Friends (70)

  • Phong C.

    Phong C.

    San Diego, CA, Run and cycle more, get better at swimming, complete my first TRI. Find trail races and other outdoor adventures

  • Running L.

    Running L.

    New York, NY, 1) Be a healthy and happy runner. 2) Run longer (thinking 60K) 3) Time goals (sub-5 mile, sub-18 5K, sub-38 10K, sub-1:23 half, sub-2:55 full)

  • Mark W.

    Mark W.

    Tauranga, NZ, run pure, simple and often

  • Ben C.

    Ben C.

    Appleton, WI, to survive this winter and save my miles for the spring/summer

  • Rishi G.

    Rishi G.

    Ahmadabad, IN,

  • Victoria E.

    Victoria E.

    Phoenix, AZ, To live a happy and healthy life!

  • Brandon W.

    Brandon W.

    Anchorage, AK, Running smart and staying injury free!

  • Anna L.

    Anna L.

    Irvine, CA, to qualify for the Boston Marathon before December 31st, 2010

  • Tracy C.

    Tracy C.

    El Segundo, CA,

  • Thad


    Irvine, CA,

  • Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Scottsdale, AZ, Run Hard - Enjoy Harder. Hug Longer. Live in the moment. A few shinny new buckles...

  • Christina I.

    Christina I.

    Reese, MI, I'm an Independant DIAMOND Team Beachbody Coach looking to help and inspire people to reach their fitness goals.

  • Melissa W.

    Melissa W.

    OH, My first 1/2 marathon :) (check!, now running another) Run more races this year...keep moving!!! Learn more about my body, preventing injury and running!

  • Ashley


    New York, NY, 2nd&3rd Half Marathon this summer. Excited for more!

  • Leigh S.

    Leigh S.

    , From Knoxville, TN living in Ventura, CA. More barefoot racing, trail running, continuing to run happy, long term goal of a 50 mile ultra :)

  • Nico B.

    Nico B.

    Boulder, CO, I have never met a mountain I didn't like. Meet more.

  • Angie Bee H.

    Angie Bee H.

    Des Moines, IA, Barefoot running happy and coaching others to do the same.

  • Jeff B.

    Jeff B.

    Mesa, AZ, Zane Grey, 24 hour events, trail runs

  • Michelle L.

    Michelle L.

    Gilbert, MN, My goal is to finish Grandma's Marathon in June 2012.

  • Katherine C.

    Katherine C.

    Jacksonville, FL, Training for the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon and a 10k this fall.