Wall of Motivation (9)

  1. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic spin Jd! Good times out there with your son too!! Good stuff. on a workout

  2. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent MTB ride!! Great job Jd! on a workout

  3. Riaan
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done! on a workout

  4. Riaan
      Nice Job

    Waar's myne? on a workout

  5. Riaan
      Feel Better

    Have a cuppa and feel better. And carry a half brick with on your next ride :D on a workout

  6. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Glad to see your back on the bike! on a workout

  7. Riaan
      Feel Better

    Slime! on a workout

  8. Riaan
      Nice Job

    Lekker! on a workout

  9. Paul K.
      Good Luck

    if I have not beat you come September then watch out as I have 1000m planed t... read more