10790 total / 0 in 2018

2014==> Frogman Swim in January 3.1miles across Tampa Bay ~ Ironman FL in November ~ Marathon somewhere in between the two.

Wall of Motivation (154)

  1.   Nice Job

    Hope you had a good food stash, when you got back from that lunch swim! Zoom,... read more

  2.   Congrats

    WOW! Did they let you wear fins?! on a workout

  3. Slowtwitchsteve
      Nice Job

    And my guess is that you were doing all of that comparative math in your head... read more

  4. Samantha H.

    Wehhhhayyyy speedy :) on a workout

  5. Samantha H.

    Wow well done 3rd congrats :) on a workout

  6. Ade O.
      Nice Job

    Happy Monday Mike!

  7. Ara
      You're an Inspiration

    You rock in the pool Mike! on a workout

  8. Jason Z.
      Nice Job

    Well done! on a workout

  9. Sam H.

    Congratulations Mike :) on a workout

  10. Gail
      Nice Job

    I agree!! on a workout

  11. Alex
      You're an Inspiration

    Easy! That's a great pace!!! Hate to see what hard is. Lol! on a workout

  12. Alex
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a great race! Great pace!! on a workout

  13. Gail
      Great Performance

    you go Mike! on a workout

  14. Gail
      Great Performance

    you go Mike! on a workout

  15. Alex
      Nice Job

    My favorite kind of escorts are the best fun! on a workout

  16. Kinaya U.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic! on a workout

  17.   Nice Job

    Zoom Zoom! on a workout

  18.   Nice Job

    So Speedy!!! on a workout

  19. Alex
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow nice job! on a workout

  20. Alex
      Nice Job

    Good job getting it done. on a workout

  21. Gail
      Nice Job

    Isn't that a good feeling, feeling good?:) Have a good rest of your day to... read more

  22. Gail
      Nice Job

    Great run Mike!! on a workout

  23. Alex
      Great Performance

    Great time! on a workout

  24. Gail
      Nice Job

    great run Mike!! That's the way to get it done early. Too cold for me, I ha... read more

  25.   Great Performance

    Wow! on a workout

  26.   Great Performance

    Is there any limit to how much faster you can get!? I know, dumb question! Ro... read more

  27. Gail
      Nice Job

    great swim Mike! on a workout

  28.   Nice Job

    I'm jealous! You're SO speedy! on a workout

  29. Jenny W.
      Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout

  30.   Nice Job

    Alright! Not a bad pace either! on a workout

  31.   Nice Job

    Your gills are showing, again! on a workout

  32.   Great Performance

    WOW! Even faster than the last time I looked!!! on a workout

  33.   You're an Inspiration

    'Kickin Butt Mike! on a workout

  34.   Great Performance

    I so wish I could swim that FAST!!! Fantastic Pace Mike! on a workout

  35.   Great Performance

    Light speed swim Mike! You mush have had your Bruce Jenner Wheaties! on a workout

  36.   Nice Job

    Super pace Mike! My turn, in a bit! on a workout

  37.   Nice Job

    Any day that includes a brick is bound to be a good one! Rack 'em and stack '... read more

  38.   Great Performance

    Very nice pace Mike! It always gets the competitive juices going to have some... read more

  39. Jenny N.
      Nice Job

    the family that trains together, stays together! on a workout

  40. Sam H.
      Nice Job

    nice swim dude :) on a workout

  41.   Nice Job

    That routine will serve you well in your coming events! on a workout

  42. Sam H.
      Great Performance

    take less fibre lol nice work there MIKE :))) on a workout

  43. Sam H.
      You're an Inspiration

    oh wooooowzerrrs thats some pace on a workout

  44.   Great Performance

    Ridiculous pace Mike! on a workout

  45. Sam H.
      Nice Job

    good running on tired legs :) on a workout

  46.   Nice Job

    Me too! So I did it :-) on a workout

  47.   Feel Better

    Fingers crossed - you're on the mend! on a workout

  48.   Nice Job

    But it's a good tired :-) on a workout

  49. Yossi B.
      Great Performance

    Amazing performance, Mike!! on a workout

  50. Kelly B.
      You're an Inspiration are amazing! on a workout