 00:30

    Solid, quick, effective workout
    weightball w/u
    Dumbell upper body + Push and pull ups + planks.
    3 rounds, increasing weight, decreasing reps
    super smoothie finish

  7. FIT
    good Basement grind 00:40

    total body

  8. FIT
    great HIIT 00:30

    back n forth 5 min intervals, eliptical vs supersets. total body. good stuff. assis kicked

  9. FIT
    good Basement grind 00:45

    Fittness obscurist ~ Total Body
    I broke out lots of odd equipment for this session
    balance board, stretch bands, swiss ball, diy mace, ab roller, etc....
    Finished off with an "everything but ... read more

  10. RUN
    great first run in a long time ! 1 mi 00:25 25:00 pace

    Good morning ! Up early and walk to the park, run one small lap and walk one. Going to need new shoes if this keeps up !

  11. FIT
    good Basement grind 00:45

    Good workout, Super Sets, 3 rounds

    A.M bombproof coffee breakfast, Carnitine and vitamins
    e-lip and weightball warm up
    benchpress / pull ups
    bicep curls / tri extensions
    shoulder press and l... read more

  12. RUN
    good wetherbe love 2.21 mi 00:20 09:02 pace

    Good run around the burbs, good sweat.Push-ups, dumbells, weight ball and planks beforehand. Stretches and smoothie after.

  13. RUN
    great Beach / sand run 2 mi 00:50 25:00 pace

    A good solid run, kicked my ass. I shot a time-lapse of the sunrise while running, but it as very cloudy. Had to watch the camera carefully and not get too far away. Went back and forth about 10 ti... read more

  14. FIT
    good Basement 00:25

    5 min intervals of either weights or elliptical machine, X 5

  15. RUN
    good Miguels park n back 2.1 mi 00:20 09:31 pace

    A good casual run walk

  16. training is good, just don't log much

  17. RUN
    great basic loop 2.19 mi 00:17 07:35 pace

    Killed this run ! Blistering fast in the liquid air.
    Don't think I fell off, I never fall off. Because I'm...
    and I got my sights dialed in on you

  18. RUN
    good Summit and back 1.92 mi 00:17 08:51 pace

    Good run....hope it did'nt pound my back.....I'll know in the morning. Wanted to hit up Cali w Dylan, but he's a no show, and my van is in the shop. Soooo, hence the road running

  19. Multi workouts not logged. still staying active, just winging it now a days. No time to vlog tooo busy playing :)

  20. FIT
    good Basement cuts 00:35

    Total body basement w/o
    bells n bars